January 28, 2006
Astrology of Mars
by Curtis Burns,

Mars in AstrologyThe Meaning of Mars in Astrology

Mars, as a more muted star in the night sky, is not as “bright” either in its expressions in our lives every time.  Mars represents the urge to push forward, in some ways similar to the Sun, and to fight for one’s objectives.  Therefore, Mars is associated with violence and warfare, as well as other calamities and afflictions we experience in life such as accidents, cuts, burns and worse.

Rulership Aries and Scorpio
Debility Libra and Taurus
Exaltation Capricorn
Fall Cancer

Rulerships and Debility of Mars

With Mars goals are strongly attached to desires, which help motivate us in our pursuits, but also can open the door to obsessions and compulsions where we clearly will start to go overboard in our actions.  Mars is closely associated with the concept of the ego, the sense of the self that is in competition for glory among other egos in the worldly arena.

Mars appreciates the strategic planning ability of Capricorn, hence its exaltation in that sign; and affinitizes with the zeal and proactiveness of Aries.  Mars also appreciates Scorpio’s intensity.  Hence Mars has rulership and exaltation in these signs.

Mars does not fit in well with the Libran proclivity towards relationships and civility (being so self-motivated), and then is not well suited to Taurus’ mainly ponderous, slow and steady style, preferring to act quickly and decisively.  Mars also does not do well with the sign of Cancer and it’s need for safetey and security; Mars is more of a risk-taker.  Hence Mars is considered debilitated and in fall in these signs.

Mars SymbolPsychology of Mars

Mars is a tamasic malefic which means that it can potentially produce feelings of anger, frustration, and anxiety which ultimately can have debilitating, energy-robbing effect on us, leaving us with a simmering resentment, which can create a situation of being “stuck.”

An afflicted Mars can show us our weak points, where we feel the need to “defend” ourselves, most likely because we harbor a deep feeling of inadequacy or powerlessness underneath.  A well-fortified Mars in a person’s chart will show a strong goal-oriented executive approach to life.

Under Mars transits or progressions, when they are tracked, one has access to special windows of opportunity to become more self-assertive and to gain in self-esteem. Since Mars rules the element iron, which is found in many implements of war; therefore during these times one needs to be careful of sharp metal objects, including knives and razors.


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