March 3, 2022
March 2022 Astrology Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Peak Astrology Days in March 2022

Mark these dates on your calendar:

March 3, 6, 16, 22, 27 and 28

These are the most potentially pivotal days of March 2022.  Since we are all one planetary body, and each of us is like a cell moving across the surface, we all resonate together to the perpetual music of the heavenly bodies.  Those days indicate a swelling, as it were, of the amplitude of that music.  The details can be found below.

Nevertheless, late February and early March have already shown themselves to be pivotal as Vladimir Putin has pulled the trigger on the Russian invasion of The Ukraine.  I had indicated that these times had this potential, but I have more to say astrologically about this turn of affairs.  Stay tuned, be sure to sign up from my free email newsletter to get the latest postings on here at Star World News.

It looks like the dates above could be key dates that are written in history books of the future, at least major turns.  Let us hope for more diplomatic developments instead of the diplomacy of simply sending in more guns to the hapless citizen of The Ukraine.

Tuesday, March 1
Boldness, but kindness and liberality.  (Moon conjunct Regulus, Sun semisquare Venus, Sun sextile Uranus)

Wednesday, March 2
Ash Wednesday
New Moon
Sober humility and clarity.  Unusual relationship turns.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Juno square Uranus)

Thursday, March 3
Intense urgency, but be careful pushing yourself, others or things too hard.  Dramatic effects.  (Mars, Venus and Sun aspect Pluto, Moon opposite Supergalactic Center)

Friday, March 4
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 5
Enthusiasm at good things.  Leaps in understanding and progress possible, hopefully in a permanent manner.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Moon opposite Spica/Arcturus stars)

Sunday, March 6
Adventure and passion.  The destination is the journey.  Seek and choose wisely.  (Venus conjunct Mars, semisquare Jupiter)

Monday, March 7
No peaking influences

Tuesday, March 8
Intensity and shock at the Moon aspects Algol and Pleiades, 5:36 and and 1:15 pm CST respectively.

Wednesday, March 9
Boldness delivers success, thwarts the status quo.  (Mercury opposite Regulus and quintile Uranus)

Thursday, March 10
First Quarter Moon at Apogee
Moon opposes the Galactic Center 7:37 pm CST, connect with the Source.

Friday, March 11
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 12
Insight and good fortune as Mercury conjuncts Fomalhaut star in sidereal Pisces.

Sunday, March 13
Daylight Savings Time Begins
Lose an hour, have wild dreams as the Sun conjunct Neptune early in the morning.  Penetrate through the fog and connect with powerful creative spaces.  Dysfunctional physical, emotional or mental states, move through it all.

Monday, March 14
Emotional flutters to deceptive or unclearly perceived thoughts and feelings. Moon opposite Juno late evening US time stimulates relationships. (Venus semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, March 15
Early on US time (5:55 am CDT) the Moon opposes Saturn, bringing moments of realization, decision, and determination.

Wednesday, March 16
Purim starts
Malevolence, misfortune, and misfires.  Energy and motivation may be mysteriously absent or very misdirected.  Perpetuation of the co-dependent relationship of aggressor and victim.  (Mars semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, March 17
St Patrick’s Day
Sudden and shocking developments bring new perspectives, offering new opportunities for bold leadership.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Friday, March 18
Charismatic leadership, ability to get to the root of issues.  Ethical success, but the potential for exploitation. (Sun sextile Pluto)

Saturday, March 19
Unstable, but stimulating connections.  (Venus square Uranus)

Sunday, March 20
Venus at Greatest Elongation
Equal day and night all over the globe.  Spring now in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.  Sowing/reaping.  Emotions and relationships are highlighted.

Monday, March 21
Excitement and creativity, inspiration for new opportunities and greater perspective and vision.  Don’t let opportunities pass you by.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Tuesday, March 22
Situations may seem to be going out of control, but it’s just the universe attempting to expand your capacities.  You can do it.  (Mars square Uranus)

Wednesday, March 23
Reality becomes more subject to bias or expectations.  Achieving clarity, honesty or groundedness may be difficult.   (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Thursday, March 24
At midday US time, the Moon conjuncts the Galactic Center; connect with power, seek alignment with purpose.

Friday, March 25
Last Quarter Moon
Agitate for change.  (Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Saturday, March 26
Important relationship junctures, get the power and control dynamics adjusted. Magnetic charisma.  (Sun semisquare Juno, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Sunday, March 27
Frustration and setback, keep focused on your goals and their acheivement.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Monday-Tuesday, March 28-29
Authenticity of relationships, acknowledgment and reaping their value in your life. New developments, some for stability, others for moving on.  (Moon conjunct Venus conjunct Juno conjunct Saturn)

Wednesday, March 30
Reconciliation of different views coming to new breakthroughs of understanding and personal empowerment as well as with relationships.  (Moon conjunct Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Sun quintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Juno)

Thursday, March 31
New shift starts as Jupiter enters Aquarius constellation (sidereal), the water bearer; signaling perhaps a significant increase in ideas, opinions, and solutions to our modern solutions for these next twelve months.


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