June 1, 2023
June 2023 Astrology Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Thursday, June 1
Take extra care and consideration today in your efforts. Delays, obstacles, and other impediments may try your peace of mind.  However, patience and perseverance alone may solve all problems.  (Mars quincunx Saturn)

Friday, June 2
Creativity and inspiration, but later on unusual, unsettling, or disturbing issues or situations.  (Venus trine Neptune, Moon aspects Algol star, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Saturday, June 3
Potentially exciting connections, but possibly within constrictive circumstances.  (Juno semisquare Jupiter, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Sunday, June 4
Full Moon
Venus at Greatest Elongation
Break out of the shell of emotional constraint.  Pleasant surprises.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus)

Monday, June 5
Powerful emotional spaces open the way for changes.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Tuesday, June 6
Moon at Perigee
Love tested, tempered.  (Venus biquintile Saturn)

Wednesday, June 7
Evening US time, motivational urgency.  (Moon opposite Mars)

Thursday, June 8
Shock, horror.  Unusual combinations of circumstances.  (Mercury conjunct Algol star, Venus quintile Uranus)

Friday, June 9
Bright creativity, relevance of issues.  (Mercury sextile Neptune, Moon conjunct Saturn)

Saturday, June 10
Last Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Sunday, June 11
Messaging awry.  Over-compensating reactions, urgency.  Relationship developments.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury conjunct Pleiades stars, Venus square Jupiter, Sun semisquare Jupiter, Mercury quintile Mars, Juno biquintile Pluto)

Monday, June 12
Philippines Independence Day
No peaking influences

Tuesday, June 13
Love is tested, strengthened.  (Venus quincunx Saturn, Sun semisquare Venus, Juno tridecile Saturn)

Wednesday, June 14
Flag Day USA
No peaking influences

Thursday, June 15
Trying day, collapse or breakdown, opens the way for new endeavors.  (Sun biquintile Pluto, Mercury square Saturn, Moon on Algol and Pleiades stars)

Friday, June 16
Get ready for a challenging weekend.  Today address situations squarely, but be double sure that there is nothing neglected.  (Sun tridecile Saturn, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Saturday, June 17
Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Karmic payback day.  Realizations. Significant relationship turns.  (Mercury on Antares/Aldebaran stars, Juno opposite Galactic Center, Mercury sextile Venus)

Sunday, June 18
Father’s Day
New Moon
Tragic turns. Choose wisely and courageously.  Faltering energy, motivation and will.  (Sun square Neptune opposite Galactic Center)

Monday, June 19
Perseverance gives discovery to opportunities amongst nagging or dogging issues.  (Jupiter sextile Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tuesday, June 20
Significant relationship developments, opportunities to find equality therein.  (Sun conjunct Juno)

Wednesday, June 21
Summer Solstice
The Northern Hemisphere makes its closest tilt towards the Sun. Therefore, the longest day in the north, the shortest day in the south.  Six months from now it reverses.  Relationships continue to take turns.  Urgency to proceed all otherwise.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Mercury sextile Mars, Juno quincunx Pluto)

Thursday, June 22
Moon at Apogee
Early morning, US time, the Moon on Mars indicates directness and motivational intensity.

Friday, June 23
Encounters and relationships moved down interesting, but not necessarily legitimate, paths. Lots of exposition.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Venus semisquare Juno, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Saturday, June 24
Situations and problems may seem to blemish the space.  Don’t stall, fix the heart of the issue. Impeded connections or communications. (Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, June 25
Biased or problematical messaging, but possibility of true revelations.  (Mercury opposite Galactic Center and square Neptune)

Monday, June 26
First Quarter Moon
Delusionary triggering.  Be the calm one in the center of the emotional cyclone.  Take refuge in the spiritual higher ground.  Lead the way out of chaos.  (Mars square Uranus and biquintile Neptune, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Tuesday, June 27
Day of Arafat
Mercury at Perihelion
Brilliance, perspective, perception.

Wednesday, June 28
Eid al-Adha Start
New directions with contacts and relationships, legitimate paths form.  (Sun semisquare Uranus and trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Juno and semisquare Venus)

Thursday, June 29
Amazing new ideas and turns.  Focus on practicality, not simply to disrupt the status quo.  (Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Friday, June 30
Neptune Stationary Retrograde
Eid al-Adha End
Lot of inspiration and focus, uplift. The Moon opposite Algol and Pleiades stars may also bring some jarring or deeply affecting moments (Mercury trine Saturn)

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