June 8, 2022
June 2022 Astrology Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

June 2022 Vedic Astrology PredictionsWednesday, June 1
Magnetic, compulsive attractions.  Time to take up a new track in life.  (Juno semisquare Pluto, Uranus tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, June 2
Moon at Apogee
The Moon farthest from the Earth today, a study of extremes.

Friday, June 3
Mercury Stationary Direct
Lessons learned, move on; it’s a fair price in the grand scheme of things.  Feelings change.  (Venus quintile Saturn, Sun tridecile Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, June 4
Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Switch to the real, no more delusory self-authenticity.  Strains in relationships, but insight.  (Sun square Juno, Mercury quintile Juno)

Sunday, June 5
Late afternoon, US time, culminations and realizations.  (Moon opposite Saturn)

Monday, June 6
Mercury conjunct Algol star.  Monstrous, horrific realizations or manifestations.  Emotional/relationship escapism.  (Venus semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, June 7
First Quarter Moon
Confidence but still surprisingly tenacious obstacles and difficulties to the goal.  Proceed methodically and with intensity. Haste may cause setback, injury, etc.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Mars semisquare Saturn, Mars quintile Pluto)

Wednesday, June 8
Interpersonal clarity, confidence.  Moon on the Super Galactic Core may help tap powerful energy and will.  (Mercury quintile Juno, Moon opposite Jupiter)

Thursday, June 9
Moon opposes Mars producing directness and motivational clarity, around 7-8 am US time.

Friday, June 10
Ease of deception, beguiling ways.  Strive for conscientiousness in intent and deed. Love and beauty between others.  (Mercury trine Pluto, Venus sextile Juno)

Saturday, June 11
Day of deep emotional connection and releasing.  Resolution through non-attachment.  Seeking truth in love.  (Venus tridecile Pluto and conjunct Uranus, Moon opposite Uranus and Venus)

Sunday, June 12
Bravery to see things for what they are, internally and externally.  Not everything is all fairies and unicorns in the scheme of things.  Sometimes we stumble across dragons, trolls, and vampires; or we become them ourselves.  (Sun biquintile Pluto, Moon conjunct Algol and Pleiades stars)

Monday, June 13
Mercury on the Pleiades stars can reveal tough and intimidating situations.

Tuesday, June 14
Supermoon (Full Moon)
The Moon is fully illuminated (full moon) and closest to the Earth (perigee), also called perigee-sysygy (close and in alignment).  It is a bit bigger in the sky, shedding more of that reflect sunlight back upon us, but perhaps admixed with secondary imperfections, never as good as undiluted from the source, but more or less positive.  Increased awareness, greater vibrancy, more energetic.  Proceed consciously nevertheless.

Wednesday, June 15
Good fortune and enjoyment, even if focused on short-sighted returns.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter)

Thursday, June 16
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Insight into dysfunction, exit paths from addiction or delusion.  (Sun trine Saturn, Sun square Neptune, Moon conjunct Pluto)

Friday, June 17
Unusual and enlightening alliances.  (Juno sextile Uranus)

Saturday, June 18
Relationship/emotional impasses.  Inconsistency or incompatibility.  Opportunities for humility and improvement. Moon conjunct Saturn mid-morning, relevancy and significance.  (Venus square Saturn)

Sunday, June 19
Depravity and revulsion, twisted love. (Venus conjunct Algol star, Sun quincunx Pluto)

Monday, June 20
Delight, good fortune, wisdom; inspiration to create.  Relationship accentuation.  (Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Neptune, Moon conjunct Neptune and Juno)

Tuesday, June 21
Mars Perihelion
Summer Solstice
Great jump into summer/winter, depending on your Earth-hemisphere location.  Mars in at closest distance to the Sun today, and the Moon opposes the Super Galactic Center.  It could be memorable.  Venus trine Pluto adds to the emotional depth and power, which increases the potential for transformation.  It’s the heat of passion, as it were, that “melts” the physical/mental/emotional substance in the crucible of experience, allowing for something more refined to emerge.  The Moon on Jupiter helps to raise things to a higher plane.

Wednesday, June 22
The Moon on  Mars (just yesterday at perihelion) today, gives some direct and precipitous moments.  Hesitation could be fatal.  The Moon on Spica/Arcturus stars intensifies things all the more.

Thursday, June 23        
Interesting, if not jarring, life developments.  It’s good to take the direction sooner than later, because then the Universe has to employ more force and shock to get you out of obsolete-becoming-toxic old habits, personally as well as interpersonally.  (Sun semisquare Uranus, Venus quintile Juno, Venus conjunct Pleiades stars, Mercury conjunct Antares star)       

Friday, June 24
New developments can occur suddenly and possibly somewhat rudely.  (Mars enters sidereal Aries, Moon conjunct Uranus)

Saturday, June 25
Take out the garbage day emotionally and mentally, a word to the wise is sufficient.  (Mercury tridecile Saturn and sesquiquadrate Saturn, Moon conjunct Algol and Pleiades stars)

Sunday, June 26
Initiative and daring create good fortune; even if a gain by some means a loss to others.  Enhanced intimacy during early hours.  (Moon conjunct Venus, Moon on Aldebaran/Antares axis, Mars opposite Spica star)

Monday, June 27
Concentrated intention and significant developments.  (Mars opposite Arcturus star and sextile Saturn)

Tuesday, June 28
Neptune Stationary Retrograde
New Moon at Apogee (Micromoon)
Unusual and subtle opportunities. Physical and emotional resources may seem taxed.  Eschew dysfunctionality, be true.  (Sun square Jupiter, Venus sextile Jupiter, Sun tridecile Juno)

Wednesday, June 29
Amazing creativity, perception, and ideas/thinking.  Relationships move through seemingly beautiful spaces, that simply may be a distraction from facing harder issues.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Mercury square Juno, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, June 30
Decisiveness and penetrating insight.  Be careful accidents, injuries, etc.  (Sun quintile Mars, Mercury biquintile Pluto, Moon opposite Pluto)


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