July 1, 2020
July 2020 Predictions: Echoes of Previous Events
by Curtis Burns,

July 2020 is a relatively quiet month astrologically. However, with the never-failing sensation of politics of 2020, I’m sure there will be plenty of excitement nevertheless.

The truth is, after a once-in-century type of configuration in January with the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, squared by Uranus in Aries, everything else thereafter is just going to be echoes of the first.

On July 4-5, the birthday of the United States, there will be a minor (penumbral) eclipse of the Moon. Normally the full moon is considered to be the most powerful manifestation of the Moon, but when the lineup of the Earth, Moon, and Sun which makes the full moon is so much tighter in alignment that the shadow of the Earth actually covers the face of the Moon, darkening it instead of fully illuminating it, the effects I find to be somewhat different, “off”, or strange.

So, the eclipse taking place on the US Independence Day, I find to be somewhat troublesome, or at least indicative of a change that is about to take place.
So, looking at the upcoming election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the coronavirus pandemic, and the unfolding global economic collapse; I think we can believe that a turn of affairs is at hand.

The following is a day by day description of the configurations of the day and what they portend in our lives.

Wednesday, July 1
Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
Events and situations may motivate us to take leaps out of the box of common solutions. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun sextile Uranus, Moon conjunct Algol and the Pleiades)

Thursday, July 2
Early on, relationship issues take center stage. Feelings, or pretended, imagined feelings. (Mercury square Juno, Mercury tridecile Neptune, Moon opposition Venus)

Friday, July 3
No peaking influences

Saturday, July 4
USA Independence Day
Earth at Aphelion
The Earth is farthest from the Sun today. Happy birthday, USA

Sunday, July 5
Full Moon Eclipse (penumbral-weak)
The Moon darkens and turns red close to the birthday of the United States, not exactly a positive thing. The Sun on Sirius star and the Moon on Jupiter make us feel very majestic nevertheless. Later the Moon conjuncts Pluto, intensifying all actions and interactions.

Monday, July 6
Making progress requires more than just motivation, but motivation can go a long way. Fortune favors the bold, they always say, but fortune more likely favors the practiced and prepared also. (Mars quintile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Saturn)

Tuesday, July 7
Intimidating situations bring out the best in us.  (Mars quintile Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun opposite Vega star)

Wednesday, July 8
Tension, urgency and haste in pivotal moments; go with your gut, not with what you feel is being coerced along.  (Mercury square Mars, Juno quincunx Uranus)

Thursday, July 9
Deep and powerful emotional spaces can fuel creativity, bringing heretofore unknown capabilities to light.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, July 10
Venus at Aphelion
Magnetic delight brings everything together into perfect beauty in relationships, events, and creativity.  (Moon conjunct Neptune)

Saturday, July 11
Love shines in relationships and life in general.  Jupiter slips back into sidereal Sagittarius for a few months.  (Venus opposite Antares, conjunct Aldebaran stars, Moon opposite Juno)

Sunday, July 12
Mercury Stationary Direct
Moon at Apogee
Last Quarter Moon
Perspective and realization are the key, what you see is what is.  Inspiration and creativity; success.  (Sun trine Neptune)

Monday, July 13
Some friendships are forever.  (Juno tridecile Saturn, Venus trine Juno)

Tuesday, July 14
Jupiter at Opposition
Exciting new developments, brilliant innovation and creativity.  Jupiter is highest and brightest in the night sky around midnight and quintile to the Sun. 

Wednesday, July 15
Developments or changes intimidating in their audacity, for good or ill.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Moon conjunct Algol and Pleiades stars)

Thursday, July 16
Trade pain for progress, focusing on goals.  (Mars quintile Saturn)

Friday, July 17
Thin crescent Moon on bright Venus seen early before sunrise, gives delight to the day and promise for love. 

Saturday, July 18
Relationships and the courses temporarily snagged in the karmic weeds; don’t let your mutual course to the stars get unnecessarily pulled down to Earth.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sunday, July 19
Relationships command attention. Strife possibly for friends, but others also captured by intrigue and passion.  (Mars opposite Juno)

Monday, July 20
Saturn at Opposition
Importance and significance of these moments.  Goals so far, but so dear occupy attention.  There is more going for you than you might think. Dare to believe in the positive outcome. Crabbiness, get over it.  The new moon is tightly aligned with Saturn.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, July 21
No peaking influences

Wednesday, July 22
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Intuition, perception and ideation are highlighted: creativity, communications, and transactions.  Bold forward vision. Relationship delight. (Mercury sextile Uranus, Moon conjunct Regulus star, Venus conjunct Rigel star)

Thursday, July 23
Powerful relationship/emotional situations can bring about change/transformation.  (Venus biquintile Pluto, Sun quintile Juno, Moon on Fomalhaut star)

Friday, July 24
The power of potentialities inspire hopes in life and relationships.  (Moon opposite Neptune)

Saturday, July 25
Moon at Perigee
Motivation, outrage, or fear incite situations and actions/reactions.  Be careful, focused and goal-oriented; not deterred by lesser (petty) concerns.  Be careful of accidents, injuries or agitated interactions.  Important relationship situations.  (Sun tridecile Mars, Moon conjunct Juno, Moon opposite Mars, the Moon is closest to Earth today)

Sunday, July 26
Creative delight, insights and revelations.  (Moon conjunct Sirius and Canopus stars, Moon conjunct Arcturus and Spica stars)

Monday, July 27
First Quarter Moon
Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
Don’t let a “feeling” set you off impulsively on a fruitless tangent. Shooting stars visible around midnight.  (Jupiter sextile Neptune, Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Mars)

Tuesday, July 28
Finding the core connection, and therefore regular vitality and strength, may seem more arduous than usual.  Persevere though, there should be enough to shake you out of your fog, uncertainty, or over-complacency coming soon enough today.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Jupiter opposite Castor star, Moon opposite Algol star)

Wednesday, July 29
Relationships and overall happiness may be tested today, but good things await those who hold on through all the challenges.  (Moon opposite Pleiades, Venus biquintile Saturn, Moon conjunct Antares and opposite Aldebaran stars)

Thursday, July 30
Uplifting and inspiring situations give glimpse into possible scenarios. Relationships developing, deep and strong feelings.  (Mercury opposite Jupiter and trine Neptune, Venus quincunx Pluto, Moon opposite Venus)

Friday, July 31
Relationship developments may help take you out of old and possibly obsolete life-patterns.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Mercury quintile Uranus)


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