July 1, 2017
July 2017: Wavelengths of Solar Energy
by Curtis Burns,

Powerful Full Moon, Many Stressful-Developmental Periods, Trump Astrology

There are four main periods of astrological intensity, which may correspond to significant developments; i.e. stress.

  • July 2, Mars opposite Pluto, Mercury quincunx Saturn
  • July 9, Full Moon tightly opposed Pluto, Mars quincunx Saturn
  • July 18, Mars square Uranus, and biquintile Saturn
  • July 26, Sun and Mars conjunct
  • July 29, Sun and Mercury aspecting Saturn

And then there is at least two day of more delightful configurations:

  • July 5, Venus conjunct the Pleiades, Sun square Jupiter, trine Neptune
  • July 25, Moon and Mercury conjunct Regulus, with North Node close by

Donald Trump Astrology for July 2017

Interestingly, the July 2 and 9 dates configure tightly into the chart of US President Donald Trump, basically aspecting his Jupiter.  Jupiter likes to act with broad strokes, proclaiming bold promises, and with Pluto acting upon it, caution (and common sense likely) is thrown to the wind.

Then over July 25 the Moon and Mercury come into very close conjunction with the fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion of the Leo constellation.  Donald Trump’s Mars and his Ascendant are in very close to Regulus, which is one of the indicators of his “successes” and fame (or infamy to others).  Hopefully, as the Moon and Mercury are benefic planets it may be something more pleasant than the latest Mika Brzezinski bleeding-face Twitter storm. 

There will be plenty of other relatively less powerful configurations all through this month, which you can read about in detail in the day by day section at the end of this article.

July Full Moon

The full moon of July 8-9 is particularly powerful as it is tightly conjunct/opposite Pluto and Mars and Saturn make a quincunx.  It’s quite a malefic brew of energies, and the full moon has an energizing effect on behavioral elements on us humans.

You can think of a full moon as a giant reflector of solar energy in the sky, enhancing the already present solar rays, which actually energize every other planet in the solar system.  The other planets reflecting back different wavelengths of the solar energy.

For instance, if you find Mars in the sky, it has a definite reddish hue to it, more passionate and also associated with the color of blood.  Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter reflect a brilliant and beautiful light, which seem to give hope, joy and wonderment to life.  Saturn has a very cold, grey appearance in the night sky, reflecting a more somber tone.

The outer planets of course, those not visible to the naked eye, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, have their own hues, but you need a telescope to see them (or buzz by them in a spacecraft).  Modern technology helps reveal their wonders.

Using just the traditional, ancient planets, those seen by the naked eye by the stargazers of old, in a horoscope create a very adequate picture of an individual and his life-cycles.  This is so especially using the sidereal zodiac I’ve discovered, and the various rulerships of houses and divisional charts.  The outer planets in a chart deliver some extra added boost to a reading at various times, more so in adding their effects as a transiting influence I have found.

Saturday, July 1
First Quarter Moon, Moon conj Jupiter 7:28 am GMT

Unusual connections and life-developments are at hand, but fundamental incompatibilities may exist in them.  Early on, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, bringing uplift and encouragement, note the time above for your time zone.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Sun quintile Uranus, Venus square Nodes)

Sunday, July 2
Pathological tendencies may drive emotions and actions.  Bleak outlooks may follow intense experiences.  Press on, as Winston Churchill once said, “when you’re going through Hell, keep going!” (Mars opposite Pluto, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Monday, July 3
Earth at Aphelion

The Earth is farthest from the Sun today, spirituality and personal power may be at issue.  Otherwise, be careful in not squandering precious time, energy and other resources.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Tuesday, July 4, Independence Day USA
Ideals get broad reception and a beguiling sense of peace may pervade, perhaps lulling us into an unwise sense of complacency, possibly punctuated by moments of agitation.  (Jupiter quincunx Neptune, Mercury square Uranus)

Wednesday, July 5
Venus conj Pleiades

Deep and intense emotional and relationship developments are indicated.  Moments of seriousness and exuberance as well.  Be sure that what seems to apparent is not just more delusional or irrelevant thinking. (Sun square Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury biquintile Saturn, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, July 6
Moon at Apogee 4:27 am GMT

Note the Moon at its farthest distance from the Earth according to your time zone.  Otherwise, no peaking influences

Friday, July 7
Moon conj Saturn 3:34 am GMT

Very early on, actually late last night, thoughts and feelings may take on a darker cast.  However, more upbeat and motivating influences are also present.  Later on, relationships may enter deeper territory.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Venus, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, July 8
Mars enters the sidereal sign of its debilitation, Cancer.  Ushering in a period of about a month and a half of more heated reactiveness to threatening situations.  Bear in mind that tomorrow we are moving into some very intense astrology which should already be manifesting.

Sunday, July 9
Full Moon

Deep and intense period, possibly pulling out all sorts of suppressed or inhibited feelings, which may leap out from the accumulated internal pressure.  Keep the steam valve operational, because now you may be able to channel such energies purposefully and effectively.  Courage may be required, but the urgency and the pressures thereof alleviate quickly.  (Mars quincunx Saturn, Sun opposite Pluto)

Monday, July 10
Mercury conj Hyades

Mental stimulation may be strange/weird/unsettling, bringing you to new, but significant, places.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Tuesday, July 11
Saturn enters sidereal Scorpio

Saturn moves back into sidereal Scorpio until October, signifying possibly a deeper and more trying experience living through life, as it has been for the last three years or so, while it was sojourning through Scorpio.

Wed-Thurs, July 12-13
Moon at South Node 5:17 am GMT (7-12), Venus at Aldebaran 6: 03 pm GMT (7-13)
There are no aspects forming for Wed and Thurs, however, a deeper and more profound in relationships, emotions, and love in general is possible Thursday as Venus conjuncts the fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus.

Friday, July 14
Attitudes may be stressed as we move through trying and basically un-smooth times.  Keep a smile in your heart, as the negative energies lose their punch soon.  Nevertheless, a philosophical and optimistic outlook is possible.  The Sun moves into sidereal Cancer, bringing things more up close and personal for the next 30 days.  (Sun quincunx Saturn, Mercury quincunx Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Saturday, July 15
Relationships and experiences move through interesting territory, offering various sorts of temptations and mind-expanding directions.  (Venus semisquare Mars, Venus biquintile Pluto, Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, July 16
Last Quarter Moon

Interesting life and relationship developments continue, perhaps remember not to invest too much in trying to force your ideas on others, or be inconsiderate in your actions.  (Mercury quincunx Pluto, Venus semisquare Uranus)

Monday, July 17
Intention and force may struggle with seemingly unyielding or uncooperative situations or elements, potentially bringing deeper issues to the surface with unpredictable results.  Emotions may lead down path of little real promise.  (Mars square Uranus, Mars biquintile Saturn, Venus square Neptune)

Tuesday, July 18
Motivation may be elusive, as is the energy or desire to get out of bed.  Applied intentions however may yield amazing and subtle results.  Good people and situations may come into alignment, providing opportunities for society, culture and happiness.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, July 19
Moon conj Aldebaran 3:37 pm GMT

Realism in perspective, sagacity in relationships.  Calm, ordered application.  Let’s get serious and get to work.  Note Moon in close conjunction to fixed star Aldebaran according to your time zone. (Mercury trine Saturn)

Thursday, July 20
Moon conj Venus 11:13 am GMT

Early on the Moon conjoins Venus causing delight and comfort.  Soon after the Sun connecting up with Saturn and Uranus may elicit stresses and conflicts.  Stay focused and learn to accommodate new perspectives.  Relationships move into deeper territory with much that can be gained therefrom.  (Sun biquintile Saturn and square Uranus, Venus quincunx Pluto, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Friday, July 21
Moon at Perigee 5:09 pm GMT

Actions may stem from dysfunctional attitudes, beliefs or motivations.  Energy may be difficult to access, chronic conditions may intensify.  Determination, however, may yield subtle successes.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Saturday, July 22
Mercury moves over the North Node, inciting new connections and life-developments, as well as important communications, discoveries and revelations.  This aspect is not as exact as those involving planet-planet; the nodes are not real moving points but geometric projections into the sky and there are two ways of measuring the node positions, at times a degree apart.  So this influence I am attempting to describe could be over period of up to a week or so before or after the date I’ve indicated here.

Sunday, July 23
New Moon

No peaking influences

Monday, July 24
Relationships may face difficult tests of love; perseverance, faith and forgiveness will be required.  Remembering that the other person many times is a close mirror to your own psyche, and we shouldn’t be so quick to cast blame, shame and all the rest.  New ways of seeing things will open to help with new people and unusual situations to help get you out of your old self that needs some changes.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury trine Uranus)

Tuesday, July 25
Moon conj North Node 12:46 am GMT, Moon and Mercury at Regulus
The Moon at Mercury at Regulus, the heart of the Lion (as President Trump’s Mars) may signifying a lot of roaring.

Wednesday, July 26
Energy be best channeled into constructivism, otherwise it may only incite trouble.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, and wounded egos. Make things happen.  (Sun conjunct Mars)

Thursday, July 27
Bravado accompanies bold action.  Audacity pays off.  But let us not forget those of misfortune, for we are here to help them.  (Sun and Mars quintile Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Friday, July 28
Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower, Moon conj Jupiter 8:15 pm GMT
Intrepidness leads to discovery. Don’t become too concerned with winning arguments or hammering your points through.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, July 29
Idiosyncratic or pathological tendencies are brought out, fueled by despair as much as anything else.  Persevere, find that inner glow of happiness to carry you through on that heroic journey.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, July 30
Mercury at Greatest Elongation, First Quarter Moon

Thwarted intensions amidst confused or strange spaces. Nevertheless good cheer can occur in stimulating circumstances.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun biquintile Neptune, Venus tridecile Jupiter, Venus sextile Uranus)

Monday, July 31
No peaking influences

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