Iraqi Bombings Connected to Astrology

by | Dec 8, 2009 | Current Events

This week on SWN I cited the December 8, 2009 minor hard aspect of Mercury on Mars very early in the morning; this coincided with a coordinated bombing attack in Baghdad, Iraq which has the “touch of Al-Qaeda”.  I am including an edited version of the AFP story, in it you can sense the sense of urgency and alarm that the attack precipitated:

Five massive vehicle-borne bombs rocked Baghdad on Tuesday, killing 127 people, including women and students, and wounding hundreds in the third co-coordinated massacre to devastate the city since August.

Baghdad’s top security officer said the attacks — four of which were conducted by suicide attackers driving cars or minibuses — and which targeted key government buildings, bore “the touch of Al-Qaeda.”

The interior ministry official said 127 people had been killed and 448 wounded in the bombings, with the finger of blame pointed at Al-Qaeda.

Those caught up in Tuesday’s bombings described scenes of horror.

“I heard the sound of the explosion, I fainted, then I found myself on this bed covered with blood,” Um Saeed, whose arms and face were wounded in the court blast, told AFP at a local hospital, her clothes covered in blood.
An official at Medical City hospital in the centre of the capital said many of the 39 bodies they had received “had been blown apart,” and some of them were women.

“We believe that there will be an attempt to conduct more attacks between now and the election,” General Ray Odierno, the top US commander in Iraq, said in November.

Tuesday’s bombings came two days after the Iraqi parliament passed a law governing the vote, after more than two months of delays.

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Tuesday was preceded by the astrology of Mercury conjunct Pluto and square to Saturn (plus the Sun making a quntile to Saturn) on Monday, the 7th, which I described as: “This could be a very intense and stressful day, but also very productive.  Personal breakthroughs are eminently possible. Pessimism and depression may need to be compensated for, turn despair into determined action to overcome difficulties. Ardent concentration may yield greatly profitable results.  Be careful of accident, injuries or conflicts; or placing yourself in potentially dangerous areas.”

There was obviously blending together of the energies of the astrology of the two days, when you figure in the differences of the time zones (SWN written primarily for US time zones), they all roughly are within the same time frame.

Regarding the “touch of Al Qaeda”, which is more an arm of the US CIA than anything else, it would certainly be consistent with the modus operandi of the covert US organization providing convenient justification for further presence of US forces in Iraq.

Of course any real home-grown terrorism by Iraqi militants (and not some sort of fabricated counter intelligence op) is exacerbated by the continued occupation of the Iraq.  When there is an attack on a government installation in Iraq, it is an attack on the US because it has a very strong hand in the local government.  Nevertheless, animosity and resentment (contrived or not) boiled over and people were hurt and killed.

Then to top Monday off, the US EPA used its power to declare carbon dioxide as a toxic waste, seeking to further legitimize the climate change movement and attempts to create the first global tax.  The operative factor of course is Mercury with its categorization and discriminative qualities put to heavy-handed political use, with its conjunction with Pluto and square to Saturn.

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Curtis Burns

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