Hurricane Katrina’s Astrological Signature

by | Sep 6, 2005 | Current Events

I wanted to say a few things about hurricane Katrina, which has seared its memory into the hearts and minds of Americans:

Whether Katrina was man-made as either a simple karmic return of energy to that region of the world, or some other technological-energetic manipulation (more on that later); what is important is the lessons in humanity we have all learned, which were bought and paid for by the losses and sacrifices of the peoples of Louisiana and Mississippi .

As Buddhists would say, all is impermanent; and it is the attachment to material and temporal things which causes suffering. Some people obviously will gain a great spiritual lesson from the events of the past week. Others, of course, (the majority perhaps) will hardly be affected; but maybe only more hardened in their clinging to things in fear of such a harsh and merciless universe.

The question of mercy, of course, needs to be addressed: How much MORE devastation was actually earned through the misuses of energy of people and governments; but which was held back by the infinite mercy of Heaven to give people another opportunity to spiritually resolve their lives? After how much time will holding back the return journey of karma actually become a great DIS-service to people; that allows them to continue in their crude ways?

Regarding the causes of the sufferings, they are unimportant; millions of people who have lived relatively set-in lives now have an OPPORTUNITY to start anew and to appreciate the basic treasures of life: that they can live another day, their families, the kindness of community, that they can feel pure joy, and give gratitude to their God. The greatest treasure is wisdom, and it is clutter of materiality which will block it from them.

Some will have a greater opportunity to completely break off from former limiting and negative situations and circumstances. What is built in the heart and mind can never be taken away from us. Those who suffered “unjust” losses, will be able to easily recreate their formers lives very quickly; just as those of a “lower class” have, they can re-create their (negative) socio-economic circumstances quite easily if they aren’t vigilant.

No doubt New Orleans will be rebuilt better than before with everybody having raised property values, new job opportunities, and a nice shiny new city . If the Democrats choose to, they could burn the Republican Bush Administration good using the facts of this catastrophe and maybe retake the White House in 2008. This event COULD be the twilight of the Bush Administration as the base ineptness, corruption, and unkindness of key government officials and agencies becomes evident with the lack of preparedness, insufficiency of contingency plans at all levels, and extremely long lag time in governmental response.

This whole hurricane Katrina event unfolded through the various stages of Pluto turning stationary direct in the sky in real time. The actual storm occurred a few days before the mathematical exactness of the station; but the horror of the aftermath peaked exactly with the precise standing-still-in-the-sky (stationary direct) of Pluto on Friday, September 2, 2005 .

Some indeed say that storm such as this could be artificially created and directed with less than good motivations at heart; and I leave you will a couple articles to read to consider on those points. I urge everyone to read things not with unquestioning belief, but with an open mind to consider things for what their worth.

Pluto would indeed correlate with very “evil” machinations; which I referred to originally as the “egos of powerful people” and things that they do on the world stage. Behind it all though can be seen the ultimate creative/destructive power of the universe; which, of course, is manipulated and misused by individuals who still have the power to do so. Those so-called “agents of destruction” reap the fruits of their machinations soon enough. Such power cannot be used with impunity. Pluto seems to be delivering misfortune BACK UPON the Bush Administration through the agency of Katrina right now.

Pluto of course represents only the crudest manifestation of the Divine Power of the Universe; that which dullards and completely sense-dominated individuals will register upon. Some people can only be talked to with the voice of brutality, and the Universe (God, if you will) complies. To each his own; you, I am assuming, have the capacity to understand through language of other more refined celestial bodies such as the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury; and then higher spiritual concepts beyond them.

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