Getting on the Bandwagon for Truth

by | Mar 25, 2006 | Current Events

While some people were predicting war, a more realistic middle course seems to be emerging.  Surprisingly advocates for truth, honesty, and integrity in government have been speaking up including Charlie Sheen.  Speaking out the truth carries responsibility, are you up for it?  Will the lightning of the Sun shatter the tower of lies? 

While the war with Iran seemingly has been taking a back seat, the US military has been taking some actions in Iraq attempting to improve their image with Operation Swarmer attempting to shake out insugents. Operation Swarmer occured just as transiting planets were making a string of malefic configurations as noted here in SWN: 

Thursday, March 16
It may be difficult to distinguish between actual inspiration and self-delusion today (as well as for the past few and days to come). A strong feeling of brotherhood and compassionate love could swell; but you may need to guard and protect the boundaries of personal self-hood; and you may need to be wary of extremely subtle agendas of self-abnegation whereby the lies and deceits of human psychology would seek to destroy what is good. “Above all, to thine own self be true” spoken by Shakespeare above again could be the watchword for this whole week. Does this little “crusade” that you suddenly take off on take you closer to, or farther away from your real self? Would you be the savior of everyone you know, except yourself? Will you take up the road of spiritual work, but will your guiding principles be pure and true? (Jupiter square Neptune)

Friday, March 17
Power and honor is at issue today. Does power come from a legitimate source; or is it not and needs to resort to guile, deception, and intimidation to accomplish its agenda? Does the exercise of power and authority today come from the zeal to exercise one's true reason for being; or does it come from the need to vicariously feel at least on a base physical level one's ability to dominate the scene? Who and what is in control here today? You, your real self; or a lesser more earthy amalgamation of your material psychological constituents? I might have just gone off the deep end for some of my readers here; but is it your soul, or you ego that is in charge here? In other matters love in relationships should wax strong, but maybe with the Sun and Pluto above could complicate matters somewhat. (Sun square Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Dahr Jamail in his website called Operation Swarmer "Operation Swarm of Lies" since it covered covert US/UK operations in Iran at the same time.  Nevertheless dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians including children were killed in the operations at that time.  Read the full story here 

President Bush has been strong on the public speaking circuit telling the populace and the world that the US has done a good job in Iraq, and that the Iraqis are getting things together.

As he was saying these things the transiting Sun was making a powerful conjunction to the Moon's South Node (Ketu) in Pisces, as it was also making minor hard aspects to Jupiter and Neptune. All in all, this is the astrology of bluster and weak support of actual truth. The Sun aspecting Jupiter here says “believe me, I'm the President"; the Sun aspecting Neptune says “I'm the President, right?”

The position of the Sun and Ketu in Pisces indicates that there is a lot of self-delusion going on; both by the authorities and a public that seems to be too confused to know the difference. All in all, and as I suggested before it all happened don't believe all of it.

Here's how I wrote about it in Astro-Success:

Ideas of human limitation, drabness, and mundanity may be eclipsed by the fervor, enthusiasm, and boldness of the potential divine spirit that is latent in the human frame. Riding along in though could be not a little bit of arrogance, pride and propensity to make erroneous judgments. There could be a lot of big talk and grandiose promises made today and tomorrow, but don't believe it all. This is not to say though that the human spirit can grow and expand right now, spread its wings and fly. Discussions (moderately controlled) can be very advantageous; and the power to persuade and sell will be quite strong. With other Neptunian and Nodal aspects perfecting I would say also that the propensity to err and delude oneself will be highly sensitized; there could be some problems with health issues going haywire. Be prepared for some of the tougher spiritual lessons of sacrifice and surrender to happen right now. (Sun conjunct South Node, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, semisquare Neptune; Mars quincunx Jupiter)

We also had the very tragic situation of the Tennessee minister's wife actually having shot and killed her husband. Their neighbors and stunned: “I can't understand it, they seemed so perfect.” Well I think the minister (now unable to tell his story) would be the first to say that humans are not perfect, but God is. Maybe their neighbors almost deified the minster family, and maybe at some level the family (the wife at least) believed it. But the human ego seems to go crazy if it thinks it's God, especially if other around it keep acting so imperfectly. Bang! In her addled mind shooting her husband in the back was justified, but now maybe she has second thoughts.  Full details have yet to be released. 

Then we had the very interesting situation of actor Charlie Sheen coming out public ally against the official 9-11 investigations. I'm hoping to get an article on his chart out in the next day or so. This situation however is interesting because Charlie Sheen is one the notorious “bad boys” of the Hollywood set, who lived fast and hard in his earlier days; i.e. including stretching and breaking the law in some places; but now he is trying to make a statement for the truth and standing up to the accepted authorities of our day.

Is he trying now to "atone" for his sins against society?  That is certainly a Piscean propensity.  Is he speaking up becuase he knows that he is a renegade of sorts, but is willing to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (a Piscean type of action) for things which he knows that we all need to know? 

Some remarkable things about Charlie Sheen's chart are his Moon in questing and truth-seeking Sagittarius, his Sun in independent and self-confident Leo, and his retrograde Saturn in the tenth house which would indicate a “fall” from grace but one from which he would make a comeback from. There is other stuff but I'll leave that for later. 

I am of the opinion that the exact epicenter of this current flurry of events will occur on March 29, 2006 as Pluto turns stationary retrograde; but there will be a second major aftershock on April 5 as Saturn then makes a station. As things seem to go, this will be the very peaking of the emotional turmoil but the consequences will not fully unfold for several weeks or months.

There could be more to come from the increasing bravery and rising indignation of the both the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress, who have heretofore been cowering yes-men with regards to White House policies. A few voices Ron Paul of Texas and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin are notable. Who else will join the bandwagon “getting to the truth”?


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