This weekend (Sunday, Feb 26) there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun.  Annular means that the Moon will be so close to the Earth that it won’t blot out the Sun, but be wholly contained in the Sun, forming a “ring” of light.

The eclipse path, where it will be visible, will take it through the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, as seen in this graphic below from

The horoscope of the event (sidereal) is significantly powerful with a strong lineup of Mars and Uranus on one side, Jupiter on the other, and then Pluto bisecting them.

Feb Solar Eclipse 2017

The Sun and Moon (forming the eclipse) makes a tight semisquare to Mars and Uranus, and therefore a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter.

Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto are a very volatile combination.  Arms can be raised in anger, frustration, and ready for violence everywhere.  “Hair-trigger” comes to mind.

If you haven’t been noticing it already, people are just a bit excitable right now.  Drama is high, and winter storms, basements flooding (right there in my home), and all sorts of what come to be extremely annoying things happening suddenly are not helping the situation.  Just turn on your TV….

As was written in SWN, eclipses bring the Nodes into play:

The Nodes are more like representations of an energy of a spiritual/karmic sort.  In Hindu astrology the Nodes are Rahu and Ketu, asuras, or “spirits/demons” that are uncontrollable and dangerous….

So, connected with Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto, it’s downright incendiary.

Keep your head up, keep centered.  Strive for a balance between enlightenment and practicality.