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February 2018: An Angry Eclipse

I say an angry eclipse because the Sun is debilitated in Aquarius and then it receives a Vedic fourth-house aspect from Mars in Scorpio. An afflicted Sun as such can give rise to an underlying sense of powerlessness, which can trigger a sort of over-compensating forcefulness or aggression, which the aspect from Mars could aggravate.

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Solstice and the Christian Story

Symbolically the winter represents the twilight, death and subsequent rebirth of man (especially if you subscribe to the idea of reincarnation). It’s not a coincidence that the Christian holiday of Christmas is so close to the day of the Winter Solstice, which is December 21-22 each year.

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The Sun’s Procession

This will be the scene just before sunrise, Wednesday, January 20. Basically all the classical planets will be to one side of the Sun, rising. I don’t know of any astrological precedents for this type of view, but it will be tenderly beautiful if you’re lucky enough to have no cloud cover early Wednesday morning.

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