March 17, 2020
Coronavirus Astrology Ground Zero: Hoax, Overblown Panic, or Evil Plot?
by Curtis Burns,

Coronavirus Vedic Astrology Predictions

To me, it’s irrelevant whether the coronavirus is an actual threat, an overblown panicked hysteria, or the result of some plot hatched by a shadowy evil mastermind. 

It’s a distraction.  Like the parable of the group of blind men attempting to describe an elephant.  One touching its trunk says it’s like a thick snake, another touching its ear says it’s like a great fan, another touching its leg says it is like a tree-trunk, one touching its side says it is like a wall, and so on. 

To the conspiracy theorist they see the evil plots.  To the socialist, they see the need for a universal health care system.  To a Republican, it’s the Democrat’s fault.  To a Democrat, it’s the Republicans. 

The only important thing about a black swan event is that it’s here, and that there are tangible rippling impacts being experienced as a result thereof of Covid-19, and it’s very hard to gauge the true extent of the effects. 

A black swan event could also be called an “act of God” event, and I think the “once in a lifetime event” of the entry of three outer planets into sidereal Capricorn, squared by Uranus in Aries qualifies that to be the case here with Covid-19. 

Astrological Timing of Covid-19

Mars conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

Mars moves into Sidereal Capricorn to Conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and square Uranus. (click to enlarge)

The actual astrological ground zero may be with us very shortly as Mars enters the picture (along with Jupiter) on March 20.  Then, as already written about, there are a series of subsequent planetary aspects that occur in near-time to coincide with probable escalations and developments of the entire global coronavirus-economic situation. 

  1. March 19 and 20, Mars conjunct Jupiter at sidereal Capricorn cusp
  2. March 23, Mars conjunct Pluto
  3. March 31, Mars conjunct Saturn
  4. April 5, Jupiter conjunct Pluto
  5. April 6, Mars square Uranus
  6. May 13, Jupiter Stationary direct while conjunct Saturn and Pluto

Call it a reset, re-boot, or reality-check; we are due for a global epiphany, and the coronavirus is just the sort of pin to pop the bubble of our complacency. 

I went over all the reasons why in my previous article, but just remember that bubbles don’t expand into infinity.  There is a cyclic rhythm to everything, including markets and economies; to delay or suppress that natural flow of energy (tax breaks, quantitative easing, and austerities) just results in even more damage and losses further down the road.  The looming economic declines are so huge precisely because things were propped up artificially too much for too long.  

Astrology of Economic Impact of Coronavirus

There is no doubt that our current health care system will be pushed to the breaking point.  At the risk of sounding like I have an agenda myself, it may take an unmitigated disaster to break us out of the old, dysfunctional system; and of all the civilized nations in the world, it is the US healthcare system that is the most dysfunctional, one of the worst standards of health with the highest costs; and this is not to say that the systems in the more Democratic-Socialist mold are perfect either. 

If the projected 200,000 to 1.7 million people die in the US alone from coronavirus, maybe some much needed changes will occur, and after the blame game is run out, new standards and paradigms will appear. 

Capricorn and Coronavirus

All of which would very nicely fall into the Capricorn symbolism: the structures, standards and norms of acceptability in society.  There is a saying that you need new wineskins for the new wine; maybe we need new economic paradigms for the new economies of the early twenty-first century.

Capricorn also refers to the drastic authoritative measures now being taken, shutting down cities and whole countries.  When things have run amok, it’s about the only thing that can be the response, however distasteful or inconvenient it may be.  The biggest fear it seems that these freedoms, so easily given up, will not be easily regained. 

That’s fair enough of a fear, and a lot of people don’t seem to have a problem with being a follower.  I am reminded of a saying that discipline equals freedom; that is, real freedom is not license to indulge every whim or fancy because then the whims or fancies become the master.  Real freedom comes from adhering to the real rules of life and ethically prospering and unfettered by the impositions of others, such as with debtors, employers, or masters who “own” your or your time. 

Capricorn here, as its higher meaning comes into play, whereby a more ethical structure of life is followed by all, and not just reckless adventurism by the powerful at the expense of the many; a situation that could describe today’s world. 


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