Climategate, Russian Train Bombing, and Tiger Woods

by | Dec 2, 2009 | Current Events

I want to cover some of the things that have developed in human affairs as foreseen in Star World News. The main configurations will be the transit of the Nodes into sidereal Gemini/Sagittarius around November 17, 2009, and the Thanksgiving 2009 line up of the Sun, Mars, and Uranus.  My goal here is to help you develop a real sense of how cosmic factors influence the tides and turns of events in the earth.

CRU Emails

The hacked Climate Research Unit (CRU) emails (“climategate”) detailing efforts at falsifying climate data and efforts to ostracize researchers and scientists with contrary opinions, exposing the scientific fraud of the global warming scenario which is being used to promote a global carbon tax scheme came out within a few days of the transit of the Nodes from sidereal Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius.

I described it as “the truth will set you free” paraphrasing from the Bible.  I would expect more developments in ideological and intellectual spheres, as we shift from a control-domination paradigm of Cancer/Capricorn to one of illumination and understanding under Gemini/Sagittarius.  Read the article on SWN.

Dubai Default, Russian Train Crash-Bombing, and Tiger Woods

Dubai World GroupThen over Thanksgiving 2009 as celebrated in the USA, there was the unique configuration of the Sun, Mars, and Uranus as highlighted before hand in SWN; and I had referred to the early 20th century German astrologer Ebertin’s description of such an event as: “A…. sudden adjustment to new circumstances and conditions in life, injury, accident, operation, birth.”  Basically it was a difficult, potentially harsh type of configuration.  Read the article on SWN.

There were a couple of things which happened of note the least of which was the secretive Tiger Woods early morning car accident resulting in lacerations to his face.  On and around Thanksgiving 2009 was the announcement of the Dubai World Group default, asking for an extension of six months to pay back their multi-billion dollar loan payments; it sent shock waves throughout world markets.  It is a de facto admission of bankruptcy by Dubai, which is an affluent Arab Emirate known for its building the tallest building in the world and having man-made islands in the shape of palm trees.

The announcement was obviously calculated to occur during the US holiday with its short trading sessions, but the stars above reflected the shock and potential disruption to the entire global financial system of the event.  The world system held of course propped up massive market interventions.

Russian Train CrashThe second shattering event that occurred in this time frame was the train crash in Uglovka, Russia caused by no less than a bomb killing dozens with 100 injured and some missing.  I’m sure you could imagine if you were at that scene the carnage, horror, and despair you would witness.

The dates sometimes will stretch a day or two beyond the date of exactness, but when you deal globally you have to take into account wide differences in time zones so events usually seem to occur in quite close synchronicity with the astrology.

Of course the strange affair of Tiger Woods, which he is so tight lipped about (and whose lips could have been in the wrong place indeed at times and received the brunt of his trauma) occurred right at this time.  Purportedly he was arguing with his wife, and things went downhill from there.  Insinuations of “another woman” being somehow involved are brought up, but it was the accident itself that I’m focusing on, the lips part people can make their own conclusions on.

Stay tuned to SWN for more riveting drama, the stars, and life in the 21st century.

Curtis Burns

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