Cheney: Fire, Aim, Ready!

by | Feb 20, 2006 | Current Events

Okay was he drunk, a bad shot, or just mean with a shotgun? Why the big delay in the release to the media of the accident? Normally it’s ready, aim, fire for hunters; but maybe the neo-con war planner has a diferent way. Will his effectiveness as VP now be compromised because of this controversy? What’s up for Cheney? Astrology penetrates the facades and sets things clear. 

US Vice President Dick Cheney has found himself in hot water lately. Recently he was implicated by Scooter Libby before a grand jury of authorizing the Valerie Plame leak to the press, which was done apparently in retaliation for anti-Bush public comments by her husband US ambassador Joseph Wilson. This may not be necessarily harmful to his job or standing in Washington since most insiders seem to look out for each other anyway; but it does tarnish his image with respect to the world. Cheney’s (and Bush’s) popularity are at all time lows.

Most recently he had the particularly inconvenient (but potentially tragic) incidence of accidentally shooting a member of his hunting party on an outing in Texas on Feb 11, 2006. Trouble immediately stared swirling as it took 21 hours before the media was notified. If a beyond than normal amount of alcohol was involved, it was never determined since the local sheriff department was denied access to Cheney for a day. It would seem that the White House security staff clamped down on the situation, which raises questions. At any rate this incident is consistent with the secretive reputation of the Vice President.

This gives me an opportunity to highlight some aspects of the Vice President’s chart (birth info):

Cheney’s most powerful planet is Mars, very strong in it’s own sign Scorpio at the bottom of the chart (fourth house), and it is also the ruler of his fortunate ninth house. Cheney can be a forceful individual, ruthless where he needs be; and he has the astrology of being a “ruler”


A few indications of Cheney’s chart would indicate that his being a “ruler” perhaps would be in a more middle-management and out-of-the-spotlight way. First his Sun (also the ruler of his Leo ascendant) in the executive sign of Capricorn falls in the sixth house; this is more of an “in the trenches” kind of configuration as opposed to hogging all the glory in the spotlight.

Secondly, Cheney’s strong Mars (which has a strong executive feel to it) is tucked away at the bottom of the chart, an almost reclusive position. Much talk has been bandied about regarding the secretiveness of Vice President Cheney: where did he go on 9-11, his frequent hospital visits, and even the reticence to go public with this shooting incident. Scorpio is by nature a very secretive sign.


Thirdly, the VP’s Moon (maybe the most afflicted planet in his chart) is in retiring Pisces in the clandestine eighth house and conjunct the very secretive Moon’s South Node (Ketu). The Moon is also connected to his twelfth house by rulership (the twelfth house is again connected to secretive and self-undoing behaviors).

There is more than a little speculation that Cheney could could have been a little drunk during this outing; which would have certainly been a factor in his bad judgment in pulling the trigger. He would certainly have the astrology for someone with a “secret vice” or a “vice to be secretive”. Secretiveness would imply an underlying shame or inappropriateness of motivation, albeit not necessarily.

Interestingly at age 21 Cheney was arrested twice for drunk driving.

Cheney health issues (heart problems) are readily seen in his slightly weakened Sun (low shad bala) in the sixth house (matters of health) which is aspected by Saturn in its fall in Aries in the ninth house. It is this same configuration however which would give him great success in accomplishing his objectives.

Cheney is known as one of the more active and powerful vice presidents in recent years. Many times he (along with Donald Rumsfeld and others) Cheney is considered to be the real “power behind the throne” for the US Presidency. Cheney was the CEO of Haliburton Co. from 1995 to 2000, he remains officially unconnected to the company, but still has a tremendous amount of personal wealth invested in the company.

If I look at the configurations present right at the time of the accident (and the concurrent controversy), the most dramatic is the simultaneous conjunctions of his solar arc directed Midheaven on his Pluto in the secretive twelfth house, and the Moon as the ruler of his intense eighth house by solar arc direction very much on top of his natal Midheaven.


In sum this is two almost exact correlations of secretiveness and destruction coming to bear in his chart. It looks like there is no question as to the Vice President’s birthtime, by rectification this is a very accurate chart.

Further, another secretive/destructive chart element, the Nodes; are highly accented right now in his astrology. Basically the transiting North Node is exactly conjunct his natal South Node, and therefore the transiting South Node is exactly conjunct his North Node.

So, will Cheney go down because of this accident? Is the remaining years of the Bush Administration going to be a lame duck situation because this among many scandals rocking the White House?

I don’t think so. In fact I would say the Dick Cheney is about to make even bolder moves and implement even stronger measures within his sphere of influence; and that connects directly with the actions and direction of the entire US government. I would say that his actions would be considered to be a qualified “success” at least for him.

Cheney is closing out the last remaining sub dasa of his long running Venus maha dasa, which is a good planet for him. As he moves into his next maha (great) dasa next Oct 2006, he will move into a six year period of his Sun, which by nature indicates authority, power, and success. The Sun is Cheney’s Ascendant ruler and therefore very significant for him, and thus will be this upcoming six-year period.

Cheney’s Sun in the sixth would indicate though a greater accumulation of power, but not without some turbulence, strife, and effort. Health issues probably will arise, especially his heart (since the Sun rules the organ of the heart). Ominously, the sixth house also has to be recognized as the house of war; and one could extrapolate that the so-called policy of the United States to aggressively expand its sphere of influence in the Middle East would be fueled all the more.

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