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December 2023 Astrology: Zeus Lights Up the Skies

In the Northern Hemisphere we are rounding the last corner of autumn with the winter solstice on Dec 22.  Winter to me embodies the ultimate paradox that life and death are, you can’t have one without the other.  Life is indeed a circle, even the whole universe itself (according to some cosmological theories) has cyclic growth and contraction phases.  Just like the human heart.

September 2023 Astrology Predictions: Charismatic Supernova

This month has a few pretty suprises, and then some potentially magnificient portals to greatness. 

August 2023 Astrology Predictions: Super Moons

This month, August 2023, has two confirmed super moons, that is, full moons that occur close to the Earth (perigee).  As a result the Moon looks slightly larger in the sky, seemingly a more powerful full moon.

July 2023 Astrology Predictions

Saturday, July 1 Canada Day Mercury Superior Conjunction Boldness and audacity to create new enterprises.  Successful overcoming.  (Sun conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter, Sun semisquare Mars) Sunday, July 2 Amazing love and relationship moments.  New levels of...
2023, the Year Ahead and January’s Astrological Portents

2023, the Year Ahead and January’s Astrological Portents

I don’t paint a pretty picture here, but an attempt at realism is going to be much better than some kind of retreat into rosy delusion about the state of things. At the same time, we have no where else to go. We HAVE TO strive to make things work, be cooperative and loving towards each other and above all BE REAL. The Wheel of life turns and we don’t get off until our collective karmic ledger is cleared and we do what we came here to do.

August 2022 Astrology Predictions: Changes Are Unstoppable

August 2022 Astrology Predictions: Changes Are Unstoppable

As I said before, change is inevitable, it’s the resistance to the process that produces problems.  I think the Universe prefers a vigorous stride into the future, demanding of us certain spiritual qualities, one of them being non-attachment to the past, and then optimism and hope for a better life.