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Astrology Predictions January 2024: Celestial Navigation, Defiance and Unrest

Happy new year to all. The end becomes the new beginning. Life is an eternal wheel turning. We either revolve with the wheel, or we become the wheel itself. I

December 2023 Astrology: Zeus Lights Up the Skies

In the Northern Hemisphere we are rounding the last corner of autumn with the winter solstice on Dec 22.  Winter to me embodies the ultimate paradox that life and death are, you can’t have one without the other.  Life is indeed a circle, even the whole universe itself (according to some cosmological theories) has cyclic growth and contraction phases.  Just like the human heart.

September 2023 Astrology Predictions: Charismatic Supernova

This month has a few pretty suprises, and then some potentially magnificient portals to greatness. 

August 2023 Astrology Predictions: Super Moons

This month, August 2023, has two confirmed super moons, that is, full moons that occur close to the Earth (perigee).  As a result the Moon looks slightly larger in the sky, seemingly a more powerful full moon.

April 2023 Astrology Predictions: Venus in the Red Zone, Ring of Fire Eclipse

April 2023 Astrology Predictions: Venus in the Red Zone, Ring of Fire Eclipse

This month we have a good share of intermediate and more long-term developments astrologically.  Easter Sunday may prove memorable for more than a few, especially in regard to their relationships.  Jupiter inaugurates are new phase in the sidereal sign of Aries.  Then we have a very deep turn in affairs indicated for all, the old making way for the new.  The old in this case may be making a unique exit of it’s own.

April 2020 Astrology Predictions

April 2020 Astrology Predictions

If Pluto represents a sort of conglomeration of corrupt influences, almost like an anti-consciousness; Jupiter can act as an expander of those influences and their attendant mayhem, or Jupiter can act as a sort of exalter-redeemer of those energies, channeling them into more socially useful purposes.

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