September 2019 Predictions

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Predictions

Sunday, Sept 1
Presence of mind helps us through unusual situations.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury trine Uranus, Venus trine Saturn)

Monday, Sept 2
Passion and delight.  (Sun conjunct Mars, Venus square Jupiter)

Tuesday, Sept 3
Urgency, directness, and clarity of action.  (Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction)

Wednesday, Sept 4
Situations and relationships may take on unearthly dimensions, but bias and distortion of perspective may also be active.  (Venus opposite Neptune)

Thursday, Sept 5
Significant relationship turns, not completely understood motivations in force; but contemplation will help bring clarity.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury trine Saturn)

Friday, Sept 6
Emotional depths brought out, which can help build stronger self-confidence and connections. Some, however, may treat things superficially.  (Mercury square Jupiter, Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Pluto)

Saturday, Sept 7
Bias and predispositions may ultimately trip us up in beguiling, seductive, or seemingly amazing situations developing today.  Emotions and attractions can be short-lived, but interesting.  (Mercury opposite Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday, Sept 8
Controlled excitement and concentration can be powerfully employed today.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto, Mars trine Saturn)

Monday, Sept 9
Adjustments in thought, habit and self-awareness indicated.  Seek self-improvement and innovation.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Tuesday, Sept 10
Truth and honesty are the issues, as well as motivation and determination.  Physical energy may feel at low ebb. Dysfunctionality and addictions highlighted.  (Sun opposite Neptune)

Wednesday, Sept 11
Determined perseverance triumphs in relationships.  (Venus conjunct Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Thursday, Sept 12
Dumb, good luck follows those who dare.  Don’t let it get to your head though.  (Mars square Jupiter)

Friday, Sept 13
Depth of thought and emotion opens new doors, while others may close. (Sun trine Pluto, Mercury conjunct Venus)

Saturday, Sept 14
Surprising mendacity, shocking horror.  Evil’s last stand.  (Mars opposite Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury and Venus biquintile Uranus)

Sunday, Sept 15
Penetrating scrutiny, ruthless analysis.  Verbal incisiveness.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Monday, Sept 16
Reckless adventurousness sweeps us off our feet.  (Venus tridecile Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Sept 17
Unexpected dissatisfaction or disagreement with present situations may help incite reforms.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Wednesday, Sept 18
Saturn Stationary Direct
Ardent realism doubles down.  Ethics trump expediency.  Good luck among happy people.  (Sun tridecile Saturn, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, Sept 19
Sometimes the excitement/stimulation is too much, or so it seems.  Keep a steady mind, navigate with aplomb and unafraid. Lead the way shattering old paradigms, liberating vital potentials to unfold.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus quincunx Uranus, Mars trine Pluto)

Friday, Sept 20
No peaking influences

Saturday, Sept 21
Misguided enthusiasm may strand you in no-man’s land.  (Jupiter square Neptune)

Sunday, Sept 22
Bad attitudes block success.  Thwarted connections.  Seemingly insurmountable problems.  (Mercury square Saturn)

Monday, Sept 23
Rule-breakers rise.  (Sun biquintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Sept 24
Relationships are assisted to achieving viability, promising long-lasting happiness.  (Juno trine Saturn, Mercury quincunx Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Sept 25
Relationships move through perilous territory.  Strive to avoid malicious acts motivated by love.  (Venus square Saturn, Sun tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, Sept 26
Obsessive and compulsive tendencies are brought out, dysfunction on display.  Practicing detached observation, even of yourself, could be particularly illuminating.  (Mercury square Pluto)

Friday, Sept 27
Nothing good should be necessarily easy.  Focused will delivers results.  Sensitivity and compassion can grow.  (Mars tridecile Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Saturday, Sept 28
Creative delight may accompany unexpected developments in life.  (Sun quincunx Uranus, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, Sept 29
Fortune favors the bold.  (Sun quintile Jupiter)

Monday, Sept 30
Hang-ups may sink relationships.  Ethical implosions.  (Venus square Pluto)

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