March 31, 2020
April 2020 Astrology Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

April 2020 Supermoon and Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

April 2020 Astrology includes two major events.  We have the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on April 4-5, the supermoon of April 7, and then the retrograde station of Pluto on April 25.  

Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions happen approximately every twelve years and can be quite powerful in both good and bad ways.  If Pluto represents a sort of conglomeration of corrupt influences, almost like an anti-consciousness; Jupiter can act as an expander of those influences and their attendant mayhem, or Jupiter can act as a sort of exalter-redeemer of those energies, channeling them into more socially useful purposes.  There can also be a distinctly financial aspect to this action.  

The last time this happened was in 2007-07, which was called the Great Recession, or deflating of the then-bubble in the markets, specifically the housing markets, but also rippling into the entire global economy.  So, our current economic crisis, which is a continuation of the last few crises that have occurred in the last couple of decades, stands to be several magnitudes more severe than the previous ones. 

So, it is not just a coincidence that we have not only Jupiter and Pluto conjunct, but now Saturn with a square from Uranus.   So, yeah….

The supermoon of April 7 is a full moon that occurs at perigee, or closest to Earth.  The luminous orb of the Moon is slightly bigger in the sky and we all feel the electro/gravi/metric influences of is more.  I should think it will be on the order of a Jupiter transit, delivering excitement and possibly a slightly exaggerated sense of optimism.  A full moon is when the Moon is at it’s most powerful state, and it’s occurrence so close in time to the aforementioned Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could have the effect of amplifying the overall effects.  

It’s a pity that we get all “rah rah” during such times and it results in great speeches and flashes of creativity, but we waste it by not channeling it more practically.  Instead of discussions that only have the effect of making it look like we are know-it-alls, we take that energy and start an outline on a book, write an article that will be read by hundreds, thousands, or millions, or burn the midnight oil and make a breakthrough on a project that will have tremendous effects to many, many people.  

One is for immediate gratification, and usually only to boost up a flagging ego; the other is to manifest the true potential of our ideas.  

The station of Pluto on April 25 may be the last leg of the current coronavirus crisis, perhaps a peak of sorts.  Afterwhich life may return to some kind of normalcy.  On Pluto stations usually there is something happening with power, but also collapse, and the “worst” which comes out, but is strangely fascinating.  

Wednesday, April 1
First Quarter Moon
Experiences can be harsh but call for resiliency.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn and Mars, Sun quintile Saturn)

Thursday, April 2
Intense and significant relationship developments.  Surviving hardship and betrayal.  (Mars tridecile Juno, Sun opposite Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Moon opposite Mars and Saturn)

Friday, April 3
Inspiration and uplift; let it be real and true, not escapist.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune, Moon opposite Jupiter)

Saturday, April 4
Overconfidence, overreach in many, but some will win spectacularly.  Ideals can carry great potential to transform.  Themes of death and regeneration.  (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)

Sunday, April 5
Relationships take a serious cast, seeking a truer foundation.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Juno tridecile Saturn)

Monday, April 6
Early on, things may not go as planned, anticipated or as desired.  Something is not right, and it affects the outcome.  A little detective work may be in order; and a lot less zealotry as well.  Might does not mean right.  (Mars semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, April 7
Wildness, but opportunities in the weeds.  An exceptionally powerful full moon might tip the scales in fortune’s favor.  Big thinking is favored.  But as with all speculative endeavors, calculated risks only.  (Mars square Uranus, Mercury sextile Jupiter and Pluto)

Wednesday, April 8
Special significance to relationships.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Moon conjunct Spica/Arcturus stars)

Thursday, April 9
Moon opposed Uranus early on brings emotional and relationship dynamics into play, how people and situations have unique chemistry. 

Friday, April 10
Moon opposing Algol and the Pleiades today can bring emotional shocks and revelations, charged energy which may overwhelm some; peaking early morning US time. 

Saturday, April 11
Meticulous planning and scrutiny; sharpened perceptions and analysis.  Moon on the Heart of the Scorpion Antares brings penetrating determination.  Early on Moon opposite Venus brings tenderness and delight.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Sunday, April 12
No peaking influences

Monday, April 13
The Sun opposite Spica and Arcturus stars can bring delight, good fortune and leadership qualities, as does the Moon opposite Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. 

Tuesday, April 14
Last Quarter Moon
Power goes awry, be careful what is unleashed.  A vicarious experience, while full of emotion, may not always solve the problem at hand.  Relationships are highlighted.  (Sun square Pluto, Mars trine Juno, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Pluto)

Wednesday, April 15
Brilliant creativity and emotional resonance can bring about powerful experiences, but strive for excellence and quality, rather than shock for it’s own sake.  (Sun square Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter, Venus on Antares/Aldebaran)

Thursday, April 16
Passion seizes endeavor.  Relationships harmonize.  (Moon conjunct Mars, Venus trine Juno)

Friday, April 17
Boldness and good fortune.  Relationship realizations, manifestations.  Enjoyment and delight.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury opposite Juno, Moon opposite Regulus and opposite Formalhaut stars)

Saturday, April 18
Urgency and directness balanced with gentility.  (Mercury sextile Venus and Mars)

Sunday, April 19
Incisiveness and sincerity.  (Mercury quintile Saturn, Moon conjunct Neptune)

Monday, April 20
Moon at Apogee
Commitment and honor to relationships highlighted. The Moon is at its farthest from the Earth today.  (Moon opposite Juno)

Tuesday, April 21
Early on, the acute realization of unfulfilled requirements.  No, you are not the victim of cruel fate, you are self-undone and now only that self-same you can turn things around. Day of perception and realization. (Sun square Saturn, Moon conjunct Mercury)

Wednesday, April 22
New Moon
Lyrid Meteor Shower
The new moon close in the vicinity of Spica/Arcturus stars bodes well for new beginnings

Thursday, April 23
Early on, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, stirring independent thought, unfettered by pre-conceived or external limitations. Mercury enters sidereal Aries to further that independent spirit and fearlessness. 

Friday, April 24
Rude awakenings for some, restless delusion perpetuates for others. Vitality and resistance may be down. Dysfunctions activated, but brilliance of realization and activity, nevertheless. (Sun semisquare Neptune, Moon on Algol star, Mercury opposite Spica/Arcturus)

Saturday, April 25
Ungoverned mental disquiet and abnormality in action. Corruption surfaces. Unsatisfactory emotional experiences with others. Glib distractedness, lot of promises.  (Pluto stationary retrograde, Mercury square Pluto, Juno tridecile Jupiter, Venus square Saturn, Mercury square Jupiter)

Sunday, April 26
Liberating conclusions to events.  Delightful, kind and loving spaces.  (Sun conjunct Uranus, Moon conjunct Venus on Rigel star)

Monday, April 27
Important relationship issues brought out, to build for better times ahead.  (Sun quincunx Juno)

Tuesday, April 28
Thwartedness, but don’t give up.  YOU are greater than the sum of all problems combined.  Overcome defeatism and negativity present in the world.  (Mercury square Saturn, Mercury quintile Mars)

Wednesday, April 29
The Moon in its rulership in sidereal Cancer aspects the extremely rare Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  The problem is highlighted but your feelings may hold the answer.  Thoughts and plans don’t always seem to work, but it’s instinct and action that solves problems many times.  Mercury and Venus aspect for greater cordiality. 

Thursday, April 30
First Quarter Moon
New patterns emerge as emotions and hopes align.  Gravity to motivations, change is now.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune, Venus biquintile Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus)

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