May 2019 Predictions

by | May 1, 2019 | Predictions

Wednesday, May 1
Outlooks darkened and opportunities seemingly suppressed can oppress the spirit, yet at the same time be the proverbial last straw to cause you to break out of the old accepted limitations on yourself.  Something starting out as not seeming so well may end much differently. Be careful accidents, injuries and other physical maladies.  (Mercury square Saturn, Mars quincunx Saturn, Sun tridecile Pluto, Uranus semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, May 2
Obsessions and compulsions may be intensely activated, strive to keep perspective on things.  The Moon, Venus and fixed star Alpheratz conjunct today amplifies love, romance and the potential beauty of life to be experienced (mid-morning US time).  (Mercury square Pluto, trine Jupiter, Juno tridecile Neptune)

Friday, May 3
Delight and understanding are emphasized.  Bright connections.  Genius activated.  (Moon and Mercury conjunct opposite Spica-Arcturus, Saturn opposite fixed star Castor, Moon conjunct Uranus)

Saturday, May 4
New Moon
The dark (new) Moon in sidereal Aries motivates and stimulates.  Mars enters sidereal Gemini adding a little more urgency to life for the next 45 days or so. 

Sunday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo
Eta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
Intense motivational activation may cause us to “bite off more than we can chew”.  Things may not actually be as urgent, dire, or important as they may seem at certain moments.  (Moon conjunct fixed stars Algol and the Pleiades, Mars opposite Jupiter, Mars quincunx Pluto) 

Monday, May 6
Ramadan Starts
Late in the day, US time, the Moon moves over fixed star Aldebaran may give emotional and energetic activation to our causes. 

Tuesday, May 7
Many great connections and good feelings between us all, helps welcome in good fortune, even though we may feel that there is work to be done in our relationships.  Be careful about promising more than you can actually deliver.  Refrain from the bluster and stick to the tried and the true.  (Moon conjunct Mars and opposite Jupiter, Venus square Saturn, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, May 8
Open yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking of yourself.  Special people may come into your life to help you so today.  Leap to the universal, unbound by time and space.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus, Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury semisquare Neptune, Moon conjunct Juno)

Thursday, May 9
Great emotional depth, sincerity and gravitas are indicated today.  Strive for noble thoughts and ideals.  (Moon opposite Saturn and Pluto, Moon conjunct fixed star Sirius, Venus square Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter)

Friday, May 10
Venus opposing fixed stars Spica and Arcturus and Mercury aspecting Jupiter and Saturn portends exalted states and manifestations, as well as realism and honesty.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Saturday, May 11
Patient persistence will take you to relevance and significance in thought and action.  (Sun trine Saturn)

Sunday, May 12
Mother’s Day
First Quarter Moon
Incisive thought and discussions help bring people closer on this Mother’s Day.  The Moon on the Heart of the Lion Regulus star helps bring honor and courage to family and other situations.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto, Mercury sextile Juno)

Monday, May 13
Moon at Perigee 9:53 pm GMT
Urgency or alarm may characterize moments in this day, helping you to get things done and champion causes.  The power of ideas is very strong right now; courage brings to manifestation instead of just bold speech. Jupiter moves back into sidereal Scorpio until October adding power to help us transform our lives.  The Moon opposite Neptune takes us out of the mundane and can bring about some beautiful relationship moments.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Mars, Sun trine Pluto)

Tuesday, May 14
The Sun on Agena fixed star and Mars on Polaris and Betelgeuse (Shoulder of Orion) can be good for dynamic leadership expression, as well as Mercury biquintile Jupiter which can also inflate the importance of things temporarily.  Venus sextile Mars can engage our emotions for action, as well as stimulate love in various ways.  Moon entering sidereal Virgo in the early hours US time can help us to stay focused, practical and efficient for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday, May 15
Relationship developments and general good fortune are indicated with the Sun on Capulus, the Sword Hand of Perseus, and Venus on Mirach, the Girdle of Andromeda.  Outlook is bright, heavy on the optimistic side.  (Venus quintile Juno, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Thursday, May 16
The Moon in Libra opposing Venus and Uranus and trining Mars indicates exciting developments between people and situations, perhaps taking us out past the boundaries of our previous emotional spaces.  Mercury trine Saturn helps us to stay clear and focused as well, balancing perspectives. 

Friday, May 17
Sun conjunct Algol
Every year on this day the Sun comes to the degree of Algol, the Severed Head of Medusa in Perseus constellation, and the inherent severity and harshness of the symbol is in full force outplayed through emotion, reactions and experiences today; to some degree or another.  Mercury quincunx Jupiter still manages to get the excitement going and possibly deliver and exiting rite-of-passage type of scenario. 

Saturday, May 18
Wesak Full Moon 9:11 pm GMT
The Full Moon (today) in May/Taurus constellation is the Wesak festival in Buddhist tradition, commemorating the life of Gautama Buddha.  With today’s configurations there is significant relationship/emotional developments, as well has enhanced perspicacity or insight into things.  The Moon opposite Algol exactly today, reanimates yesterday’s intense configurations.  Helping everyone to stay “on their toes”.  (Venus conjunct Uranus, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, May 19
The Moon conjunct Antares, the Heart of the Scorpio, and Mercury conjunct Algol brings significant intensity to the day.  Jupiter on Sirius, the Dog Star of Canis Major, portends brilliant inspiration.  The faint of heart fade into the background, fortune now favors the bold.  

Monday, May 20
Mid-day US time the Moon and Jupiter conjunct giving delight, which may coincide with good turns in your life, especially as you strive to manifest them.  Jupiter and Venus aspects enhance the good times, just make sure not to blow the budget too quickly.  Early afternoon US time the Moon enters sidereal Sagittarius adding excitement and daring to the emotional space we occupy collectively. 

Tuesday, May 21
Intense and liberating experiences, perhaps hard won.  Relationships affected, some letting go, some coming to realism.  The ego may cry “fight” but the spirit knows better simply to let go.  The Moon opposite Mars mid-morning US time, flares emotions. (Mercury-Sun superior conjunction with the Pleiades and quintile Neptune, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Wednesday, May 22
Urgency and impatience corralled can bring you to decisive victories.  The Moon literally obscures Saturn (called occultation) and adds weight to the day, conjunct Pluto as well adding intensity. Relationships highlighted.   (Mars sextile Uranus, Moon opposite Juno)

Thursday, May 23
Pessimistic attitudes may block life’s progress.  Getting the message through may seem daunting.  Unusual and exciting relationship/friendship moments.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Juno quintile Uranus)

Friday, May 24
Mercury at Perihelion
Depth of experiences bring new appreciation.  Be careful about getting too insistent or getting the upper hand in relationships.  When the arguments get too personal, learn to be able to let go.  (Venus tridecile Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, May 25
Mercury moves over the Eye of the Taurus Bull (Aldebaran)/Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) axis in the sky.  Experiences may bring depth of character out. 

Sunday, May 26
Moon at Apogee
Last Quarter Moon
Obstacles and life-developments may try to staunch your spirit. Pick yourself up, sometimes a karmic kick in the ass is what it is.  Strive for clarity of motivation, free from pettier causes. Physical energy may feel low. The Moon conjunct the Heart of the Lion star, Regulus, early on, seems to draw up courage and audacity.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mars tridecile Neptune)

Monday, May 27
Memorial Day
Strive to retain that bright outlook, but don’t party just to avoid the stickier issues of life that come knocking.  The Moon conjunct Neptune, afternoon US time, seems to etherealize everything, lending enchantment to the view.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, May 28
Wonderful relationship experiences are possible.  Don’t seek to define the undefinable in others.  Learn subtlety.  Just let them BE. (Juno trine Neptune)

Wednesday, May 29
Powerful situations can deepen your sense of self.  Seek to act altruistically, not accessing hidden motives.  Be honest with yourself.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury biquintile Pluto, Mercury square Neptune)

Thursday, May 30
Significant relationship times, purposeful connections, maybe at the letting go of others or making the right choice in relationships.  Don’t let superficial glibness mar the moments, exciting revelations are indicated.  (Juno conjunct North Node and opposite Saturn, Mercury opposite Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Friday, May 31
Emotional steadiness, relationships with potential; but some working out of minor incompatibilities.  Sun conjunct fixed star Aldebaran adds relevance. Early morning US time the Moon conjunct Uranus adds excitation.  (Venus trine Saturn, Venus sextile Juno, Mercury quincunx Pluto)