August 1, 2023
August 2023 Astrology Predictions: Super Moons
by Curtis Burns,

Vedic and Western Astrology Predictions for August 2023

This month, August 2023, has two confirmed super moons, that is, full moons that occur close to the Earth (perigee).  As a result the Moon looks slightly larger in the sky, seemingly a more powerful full moon.

I find no confirmation elsewhere, but between those two full moons will be a new moon that will be placed at the farthest from the Earth, called apogee, or a “micro moon”.  Naturally this is so because in the approximately 28 day lunar cycle with one extreme phase (full moon) at the closest node, then the other phase (new moon) will be at the farthest node.

The Moon does not make a perfect circle as it orbits the Earth, rather it is elliptical, one end close the other far.

The last ten days of August 2023 then will have a flurry of activity with Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde, and then Saturn at opposition making aspect to Pluto.

Day by Day Astrology Predictions for August 2023

Tuesday, Aug 1
Lammas (Lughnasdah or Imbolc)
Super “Sturgeon” Full Moon
Penetrating analysis required, get past the negativity.  Be conscientious in your actions, consider options and consequences. Rise to the challenge. (Mercury opposite Saturn and tridecile Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, Aug 2
Moon at Perigee
Kindness and sweetness finds new outlets. Courage and gentility. (Juno sextile Uranus, Moon opposite Venus, Moon on Regulus star)

Thursday, Aug 3
Unique significant relationship developments.  Later passion and intensity makes things happen.  (Juno conjunct Pollux star, Moon opposite Mars)

Friday, Aug 4
Where motivation seems absent dysfunction may emerge.  Honor and integrity seems to fluctuate, shimmer to something else. Connections and interactions pushed along.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury semisquare Juno)

Saturday, Aug 5
Early on the Moon opposes the Super Galactic Center, more so for the European time zones.  Intimations and inspirations.

Sunday, Aug 6
Recklessness, ecstatic moments.  Remember the original plan, not to get carried away with wild ideas.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Monday, Aug 7
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Aug 8
Venus at Aphelion
Last Quarter Moon
Charming encounters offering excitement.  Subconscious attractions.  (Juno quintile Jupiter,, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 9
Erratic, unstable connections offering excitement, perhaps shock.  (Venus square Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Moon conjunct Pleiades stars)

Thursday, Aug 10
Mercury at Aphelion and Greatest Elongation
Brilliance, activity, emerging awareness.

Friday, Aug 11
Moon opposite Galactic Center brings heightened awareness, spiritual stimulation.

Saturday, Aug 12
Significant relationship situations, love as a trickster.  (Venus biquintile Neptune, Juno opposite Pluto)

Sunday, Aug 13
Perseid Meteor Shower
Venus at Inferior Conjunction
Relationship developments, bringing things back to reality.  Venus comes between the Sun and Earth.  (Juno biquintile Saturn)

Monday, Aug 14
Feeling of loss, dissipation, low energy, but inspiration to draw therefrom.  (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Tuesday, Aug 15
Breakaways, divergence of views. Disagreement is not dissent. Reactive change.  (Sun square Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 16
New Moon at Apogee (Micromoon)
Not only is the Moon invisible, it’s also very small in the sky right now, at it’s farthest point (apogee).  Mars trine Uranus today nevertheless amplifies the excitement.  Don’t blowout, take controlled progress.

Thursday, Aug 17
Early on, more for the European time zones, moments of conscientiousness. (Moon opposite Saturn and Formalhaut star)

Friday, Aug 18
Urgency, moments of decision; evening US time. Passion. (Moon conjunct Mars)

Saturday, Aug 19
Late morning, US time, Moon on the Super Galactic Center may deliver some insightful and brilliant experiences.

Sunday, Aug 20
Motivational low ebb, extra bootstrapping is required.  Creativity, insight and understanding coming through non-rational channels. Dysfunctionality activation. (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Monday,, Aug 21
Breakdown, corruption, non-respective use of power.  Retain higher guidance in your affairs today.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Tuesday, Aug 22
Unusual day, tread cautiously through tricky or questionable ethical situations.  Find the conscientious path. Motivations and energy may be at low ebb. (Venus square Jupiter, Mars opposite Neptune, Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut star)

Wednesday, Aug 23
Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Brilliance, but potential errors of judgment.  Be bold.  (Sun conjunct Regulus star)

Thursday, Aug 24
First Quarter Moon
Effective application of power.  (Mars trine Pluto)

Friday, Aug 25
Exciting and provocative relationship/emotions spaces.  New connections.  (Juno quintile Uranus, Venus semisquare Mars)

Saturday, Aug 26
Spring past heretofore thwarting issues. Access the creative power of the Universe. Actions speak louder than words. (Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Sunday, Aug 27
Saturn at Opposition
The Earth comes between the Sun and Saturn, with the cold grey planet at its highest and brightest in the night sky.  Get serious about foundational change.  (Sun biquintile Pluto)

Monday, Aug 28
Uranus Stationary Retrograde
Rise. Restore justice.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Tuesday, Aug 29
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Aug 30
Moon at Perigee
Keep your momentum, despite seeming setbacks you are in the midst of progress. Mars on the Super Galactic Center may intensify motivations. (Jupiter quintile Saturn)

Thursday, Aug 31
Full Moon at Perigee (Super Moon)
Full Moon closest to the Earth; a bit more energetic activation: emotional, mental, physical.

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