July 31, 2022
August 2022 Astrology Predictions: Changes Are Unstoppable
by Curtis Burns,

August 2022 Vedic-Western Astrology Forecast: Mars Uranus Conjunct Fireworks

Mars Node Uranus conjunction August 1 2022

Aug 1, 2022 conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Moon’s North Node in sidereal Aries

August starts out with the proverbial bang as Mars and Uranus converge exactly over the Moon’s ascending node.  We may have metaphorical and literal fireworks going on at this time.

Then toward end of month, from Aug 25 on, we have a tight string of configurations that pack some punch of their own, including Uranus turning stationary retrograde.

  • Aug 15 Saturn at opposition, Mars trine Pluto
  • Aug 20 Mars on the Pleiades
  • Aug 25 Uranus Stationary Retrograde
  • Aug 26 Sun biquintile Pluto
  • Aug 27 Sun square Mars
  • Aug 28 Venus opposite Saturn
  • Aug 31 Mars quintile Neptune

Stationary Uranus has the potential to add a little craziness to the air, elements which normally the status quo keeps held back.  But the power of change is unstoppable, to delay only increases the severity of the action.

The beginning of August may have some intense seeding of events, but their next steps in development may well manifest in the last week of August 2022.

The Russian/Ukraine conflict and the connected economic crises may intensify, creating much anxiety and the breakdown of calm.

Will it tip the scales?  Is it the match in the gasoline tank?

Change is Coming

As I said before, change is inevitable, it’s the resistance to the process that produces problems.  I think the Universe prefers a vigorous stride into the future, demanding of us certain spiritual qualities, one of them being non-attachment to the past, and then optimism and hope for a better life.  Concurrent with those qualities is the understanding that Providence will provide; that is, we don’t need to hoard, to scheme after, or to deprive others of their provisions so that will have enough for us.

When we are free of those burdonsome sentiments we can more legitimately, authentically, and with joy pursue the beaconing possibilities of the future.  Letting go of attachment, especially to material things, will enable us to weather changes as they come upon us.  We know that what we lose, we will gain back in good time, and that in the long, long, long scheme of things that period of loss or deprivation will be less than a blip in our cosmic history.  We are manipulated by our fear of loss, but when we give up that fear we are actually more free and we can LIVE BETTER NOW.

Being therefore at ease, we are healthier and attract more of that happiness, which has equal spiritual and material components, to ourselves. This may seem very magical or pie-in-the-sky thinking, but you have to question yourself about your goals; to acheive temporary, fleeting success in the world’s eyes, or to acheive a more permanent, full-spectrum and actual success in life.

Break free from hindering, limiting and false concepts and fly towards your real priorities in life.  That is the message of this month’s Mars-Node-Uranus astrology this month.  Only you can do it.

Monday, Aug 1
Aggressive radicalism, breakthroughs, upsets. Outrage. Reaction.  (Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct North Node)

Tuesday, Aug 2
Complex and deep issues and affairs, not all is as it appears to be.  Relationship activity. Motivation and energy may be elusive. (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Venus sextile Mars and Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 3
Renewed skepticism and serious application as Saturn retrogrades back into sidereal Capricorn for the next three months.

Thursday, Aug 4
Pleasantries and love between others.  (Venus trine Juno)

Friday, Aug 5
First Quarter Moon
Powerful ideas and their delivery, seek conscientiousness of intent.  (Mercury biquintile Jupiter and Pluto, Moon opposite Mars)

Saturday, Aug 6
Shock, upset and recoil.  (Moon opposite Algol and Pleiades)

Sunday, Aug 7
Love, but severe application to get through trying straits.  (Venus trine Neptune, Mars square Saturn)

Monday, Aug 8
Interesting and delightful turns in affairs, conversations and feelings.  New alliances.  (Mercury tridecile Uranus, Venus tridecile Jupiter, Moon on the Galactic Center)

Tuesday, Aug 9
Audacity and temerity, profound emotions.  Strive for honor and conscientiousness in dealing with others.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Mars semisquare Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, Aug 10
Moon at Perigee
Mid-morning, US time, great depth of feeling and love.  (Moon conjunct Pluto, opposite Venus)

Thursday, Aug 11
Potential chaos as we seek to reestablish perspective and equilibrium, developments can be seem abrupt.  (Sun square Uranus and biquintile Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars sextile Neptune)

Friday, Aug 12
Full Moon
Saturn looks to be companion to the bright Moon in the sky, as it may be time to get serious about things.  Urgency and severity. New emotional or relationship developments.  (Mercury tridecile Mars, Venus quintile Uranus)

Saturday, Aug 13
Perseid Meteor Shower
Late evening US time, relationship intimacy.  (Moon conjunct Juno)

Sunday, Aug 15
Saturn at Opposition
Trial by fire.  (Sun opposite Saturn, Mars conjunct Algol star, Mars trine Pluto, Moon opposite Super Galactic Center)

Monday, Aug 15
Feast of the Assumption
Dynamic leaps of faith, fired by recent trials.  Relationship developments.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Tuesday, Aug 16
Profitable conversations and new angles of thought.  (Mercury trine Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 17
Important realizations between parties, but incompatibilities apparent.  Motives are unclear, dangerously ill-defined.  Energy low, dysfunctionality.  (Mercury opposite Juno, Sun quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, Aug 18
Difficulties and problems encountered, but an avoidance tendency may compound situations.  Blocks to flow of information.  (Mercury quincunx Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter)

Friday, Aug 19
Last Quarter Moon
Abrupt, shocking moments early on.  Breakdown, corruption and misuse of energy.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Moon conjunct Algol and Pleiades stars)

Saturday, Aug 20
Surprising intensity in relationships, but not everything so powerful is legitimate or right.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mars conjunct Pleiades stars)

Sunday, Aug 21
Amazing relationship developments, but still possibly as powerful distractions.  (Mercury opposite Neptune, Mars quintile Juno, Venus biquintile Juno, Juno sextile Uranus)

Monday, Aug 22
Moon at Apogee
Compelling and magnetic situations and connections.  (Venus quintile Mars, Mercury trine Pluto)

Tuesday, Aug 23
Mercury at Aphelion
Difficulty, resistance to flow of attention or communications. The need to determine to rise above challenges or inhibitions, and then do it.  The obstacle is not the problem, the problem is in you and it is solvable. Purposeful brilliance. (Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Aug 24
Uranus Stationary Retrograde
Don’t follow, lead.  Dramatic turns.  Keep focused, break out of the old normal.  Strive for legitimacy not bluster.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Thursday, Aug 25
Turning. New hope out of the ruin.  Let the dregs of the old cycle through as the new emerges.  Later sweetness and love appears. (Sun biquintile Pluto, Moon conjunct Venus) 

Friday, Aug 26
Relationships on an odyssey of discovery.  Don’t think, just be.  (Venus square Uranus, Venus biquintile Neptune, Venus quincunx Juno)

Saturday, Aug 27
New Moon
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Excited, dynamic urgency.  Seek proactivity instead of reactivity.  (Sun square Mars)

Sunday, Aug 28
Coldness and potential cruelty, steady through the emotional raw areas.  Determine to adjust, reform where necessary. Revelations.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury conjunct Super Galactic Center)

Monday, Aug 29
Enjoyment but maybe at the expense of other things, so a shallow kind of enjoyment.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Tuesday, Aug 30
Surprising new developments or options present themselves, fortune favoring the bold, of course.  (Sun tridecile Uranus and quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, Aug 31
Strange stirrings, the unconscious exposed. Exercise with care. Misguided activity.  (Mars quintile Neptune, Venus quincunx Neptune)


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