January 28, 2006
by Curtis Burns,
Capricorn encompasses all of which might be easily said as worldly sophistication and a stern sort of energy that puts things into a workable order.  In the human psyche many different sorts of permutations may arise from this energy including a bitter skepticism, an all-pervading anxiety of not being as one “should be”, and even a sort of over-authoritarianism in individuals stemming from a deep fear of not being in control. 


Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, which captures Capricorn’s shrewd calculation, and (earthy) cold distain of the higher things in life.  Saturn also embodies the love of order, outer form, and honor of Capricorn. 

Capricorn’s exaltation ruler, Mars, embodies the nature of Capricorn to take executive action.  Capricorn embodies the long-term objectives that Mars ultimately craves and attaches to its actions. 

But what is the constellation of Capricorn itself?  If one looks in astrology books one sees images of a goat standing alone upon a mountain, symbolizing man at his pinnacle of achievement.  Some people would connect the human sentiment of ambition with the sign Capricorn (and its planetary rulers), which would seem apropos. 

A goat, as opposed to the docility of the sheep, is very independent; symbolizing the self-motivated basis of the intellect and will. 

However, let us take a look at the actual representation in the heavens themselves.  It is the image not of a goat, but a sea-goat, a goat with a flipper at the end and not a tail. 

Actually this image is very mist-enshrouded and not very well understood.  Some say that it is the frozen image of the God Pan, as he looked in mid-transformation into a fish to escape the advancing dragon Typhon. 

Scholars will also identify the sea-goat with the Babylonian god Ea, who would emerge from time to time from the sea and teach humanity the ways of civilization.  Ea became a proto-Noah-savior, as it was he who urged mankind to build an ark to save them from a divine-sent deluge in the Babylonian version of the story. 

The Jews continued the veneration of the goat-savior with their practice of sacrificing a goat every year, which had the sins of man symbolically pinned on it; this gave rise to the term “scape-goat”. 

Others say that the sea-goat is Amaltheia, the goat-nymph who suckled the young Zeus when his mother Rhea hid him away from his devouring Titan father, Kronos.  This was the life-giving goat, and Zeus in his gratitude upon becoming king of the Gods, enshrined Amaltheia in this constellation in the heavens. 

Zeus even borrowed one of her horns, which became the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia (note the name), which is always filled with whatever food or drink one may desire.  The phonetic connection of the words corn-ucopia and Capri-corn, may clue one in to the long-held status symbol of Capricorns of money and power almost as an object of veneration. 

In the astrology of the Ascended Masters, Capricorn embodies the quality of God-power.  God-power, vested from on high, is not given until one will not misuse power for the aggrandizement of the little self, or human ego.  It is the human ego that swaggers around like a little Napoleon; and gets its way by threats, force, or other intimidations. 

The little ego also has to resort to belittling others: finger pointing and “shame and blame” tactics.  The little ego has to push others around because it has lost real authority, which people recognize and respect.  The first step in regaining authority in any sphere is to be willing to make oneself humble, and acquire real skill and talent through the application of work over a long period of time with many testings and trials.


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