Britney Spears, A “Goddess” Hits a Dark Patch

by | Feb 20, 2007 | Celebrities


She is as literal of a sex goddess as there can be, astrologically speaking.  In the pop celebrity culture of the early 21st Century Britney Spears has become a scintillating figure.  In a rather bizarre move, she shaved her head last weekend and got a few more tattoos.  Once again she is occupying all the headlines; and she seems headed for a certain flame out. 

I’m not attempting to be sensationalistic here as I titled this article, but I will show you how Britney Spears has the astrology of a “goddess.”  The media loves Britney Spears, but icons do not just pop out of the woodwork, they are molded and created just as much as they put themselves out there.  In the pop celebrity culture of the early 21st Century taking up much screen time in the US, Britney Spears has become a scintillating figure. 


We love Britney Spears, but we also love to scorn and ridicule her.  The sometimes pitiful lives of Hollywood celebrities maybe lets us feel a certain justice after all the fame, money, and glamour they seem to have an excess of.  Of course fame, money, and glamour are things that appeal only to the ego and the pursuit of those things will only bring suffering.  So as these celebrities aim hard for fame, they fall just as hard and maybe harder. 

As I look at Britney’s astrological chart through the lens of Vedic astrology a few points immediately jump out to me. 

"Goddess" Astrology Debased

She is as literal of a sex goddess as there can be, astrologically speaking.  She is Virgo rising, and Virgo is a very powerful feminine image traced out in the heavens, and the corruption or debasement of that purer feminine image is that of the “sex goddess” only there for the sexual release and gratification.  For more information on this feminine goddess aspect of Virgo go to my Virgo article.  A lot of strongly sexual figures have an accentuation of Virgo in their chart. 


Britney as a very strong but debased Mars in her Virgo ascendant by its conjunction with Saturn, which has a tendency to bring out pathological conditions of being.  Mars is a powerful wonton desire-based planet, which is not very subtle in its approach, and this planet lies in her house of personal image. 

Saturn in Virgo afflicted by the conjunction of Mars would tend to want to prove and demonstrate the femininity of the Virgo archetype by obsessively embodying debased or pathological feminine images. 

Further, Britney’s Sun in very magnetic and sexual Scorpio, which explains her charisma and appeal, is powerfully placed in the third house of personal assertion.  The third house is also associated with those in the performing arts. 

Britney’s eighth house ruler, Mars again, is in her ascendant; what this means, to paraphrase Shakespeare, is that she wears her hang-ups on her sleeve.  She indeed might have an up and down life making her a public object of both pity and fascination. 

Britney, A Tough Customer

Now the other part of Britney’s astrology that jumps out at me is her longevity, perseverance, and personal heartiness to outlast all setbacks and to possibly come out on top.  After all, she is still relatively young, and those youthful excess are not all behind her yet.  This is the quality of Britney that allowed her to make it through the grueling ordeal of non-stop performing, touring, and recording and to take her to the top of her field. 

The part of her chart that symbolizes potential strength is Britney’s Saturn in the first house.  You find this in the chart of reserved, but stouthearted people; who, if they overcome their underlying feelings of inadequacy or shame, can become very strong and stable in their lives.  At this time Britney’s cultivated sexual image may be in part motivated by a deep feeling of inadequacy of sexuality that she is overcompensating for. 

Britney’s Moon falls in Saturnian-ruled and negative-outlook-prone Capricorn.  Britney might have a predisposition to feel that life is hard and difficult and out of a sense of despair may at times act in a riotous manner.  These tendencies of course mellow out later, because people with Moon in Capricorn many times become executive or managerial types.

Britney’s atmakaraka (literally “soul indicator”) is also Saturn.  I almost see Britney having a long public life (if she can stay together), and maybe moving up in the power echelons of the music business. 

Another thing about people with strong Saturns in their chart is that they grow up rather early, can be workaholics, and can be terribly hard on themselves.  Sometimes they are taciturn, shy (with the self-critic in full control), or they can be relatively normal appearance, if not rather self-controlled until they eventually snap; the self-created load finally collapsing the structure of their semblance of normalcy. 

Britney was always on the go, excelling in gymnastics as a child competing in state level competitions, she attending performing arts school and took part in some off-Broadway productions, she was on Star Search, and she was a member of the New Mickey Mouse club from age 11-13.  She started touring solo in her mid teens.  She hardly ever had a normal life. 

Her career skyrocketed in 1998 with the release of the single “…Baby One More Time.” 

The Present

According to the cycles of Vedic astrology Britney’s career path coincided with the advent of her North Node dasa (planetary period) at age 9 in 1991 and will run through 2009.  Britney’s North Node is well placed in her eleventh house of success and gains, and therefore this dasa should be very strong for her in terms of career and success. 

Her North Node dispositor is the Moon, which is debilitated in Capricorn.  So this volume of her life being “Moon in Capricorn ruled” would also be typified by a lot of hard work, stress, some setbacks, and maybe some pathological episodes now and then.  Capricorn is a sign that embodies the idea of learning from difficult episodes, but which have a hardening, strengthening effect on the character.  On the positive side, this also gives Britney great stamina to press onto her goals. 

Britney’s current sub-dasa (sub cycle within the larger cycle) is ruled by her debilitated Moon; this sub dasa started in September of 2006 and will run until March of 2008.  So this would be a doubly negative, stressful, or trying time for her.  This of course coincided with Britney’s divorce and infamous partying-binge supposedly living it up, but no doubt actually trying to arduously medicate away the deeper pain from the turns of events. 

Problems with the paparazzi focusing on her motherhood, her marriage to Kevin Federline, and the cumulative stresses of living in the limelight were building all this time; and when the “moon-in-the-difficult-sign” period started, it all basically started to boil over. 

In a rather bizarre move, she shaved her head last weekend and got a few more tattoos.  Once again she is occupying all the headlines; and she seems headed for a certain flame out.  At this writing it is reported though she has reentered rehab. 

The Future

I wish I could tell her that things will turn around soon and that life will settle down, but I just don’t see any quick relief coming up.  In fact when March 2008 rolls around Britney will enter an approximately one-year Mars sub dasa, and this planets is maybe even worse off than her present sub dasa lord. 

Mars in Britney’s chart rules the extremely turbulent eighth house and is conjunct another debilitated malefic planet, Saturn.  Since there is a very negatively afflicted planet in Britney’s first house, this could indicate a nosedive in self esteem (all an illusion of course) and does not seem to portent well. 

No doubt some therapeutic measures will intervene; after all the music industry will not let a cash queen just implode (or explode) so soon.  Since no planet in question here is connected with a maraka, or death-dealing, house in her chart; I think I can safely say that funerals will not be an issue.  In fact that old Saturnian perseverance and stubbornness will be there, this tough girl probably will not just go down without a fight. 

After the Mars sub dasa clears she enters a sixteen year Jupiter major dasa, and Jupiter in her chart is much less afflicted (although not entirely) than her present dasa lords, and then I would say that things will indeed start to look up, especially in all the second house issues: family, the voice, and money.  

Britney’s got her work cut out for her.  It really is hard to say what will happen.  All I can say is that she is a tough person underneath it all, and in the end that tough girl will prevail. 



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