October 21, 2020
Biden Astrology for the Election
by Curtis Burns,

Joe Biden Vedic Astrology Forecast: Election 2020

Joe Biden Presidential Astrology 2020

This article looks at the life and potential election of Joe Biden to President of the United States through the lens of Vedic astrology.  I endeavor to be objective and not hold any bias for or against both contenders for the office in 2020: Joe Biden or Donald Trump.  I’m not a scholarly political commentator, but I have long experience interpreting Vedic style astrology charts and there are some points to be made. 

I will also be comparing Biden’s chart with that of Donald Trump for viability for office at the end of this article.  

Joe Biden Vedic Astrology

The Vedic Style Natal Horoscope of Joe Biden, DOB: Nov. 20, 1942, 8:30 am, Scranton, PA, USA

In Biden’s chart there is a significant concentration of planets in cardinal and fixed signs, as well as an opposition of his Sun with Saturn, which would indicate an individual with drive and perseverance, which Biden’s 36 years in the US Senate plus 8 years as Vice President would confirm.  

Rising to the ranks of chairmanships in the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with the exalted Jupiter in the ninth house in trine to the Sun and Venus in the first house giving him honors and notoriety. 

The Vedic Horoscope of Joe Biden: Saturn

If I start with the tenth house, the astrological house of reputation and career, the sign of Leo is there disposed by the Sun in Scorpio in the first house along with Venus.  This immediately gives the picture of a strong authoritative type of individual who can be a fighter for his causes (Scorpio) and is in it for the long-haul (Scorpio as a fixed sign) but who has a charming aspect to his personality which people can like and indeed helps one to be popular (Venus in the first house). 

Joe Biden AstrologyThe opposition of Saturn to his Sun in the seventh indicates that success was no easy thing to him, he had his share of challenges in life, which actually helped to mold and solidify his destiny/career.  

Saturn in the seventh house also has different connotations, all of which impacted Biden’s life.  First of all the spouse or partner has some hardship or difficulty attach to it.  This was shown through the tragic death of this first wife, Neila Hunter Biden, in a traffic accident along with their daughter, Naomi, and which also injured their sons, Hunter and Beau Biden. 

This tragedy came right on the heels of his first senatorial victory, and which right out of the gate challenged his ability to fulfill his office.  However, Biden resolved to continue, battling through the stages of grief as he did so.  Biden took his first oath of office with his son, Beau still in traction at his side. 

As Biden met his second wife, Jill Tracey Jacobs, and had to propose several times before she accepted.  Indeed, he had to persevere hard for that relationship, apropos to Saturn in the seventh house. 

astrology of joe bidenAnother example of Sun-Saturn was his steadfast commitment to his family, which caused him to take a three-hour daily commute from his home on Wilmington, DE to Washington, DC every day in this 36 year career.

Biden in his early life suffered from stuttering, which made him the brunt of bullies and ridicule, but which he said that he overcame by long hours in front of a mirror reciting poetry.  More on the verbal nature of Biden later. 

Saturn also taught him humility of sorts with the tragic death of his Sun, Beau to brain cancer in 2015, and then his own struggles with brain surgery in 1988. 

This is not to say that his achievements are necessarily good, but that what he puts his mind to he can make happen, which are eminently Sun-Saturn characteristics of the positive variety.  He is an overcomer. 

Joe Biden Astrology of Aggression and Relationships

Biden’s Moon in Aries in the sixth house, opposite Mercury and Mars in the twelfth house has many connections to his life-story.  The Moon here in Aries is that of a fighter, and it’s aspect with Mars enhances that and corroborates his many times pro-war stances with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria,  and this get-tough stance on crime in the 1990s.  Biden was no “dove” politically. 

astrology of joe bidenThe further examination of Biden’s astrological Sun (disposing his tenth house of career) reveals deeper things.  The conjunction of his Sun with Venus in Scorpio indicates a rather charming sort of personality, but the disposing of the Sun and Venus in the first house by Mars in Libra in the twelfth house would indicate some potential problems with relationships. 

Mars in the twelfth can indicate desires out of control at times and potential sexual intrigues in life.  Saturn in the seventh house (as referred above) will also indicate a sort of compulsivity potentially with others, a sort of inappropriateness that is “hit and miss” regarding forming connection with others. 

Pictures of Biden over the years show a proclivity to be a little too “touchy” with other women or even children.  Personal boundaries certainly have seemed to be an issue, and there have been multiple alleged sexual harassment claims made against him. 

Biden’s Vedic Astrology of Success

Looking deeper yet at this configuration from the Vedic astrology standpoint, Biden’s Mars is a dusthana (evil) house ruler which is in another dusthana house.  I’m speaking of Mars in the twelfth house, but ruling the sixth house, both are called dusthana houses.

This creates a yoga called Vipreet Raja Yoga, which cancels and reverses ultimately the negative portents indicated.  Consequently, despite the obstacles and tragedies, Biden has had a very long and successful political career. This is a condition that Donald Trump also has, so despite all of the crisis and controversies they still come out on top.  

So, if Joe Biden has a very powerful Mars in his chart, he’s going to get things done and he would have a highly militaristic policy, more on that later.  

Biden Verbal Gaffes Astrology

astrology verbal gaffes bidenNoted for verbal “gaffes” in his career, having weak “filters”, and lately not being verbally as competent as others (as well as his stuttering in early life); this could astrologically be attributed to his Mercury-Mars conjunction in the twelfth house; i.e. his expressions are problematical at times “shooting himself in the foot” with that twelfth house self-undoing, which would also apply to the boundaries issue cited above, not to mention plagiarism accusations in the past.  

Biden Secrecy and Conspiracies Astrology

The ruler of the first house in the twelfth house, conjunct the ruler of the powerful eighth house (Mercury) introduces the idea of secretiveness or the influence of shadowy elements of society.  This a configuration I find to be all too common in politicians; the idea behind it all being that politicians are basically puppets of less visible people or organizations. 

If I were to characterize Biden’s legislative and later executive-branch career, he seems more of a status-quo-keeper than any kind of reformer.  In fact he has championed many Republican-like policies: reduction of Social Security and Medicare, racial segragation of schools, against gay marriage, was very heavy on the punishment of crime as opposed to helping eliminate it, and sided with all the interventionist wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria (which put trillions of dollars into the hands of the military contractors). 

He also favored the banking and credit card industries. His Crime Bill of 1994 was a boon to the prison industry.  Joe Biden was a “man of the people” in name only, but not in deeds.  Presenting himself as someone who he really not is is another side of the Mercury-Mars conjunction in the twelfth house referred to above.  

Biden Burisma Ukraine Astrology

Trying to get some sense with astrology of the Joe and Hunter Biden sitauaion in the Ukraine with Burisma Holdings, it’s really inconclusive because there are no outstanding transits or dasas operative in late 2015.  Despite all of the insistence of the right-wing detractors of Biden, he basically has been cleared of any wrong doing; that is, he was implementing US foreign policy and not to help his own son, Hunter, who was associated with Burisma.  As of this writing, further “dirt” has been released, allegedly connecting Hunter Biden to underage sexual relationships, but nothing seems to be coming of it.  

Supposedly the Hunter Biden info released so close to the election is the latest “October Surprise” to clinch the opponent late in the game, so far it hasn’t seemed to affect the narrative very much.  It doesn’t seem to be very relevant at all, even if it was true because the Trump Administration and all of it’s nepotism is far more rife with entanglements with foreign governments.  

Joe Biden Divisional Charts

Joe Biden Dasamsa chart

Joe Biden Dasamsa Chart

If I take a look at his dasamsha chart, the tenth divisional chart in Vedic astrology which highlights one’s public life and career), Biden has the ruler of the first house, Venus, in the twelfth house in fall in Virgo.  In his dasamsha tenth house it is occupied by it’s ruler, the Moon, which indicates success; but it is also conjunct a debilitated Saturn and Mercury (ruling the twelfth house) as well as aspected by Mars.

Dasamsa meaning: success, but success marred potentially by corruption, or potentially success with aggressive use of power which lacks refinement. 

Joe Biden Astrology Navamsa Chart

Joe Biden Navamsa Chart

Looking at the navamsha divisional chart (varga chart), which indicates relationships but also overall life-themes, there is a somewhat similar pattern: the first house ruler is debilitated in the twelfth house (Venus) and a powerful Mars in the seventh house.  The ruler of the tenth house, the Moon is in the ninth house, which is positive, but also conjunct Saturn which can be rather heavy-handed in it’s approach. 

The meanings of which are similar to the dasamsha chart above, but also indicate relationship and/or sexual intrigues potentially (the navamsa chart). 

Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential Election

Looking at the various potential candidates the Democratic party could have brought out, Joe Biden seems to be very problematical, especially with this advanced age (78) and a seeming incoherence and potential dementia.  In recent weeks he seems to have made a better show of himself, but I think his “mainstream Democrat” appeal is what they wanted. 

I sometimes think that these elections pit candidates together who don’t necessarily have any sort of political acumen, but that they present a good sort of scripted drama, which the media will hype up.  As I’ve said here before, most candidates claim to represent the people but in the end, they ultimately answer to their campaign donors. 

Biden Vedic Dasas

Biden Vedic DasasLooking at the Vedic dasas (life chapters), Biden is now in the final Rahu (North Node) sub-dasa of this Jupiter maha-dasa.  With Rahu in Biden’s tenth house and disposed by a strong Sun, he seems to be in a pre-eminent position in life to take advantage of some of his most powerful astrology.  The opposition of Saturn to his Sun means that he has his obstacles to overcome, but by and by that Biden strength and perseverance may help his achieve his goals; i.e. to win the US Presidency. 

About one quarter of the way into his term, he enters a very long Saturn maha-dasa, which can have several implications.  He can have a very strongly authoritative effect on society, and he may be somewhat ponderous and/or grim in his execution; but also there could be the start of his own brand of decline and dysfunction.  This could leave Kamala Harris in a more prominent position.  

Biden Transits at Election Time

The super-conjunction of 2020: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; opposes/aspects Biden’s natal Jupiter, which is a powerful source of good fortune in this chart, being in exaltation in the ninth house.  His downfall here would be through over-confidence and lack of clear strategy of execution.  However, the presence of Saturn here would do much to add great calculation and determination. 

Biden Transits Election Day  2020A stationary Mercury in exact square to Biden’s Jupiter and the transiting Saturn on Election Day, however, will not make it easy for Biden, possibly in the form of blocks or delays in communications or last minute neglect of details.  But at the same time it will be activating Vipreet Raja Yoga planets in his chart delivering him victory over problems, and possibly the election itself.  

Inasmuch as the Democratic party in general seems to be pretty hapless in their approach, especially in comparison to the Republican’s crass opportunism; against Trump’s diminishing political capital, Biden’s good stars may help win him the election, AND if the US’s mafia-like electoral system will give him the nod. 

One thing to be said about Biden, especially compared to Trump, is that he will be a president that gets stuff done.  The Sun opposite Saturn is very task-oriented and stays with it until it’s completed. 

The chart of Donald Trump with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Leo, Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter debilitated in the second house, and Saturn in Cancer in the twelfth is kind of hot burning, but scattered in focus, and vulnerable to preoccupation with vendettas.  

Some  might say that Trump has done a lot of good, others might way that Trump has mainly succeeded in getting people mad, sowing chaos and generally setting the train on fire (that’s going off a cliff). 

A Biden administration, with a strong showing from Kamala Harris, will be much different, more effective perhaps in its execution; that is, if advanced age and the general mess of politics in Washington, DC gets in the way. 

I am of no doubt that Kamala Harris would play a strong part in such an administration, a look at her chart would be informative also; hopefully soon on that. 


Will Biden win or lose? 

It is very strong for Biden according to projections, but I have doubts about the man himself because of his age mainly; but also because of the wildcard of the US electoral system  which could still give Donald Trump an edge. In some ways the US system of elections is as corrupt as any third world nation.  As of this moment, I would give Biden a 60% chance of winning.  Mind you the actual results may not come for weeks after Election Day, and not without a lot of drama. The situation is still fluid, there could be still more “October Surprises”.  If Biden were to win I think there is a strong chance that the Vice-President, Kamala Harris would take over.  


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