August 1, 2016
August 2016: Always Darkest Just Before Dawn
by Curtis Burns,

August Astrology Forecast: Eclipse T-square and Mars-Saturn Conjunction

Mars conjunct SaturnThe zodiacal landscape for August 2016 has a good handful of landmarks, which peak towards the end of the month.  Also Jupiter moves into a new sign as it makes aspect to Uranus, which can indicate sudden shifts of fortune accompanied by high excitement; which then occurs just as Saturn turns direct on August 13.

One of the remarkable astrological events of 2016 has been its extraordinarily long transit of Mars through sidereal Scorpio, all the while in (Vedic) conjunction with Saturn in that sign.  This long transit comes to a head on August 24 as Mars makes exact conjunction with Saturn while also being in square to Neptune and the Nodes.

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse

To understand the effects better you need to understand that Mars means action, the urge to make stuff happen, while Saturn in contradiction means to stop, to consider and plan things out.  They are almost motivational opposites.  The square to Neptune then increases the probabilities for deceits and deceptions (self or otherwise) to get added in.

So while these planets hover in the sky together we get a sort of grand tension that tries to reconcile such forces in seeming animosity to each other.  The energy comes to a crescendo on August 24 and not long after becomes re-activated by a formidable solar eclipse on September 1.  Therefore, I can say that late August, moving into September will have much opportunity, as likely it may seem to be while we are moving through that time.

The political climate could be all sorts of dysfunctional, if not downright dangerous.  Which is not to say that it already hasn’t been…….

Mid-month: on the day that Jupiter and Uranus aspect, August 13, Saturn also turns direct; all of which may make a very significant mid-month.  Jupiter and Uranus tend to fall to the “good” side, while Saturn is more “bad” by reputation, so there may be a strong dose of excitement mixed with reality during that time.

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse Tropical

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse Tropical

A few days after that, there will be an eclipse of the Moon which will be prefacing the more significant solar eclipse already mentioned on September 1.

Anyone with major planets or configurations in their charts at around 16 degrees in the fixed signs sidereal or around 9 degrees mutable in a tropical chart, this eclipse could be significant for you.

The September 1 eclipse will fall in sidereal Leo opposite Neptune and square to Saturn and previously-mentioned Mars.  Tension will be high as well as the possibility for misfortunes and worse (read terrorism) during this August-September span.

The element of Neptune in the astrological equation means basically that not everything is as it seems to be, so all the typical modes are in force: manipulation, deception, and self-beguilement.  Not getting overwhelmed and therefore discouraged may be difficult.  One’s faith may be tested in deep ways.

Yet as the saying goes, it’s always darkest just before dawn.

Monday, Aug 1
Forthrightness and confidence can help you proceed now.  Steady as she goes.  (Sun trine Saturn)

Tuesday, Aug 2
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Aug 3
The feeling of loss of control may lead to some rash and/or unfortunate actions.  Keep centered, expect the unexpected.  There is a new shift on the management and organization of things, including health issues with Jupiter now moving into sidereal Virgo.  Motivations and energy may move in mysterious ways, calling for you to let go instead of trying to control things.  (Mars biquintile Uranus, Sun quincunx Neptune, Jupiter enters sidereal Virgo)

Thursday, Aug 4
In extreme cases catastrophe may ensue, so be careful all around.  Otherwise attitudes will purposeful, if not forceful.  Interference and opposition will not be tolerated. Reclaim your confidence and assertion today, it may be difficult and not go entirely well, but the journey of a thousand miles to find your power begins with one step.  (Mars semisquare Pluto, Sun tridecile Uranus and Mars)

Friday, Aug 5
Emotions and relationships have impact today, deal with things conscientiously.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, Aug 6
The frame of mind may be stressed and negatively biased, which affects everything.  Determined purposefulness can help avoid a lot of trouble.  Getting through may be difficult, prejudice blocking connecting and perceiving.  Passion and feelings may clash, causing strife in relationships.  (Venus square Mars, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday, Aug 7
True understanding or perception may compete with shimmering hopes, dreams and predilections.  Cracks in the foundation may appear, threatening to break.  (Mercury opposite Neptune, Sun quincunx Pluto)

Monday, Aug 8
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Aug 9
Important educational or verbal connections are brought out today.  Discussions and analysis right now may yield deeply spiritual revelations.  (Mercury conjunct Node)

Wednesday, Aug 10
Personal power and reach seems magnified, great depth of understanding and resolution is possible.  Be careful of treating others exploitatively.  (Mercury trine Pluto)

Thurs-Fri, Aug 11-12
No peaking influences

Saturday, Aug 13, Saturn Stationary Direct
Saturn’s grinding power is at its most intense right now, shaping and molding you at the most minute of levels.  All things being equal, if you feel things have been too harsh lately, those things should ease up soon.  Relationships may feel it, seemingly torn but getting to reality.  This may be a great leaping off day, towards new life vistas and developments.  (Jupiter quincunx Uranus, Venus square Saturn, Sun biquintile Pluto, Sun tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, Aug 14
Relationships transcendently galvanized, be sure to discriminate truth from hopes.  (Venus opposite Neptune)

Monday, Aug 15
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Aug 16
Exquisite delight accompanies connections, more refined qualities and issues draw people together.  Deeply spiritual and/or fated love connections manifest.  New possibilities of self-expression emerge.   (Venus conjunct Node, Sun trine Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 17
Powerful emotions may help you make personal breakthroughs. Relationships offer intriguing but not necessarily important possibilities. (Venus trine Pluto)

Thursday, Aug 18, Appulse Lunar Eclipse (09:26 GMT) Full Moon
At some point today, somewhere on the Earth the Moon in the sky is going to darken slightly as the Earth’s shadow moves across it. Disorientation is possible and affairs may somehow go awry, it may be more of a space to contemplate deeper things in life.

Friday, Aug 19
Affairs may be slightly agitated, breaking down the inhibitions towards freedom of expression. (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Saturday, Aug 20
Impulsivity and enthusiasm spike, which may create hectic, but potentially fruitful new initiatives. Social, political, religious or spiritual militant zeal may dwarf common sense, cordiality or respect for others. Unexpected connections and relationships may spark. (Mars quintile Jupiter, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Sunday, Aug 21
No peaking influences

Monday, Aug 22
A very intense week kicks off with bright enthusiasm and heightened awareness, intuition and creativity. Physical, mechanical or energetic breakdowns are indicated, pointing to needed foundational shifts. Pathological and obsessive behaviors are brought out, creating possible ethical breaches. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Tuesday, Aug 23
Control may be the issue, which unfortunately you may not have due to the suddenness and severity of issues suddenly adventing. Reactiveness is amplified, increasing the overall riskiness of situations. Higher risk of course opens the way to equally surprising good turns, so exercise your care. Sometimes we need a good challenge to our reigning paradigms and today would be a good day for that. Great depths of intension can be achieved. (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Wednesday, Aug 24
Thwarted impulse, karmic reckoning, galvanized effort.  Fate strips away ego, giving life’s dearest lessons.  (Mars conjunct Saturn)

Thursday, Aug 25
Shrewd action can deliver significant results.  Be careful of negative tendencies of mind aborting potential advancements.  Unusual associations and their attendant excitement can open the way for broader emotional expression.  (Mercury quintile Saturn, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Aug 26
Audacity is high, motivations and intensions may be questionable.  Energy may be high, but follow through may suffer unusual and strange lapses.  (Mars square Neptune, Jupiter tridecile Pluto)

Saturday, Aug 27
Social, cultural and spiritual affairs are accented.  Connecting with others takes on whole new dimensions.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter, tridecile Pluto)

Sunday, Aug 28
The hurdles to relationship happiness may be high, but oh, so valuable to long term success.  (Venus quintile Saturn)

Monday, Aug 29
Cordiality should be high, even though in other areas relationships may be quite averse.  (Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars square Node)

Tuesday, Aug 30, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Getting the message through may suffer impediments and distortions.  Affairs may feel hindered and troubled overall, spurring one onward toward progress.  (Jupiter quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Aug 31
Energy mixes in with emotions, helping people and situations move forward and shake off old mindsets.  (Venus quintile Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)


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