March 31, 2023
April 2023 Astrology Predictions: Venus in the Red Zone, Ring of Fire Eclipse
by Curtis Burns,

April 2023 Astrology Predictions: Intense Easter Holiday, Developments over Earth Day

This month we have a good share of intermediate and more long-term developments astrologically.  Easter Sunday may prove memorable for more than a few, especially in regard to their relationships.  Jupiter inaugurates are new phase in the sidereal sign of Aries.  Then we have a very deep turn in affairs indicated for all, the old making way for the new.  The old in this case may be making a unique exit of it’s own.

Venus Conjunct Algol and Pleiades

Venus Conjunct Algol and Pleiades (click to enlarge)

Easter 2023 Venus in Red Zone

On Good Friday Venus will be conjunct the servered head of Medusa star Algol in the constellation of Perseus.  One day after the Sun and Saturn make hard aspect.  Venus then conjuncts the Pleiades on April 11, two days after Easter Sunday.

Venus will be in that “red zone” between Algol and the Pleiades right over the entire Easter weekend.  So, some of the joyousness associated with Easter and the spring in general, that of emerging life from the slumber of winter, may not be so readily experienced by some.  Algol and the Pleiades in my experience tend to confront us with the darker, more frightening corners of our psychology; with Venus there love may have some trying times indeed.

Jupiter Moves into Sidereal Aries

On Saturday April 15 Jupiter makes his grand entrance to sidereal Aries, giving us a possibly a more fiery expression of Jupiter’s enthusiasm.  With Jupiter excess can be the pattern and an excess of fire (from the fire sign Aries) may cause some overheating of things, if you will.  We may have some great ideas during this time, but they could be premature, rushed, or wildly aggressive.  That would NOT be a good configuration during war time.

Earth Day Astrological Developments

Over April 20 to 22nd, we will have a combination of a solar eclipse in square to Pluto, Mercury stationary retrograde on the 21st, and then the Sun, Mars, and Neptune aligning on the 22nd, which is Earth Day.

First of all the solar eclipse will be a rare “ring of fire” annular eclipse, where the Moon does not completely eclipse the Sun, it leaves the effect of a golden ring, as it were.  The square to Pluto increases the explosive yield, as it were, of the configuration.  Generally life becomes a bit disorienting during eclipses and seem to coincide with shifts in affairs for all.

annular eclipse April 20, 2023

With the Sun, Moon, and Earth every six month coming into alignment like this we could look at it as a sort of “reset”.

Stationary Mercurys are pretty innocuous in my opinion, less destructive, more annoying from the standpoint of being able to find perspective in things.

Then on Earth Day, April 22, we have the alignment of Sun, Mars and Neptune in hard aspect to each other.  Misfires, mishaps, and misfortunes are possible; coming as much as from ethical errors as anything.  It is not a good war signature either.

Uranus and Pluto in April 2023

Then on April 29 Uranus and Pluto make a tenth harmonic tridecile aspect to each other.  This signals a revolutionary shift at some level in the way things are regarded and done.

Day by Day Readings

Saturday, April 1
April Fool’s Day
Love drama, as pleasurable or intriguing as it may seem, hijacking your true reason for being?  Direct power decisively for constructive causes.  (Venus semisquare Mars, Sun quintile Pluto)

Sunday, April 2
Late morning (US time) moments of gravity and perspective.  (Moon opposite Saturn)

Monday, April 3
Learn/acquire detachment to see how power and desire can mold/manipulate you inauthentically.  Let conscientiousness dictate your thoughts and actions today.  (Mercury square Pluto)

Tuesday, April 4
Venus moves into rulership in sidereal Taurus today for about a month, improving some part of your life (depending on where sidereal Taurus falls in your chart).  Late evening US time the Moon occupies the same degree as the Super Galactic Center, which may allow for some enhanced awareness/experiences in your life.

Wednesday, April 5
Create more order in your life, establish a new track, clarity and non-bias ensues.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Thursday, April 6
Over the next few days Mercury will be hovering over the North Node of the Moon in the urgent sidereal sign of Aries.  Hermes dancing with the Dragon Head.  Powerful combination.  Thinking can be very dangerous.  Humans can get carried away with things.  Exercise sagacity however and lead the way to progress.

Friday, April 7
Good Friday
Significant love developments. Love has consequences.  (Juno quintile Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune, Venus conjunct Algol star)

Saturday, April 8
Challenging junctures, impasses.  Trust in the process, it’s how we learn and grow as people.  (Sun semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, April 9
Easter Sunday
Intensity early on (US time).  Progressive revelation of our own human horrors.  (Moon opposite Algol (1:40 cdt) and Pleiades (8:29 am cdt) stars)

Monday, April 10
People and relationships help us to become better people.  (Juno conjunct Uranus)

Tuesday, April 11
Venus on Pleiades
Sun conjunct Jupiter
Mercury Greatest Elongation
Opportunities and good fortune abound. Love moves through challenging territory.  Ideas and understandings are brilliant. Strive for accuracy and clarity. The Moon is also conjunct Galactic Center.

Wednesday, April 12
Passion and intensity between individuals.  (Juno tridecile Pluto, Moon opposite Mars, Sun enters sidereal Aries)

Thursday, April 13
Last Quarter Moon
Mid-day (US time) the Moon conjuncts Pluto, bringing about depth of experience and perception.

Friday, April 14
Issues seem to suck the warmth out of situations and relationships.  Remember it’s a test of love, a strengthening of ardor.  (Venus square Saturn)

Saturday, April 15
Yeah! Twelve months of unfettered pursuit of amazing things.  Let’s go!  (Jupiter enters sidereal Aries)

Sunday, April 16
Moon at Perigee
Very early on, the Moon conjuncts Saturn while it’s at its closest distance to Earth.  Significance and relevance to the hour.

Mon-Tues, April 17-18
Venus at Perihelion
Love and creativity blossom.  Make the world a better place.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter and tridecile Neptune, Moon opposite Super Galactic Center)

Wednesday, April 19
Annular Solar Eclipse – “Ring of Fire”
It is a new moon, but a particularly tight alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.  We call this an eclipse. From the Earth, at certain points the Sun will appear as a “ring of fire”, which is called an annular eclipse.  My experience is that some disorientation can occur and things have more of a tendency to go awry.  Venus also crosses the Aldebaran/Antares starry axis, which may produce some significant relationship moments.  This eclipse also occurs at 90 degrees to Pluto, which probably will increase the impact of it, if not today some time down the road.

Thursday, April 20
Deploy power effectively but also conscientiously, regardless of the temptation otherwise.  (Sun square Pluto)

Friday, April 21
Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Interesting intellectual or philosophical/spiritual developments, but which may require some deeper contemplation to actually understand. Later in the day the Moon crosses Algol star, which may coincide with some shocking moments. (Jupiter opposite Spica star)

Saturday, April 22
Earth Day
Directness, but likely regarding fuzzy or questionable issues.  Energetic malfunctions.  Accidents, injuries. (Mars tridecile Neptune, Sun quintile Mars, Mars conjunct Sirius star)

Sunday, April 23
Lyrid Meteor Shower
Opportunity to make smooth and steady progress.  (Mercury sextile Mars)

Monday, April 24
People and situations come together, issues to resolve.  Emotional dynamics are powerful.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun conjunct North Node, Mars opposite Vega star)

Tuesday, April 25
Steady progress.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Wednesday, April 26
Relationships blithely move through weird or scary spaces.  (Juno conjunct Algol star, Juno sextile Neptune)

Thursday, April 27
First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Friday, April 28
Moon at Apogee, farthest from Earth

Saturday, April 29
The shift is in!  Let go of the past, look ahead.  (Uranus tridecile Pluto, Mars sextile Uranus)

Sunday, April 30
Venus moves into sidereal Sagittarius, which should be quite nice for those with sidereal Gemini rising.

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