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by | Dec 13, 2006 | Current Events

Recently I had an opportunity to watch parts of the animated movie “The Polar Express”.  I found the animation (computer generated) to be manic but somewhat entertaining.  It was like someone trying to realistically portray what an actual Santa Claus would be like.

I was rather non-impressed however with what I take to be the message of the movie was.  I am sure the producers of the movie (and book it was based on) were “influenced” by the toy making industry.  From the movie dialogue Christmas is a “special feeling in the heart” and lots of toys for children all over the world.  Basically, HAPPINESS = TOYS.


For that “special feeling”, well, that is rather vague, isn’t it?  That could mean almost anything, but seems passable for a culturally comatose society.  If you watch commercials during this time of year the message seems to be ‘show your love with your gifts.’

I think if our economy was less invested in producing “things” we wouldn’t have to live in such big houses to hold all of them.  Slave laborers in China wouldn’t be able to produce goodies and trinkets that take away so many of our hard-earned dollars, that the Chinese government would have to find another way to non-militarily conquer the West!

I know my son has a small mountain of toys at home, and of course they are given to him with great love; but is it too much?  How long does he play with those gifts before he needs another?   I know in fact that my son receives a continuous stream of toys all throughout the year.  How much “love” is enough?

So what does Christmas really mean?  Maybe we all should stop giving gifts and send nice cards instead.  Undoubtedly we would still get the same amount of toys and gifts nevertheless; because we are always “rewarding” ourselves anyway, are we not?

If you gave a card instead of a new coffee maker, you’d be helping the card industry instead of the coffee makers’.  Who owns those coffee-maker making factories anyway?  No doubt someone who is profiting too much already and is not giving very much back to the economy they benefited from.  I’m not sure who owns the greeting card industry though, it’s hard to tell these days.

What is Christmas?  The actual date of the birth of Jesus Christ has been estimated to be in the spring, but the Catholic Church (I presume) decided to use an old pagan date of the Winter Solstice to commemorate it.  The Winter Solstice is basically a new beginning, marking the beginning of the rising of the ascendancy of the Sun in the sky.

The days start getting longer again on the Winter Solstice; it is a plainly spiritual symbolism manifesting before us.  In the West the current “incarnate God”, Jesus, plays out and demonstrates for us life as it was meant to be.

Rebirth indicates the great mercy and ever-new quality of life; it means starting over, and it means the past is non-existent.  Maybe the fact that we have a new year, a new cycle; is the only gift we could ask for.  Let me confide you; my only wish in life is a chance to succeed.

Okay this is now going to sound brazenly acquisitive on my part, but I set out here to write something for the season and this is what came out.  2007 will mean something to you, it will be extremely important; and vital clues to it will be revealed in your personal astrology.

Borrowing from numerology 2007 is a 9 year (2+0+0+7=9).  Nine is the number of culmination, completion, and fulfillment.  2007 will be an important year.

If you don’t have any outstanding plans, goals, or objectives in life; an astrology reading for you will be a waste of time and money; and I predict for you that 2007 will be mainly the same old you-know-what.  Don’t’ waste your time with me; your minutia will keep you well entertained.

But if you do have goals and a plan, I can give you great data on the story of your life, what you need to do now to get where you want to go.  Are you in a reaping phase, or a sowing phase?  I can help you to clarify your goals and life-purpose, help you to understand what you really want.

This year I wrote my first book and it was an amazing experience.  It is done in my direct and to-the-point style, but it is the distillation of all my life-journeys, investigations, spiritual victories, and gold derived from almost 20 years of study of the stars and their outplaying in the lives of many people.  It is a many-layered piece of literature; you will be referring to it again and again.  It is me.

The book is called “The Secret Laws of Happiness and Prosperity” you can view the table of contents  HERE www.prosperitynews.net/secretlaws/2ndpg.html and I would like to give it to you fr.ee when your order any report or service from me.  I would like to offer this through the end of the year.

Shortly I will be making it available to the general public and I will be raising the price to give maximum commission to those who will be selling it also, but it is a $20 dollar value now.

My standard cost for readings is $195 but for this special time I will reduce it to just $149 AND you’ll get the book fr.ee as well.

In fact I am so impressed with the Ashtakavarga Report and the results it produces that I would like to give that away as well.  This report is based on the ancient technique of judging transits by Parashara himself, and it is outstandingly effective and powerful.  I know that whenever my ashtakavarga value is high, I am at a very important juncture in my life.  This is extremely important intel (“information” in spy lingo) on your life, please take it.

You’ll get:
1. Full Vedic Astrology Reading on 2007 and beyond; including western style transits, solar arcs; secondary, tertiary, and minor progressions in plain English ($195 value)
2. Full copy of “The Secret Laws of Happiness and Prosperity” ebook ($24 value)
3. 13 months of Ashtakavarga Report  ($24 value)

$243 value; you pay only $149 USD

For those who just want the report and/or the book, you can get both for just $24 USD

Okay, let’s keep it real.  I am not a corporate robber baron selling you an over valued asset that I had manufactured by slaves working 12 hours a day in some third world country, this is an even exchange, value for value.  I am giving you a discount as an incentive, but I also want to help you out to make 2007 the best year possible.

No, this is not a trinket; a Vedic reading is YOU, your destiny.  This is greater than all the treasures of the world.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

This is a limited time offer.  To order this:

For the Ashtakavarga Report/Secrets of Happiness and Prosperity Ebook offer

If you want to send a check or money order please send it to Curtis Burns, 22 Raymond Pl #2, St Paul, MN 55114.  I will accept orders for this price through Dec 24, 2006.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support.  I have a couple very exciting things to unveil in the next few weeks, which I know you will greatly benefit from.  Merry Christmas everyone.


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April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
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