Mon, Nov 5
Relationships and connections could hit rough parts today as the universe strives to test and strengthen them.  (Juno quintile Saturn)

Tue and Wed, Nov 6-7
Emotions will run strong and deep and there probably will be a heavy multi-layering to the motivations and intents being exchanged.  Be careful of what you may feel quite strongly that it is not really some other unconscious agenda in force.  Be aware of potential delusion and deception involved with relationship dynamics right now as well.  For Wednesday there is also present an influence that can cause the need to strike out on one's own to magnify.  The natural resistance to control and repression can flare as indignity can be acutely felt.  (Venus square Pluto, Juno square Neptune, Sun trine Uranus)

Thur, Nov 8
The ability to penetrate beyond mysterious psychological blockages will be enhanced, this gives you an advantage over those less sophisticated or self-aware; be careful how you use your magnified abilities.  Persuasion and charisma should be consequently high.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Fri, Nov 9
No peaking influences.

Sat, Nov 10
No peaking influences. 

Sun, Nov 11
Ouch and double ouch; three malefics connect up in the sky today.  Make sure that it is you as a self-sovereign individual is the one determining your actions, instead of some lesser "identity cluster" in your psyche with an agenda that would cause you to try to get pity or sympathy from others. Some of the pain of needing to let go of attachment to egoic tendencies such as name and fame (each with loads of pride attached) may be felt acutely now.  The stinging pain of Saturn though alchemically stimulate the integrity of the structure of the soul.  Be careful of lapses of attention or consciousness, or such things as addictive, co-dependent, or deceitful bahavior. There could be a lion's share of delays and problems to overcome before accomplishing important things, but it will be very important to persevere and not give in to despairing states of mind which abort the very means of your salvation.  (Sun square Neptune, Sun quintile Saturn)

Mon, Nov 12
Relationships and the love that they seem to engender may be too good to be true. A lot of times we can get "swept away" with emotions, but it's really more of a "rapturous escapism" that is in effect. I would not entirely condemn a rapturous escape, but I would just caution people to be able to see though the glitter and glamor that we see in a particular person, place, or thing; this is becuase when we come back to realism we do so with unappetizing thud.  Nevertheless, you might be able to hear a more universal, feel a more infinite and loving presence through the entire experience, and most certainly if you don't pin your hopes on a human instead of the Divine.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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