Mon, Jan 28, Mercury retrograde (21 days)
Mental, perceptual, and intellectual functions will be accentuated.  Traditionally for the next three weeks it is considered not a good time to sign important documents or initiate new enterprises.  Since Mercury the messenger (so important in business functions) is now moving backwards for a while, there is a higher possibility of errors of judgment that cause misfortunes.  

Tue, Jan 29
The feeling of attachment or connection to someone may be unduly colored by unfulfilled hopes or a sense of escapism. Of course escapism is not de facto a bad thing; escape can also mean liberation from heretofore limiting or taxing situations.  Relationships can help engender personal spirituality, but of course many times relationships are anything but liberation.  Desire and the urge to act, to overcome obstacles should be strong, and may even bring about impetuosity.  (Sun semisquare Mars, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus trine Saturn)

Wed, Jan 30
This is not a day to sit idle and dream of a better future.  Sometimes people (or larger groups of people) like to push things along, incite or provoke action, whether that be ethically or not.  The ends definitely do not justify the means; but the sense that things must happen at any cost today may run very hot.  Since Mars turning direct today is a first class malefic, troubles or misfortunes are not out of the question. Conflicts and arguments may arise.  In other areas though a more strategic proactiveness may be asserting itself, always hopefully to the greater gain of the many instead of the few.  Relationships should be stimulated as well, short lived, but possible effective in helping people to shake off old ways of behavior or thinking.  (Mars stationary direct, Juno square Uranus, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Thur, Jan 31
No peaking influences

Fri, Feb 1
Good fortune, happiness, and love should grow today, as could a greater sense of cultural, artistic and spiritual appreciation.  A trip to the museum or gallery would not be out of order, as would the church, temple, or mosque.  It would be good to guard against an over-optimism that could cause foolish expenditures or investments of time, money, or energy.  Nevertheless, today is a day with lucky-seed energies; whatever is sown today has an extra amount of magic in it.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter)

Sat, Feb 2
What seems possible today may be distorted by the refracting effects of unresolved psychological issues.  Double check your ideas and findings, for you may be seeing what you want to be so instead of what really is happening.  In some ways though reality is what we make it to be in our minds; so create responsibly with your mind today.  The power to tape into infinite levels of spirit will be enhanced to create transcendent effects.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Sun, Feb 3
Today may be a day for significant developments in relationships and love and appreciation in general.  What we love we really are trying to bond ourselves to, an effort to regain a lost sense of wholeness and felicity in the union.  Love does make us one (if it is truly love) and a tremendous change can occur.  The thrust of "fate" and the tides of "destiny" now and how they produce a spiritual sense of wholeness may have impact on relationships right now.  (Venus semisquare/sesquiquadrate Nodes)

Mon, Feb 4
An intensity and depth may be experienced today, even through the agency of crisis or destruction.  Pluto has the effect of being the "cosmic wrecking ball" sometimes, the Sun minor aspect to that today may precipitate developments having to do with breakdown, decay, breakthrough, or transformation.  Pluto is also accompanied by a very base (sensual) form of sensation, and many times sexual matters are brought to the forefront during these times.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

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