Due to the work load of important work being done on the technical end of this website, I don’t have much time to devote to the normal Astro-Success column.  Thankfully, it is a slow astrological week with the exception of a lunar eclipse on Wednesday, Feb 20. 

We are in the middle of an eclipse cycle.  Solar and lunar eclipses always fall within 14 days of each other.  The solar part of this cycle occurred on approximately the Feb 6.  I’m sure if you feel like you’ve been walking around in a dream, pleasant or not, it is the direct consequence of the Lights (the Sun and Moon) in proximity to the nodal axis. 

It is therefore a developmental time for everybody in the world right now, especially as you remain in the posture of conscious spirituality.  I always think of the "disorienting" effects of certain kinds of astrology analogous to higher dimensional forces "rewritting" the psychic software that runs our lives. 

Keep your head up friends, something new is just arouind the corner. 


Mercury, God of Thieves

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