Mon, Feb 11
No peaking influences

Tue, Feb 12

No peaking influences

Wed, Feb 13

A sense of urgency and turbulence may affect communications and relationships.  Internal dynamics between love and desire may war for dominance, and things between people could be fairly active.  (Mercury and Venus aspecting Mars)

Thur, Feb 14
The idea that anything is possible could influence the course of events.  Connections based on spiritual, philosophical, or religious issues may come about.  It is during times like these that the audacity of the human ego can be a danger to wallet, life, and limb.  Impulsiveness and a bias towards proactiveness may explain the “heat” of this day.  When things get hot of course, things catch fire and people get burned.  (Sun trine Mars, Jupiter semisquare Node)

Fri, Feb 15
Significant relationship developments can occur under today’s astrology, the urge to connect to relate others will be stimulated.  What draws people together is their similarities, as they seem to seek to become one with dissociated parts of themselves; to all appearances though we see these things as relationships.  (Venus quincunx South Node)

Sat, Feb 16
Significant spiritual, karmic, and connective forces align right now, directing the course of events.  This could be the peak of the week.  Two powerful malefic connect in the sky right now, many times a turbulent event, but extremely important and self-revealing.  (Sun conjunct South Node)

Sun, Feb 17

This could be day of contradicting influences.  Some sharp thorns may come up in relationships, as we suddenly seem to mirror each other’s inadequacies.  Alternately, an uplifting and illuminating influence affects the course of events.  Some people getting together may have distinct age differences, or they may be framed around more somber themes.  For those not quite as grounded, it may be easy to become involved in “pie in the sky” issues.  (Venus biquintile Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Mon, Feb 18
Mercury, after a three week backward side trip, today resumes normal forward motion.   The official green light is back on to initiate important business enterprises for the next few months.  All in all Mercury as a benefic influence highly stimulated today should move things along briskly.  There may be just a little bit more sparkle to your mind today. 

Mercury, God of Thieves

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