Four Planetary Stations; Intense Solar Activity. 

It is challenging to try to describe the next upcoming astrological configuration, which considered separately are usually quite challenging in themselves.  I will try to point out the significances of each in  brief ways, but the whole compounded effect of them I’ll just says is going to be “big, deep, and profound.”

We are looking at three consecutive planetary stations, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, Feb 28, March 1 and 2 respectively, plus a fourth on March 6 with Jupiter turning direct.  These stations are occurring against a backdrop of intense solar activity and geomagnetic storms

Solar Flares: X class Feb 21, 2014No doubt there has been a lot of “commotion” in parts of the world such as the Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand (which the media has not talked about much).  The real thing to understand about these events politically is that they do not happen spontaneously.  Riots and revolutions have a foundation of legitimate grievance, but there is also the element of planning, organization, and presentation; not to mention funding. 

They are staged media events designed to depose one political faction over another, all under the cover of “this is what the people want”.  The mob is not very subtle, and it isn’t very intelligent, it has to be herded, corralled, and continually whipped up.  The energy eventually does subside, and on the other side usually you’ll see some regime change, initiative, or movement put into motion, which was conveniently all ready to go. 

If you do your research, you’ll find all sorts of financial, logistical, and media support covertly through interests such as Wall Street, through their proxies in the corporate media, various intelligence agencies, and their proxy NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that are behind the events in Venezuela, the Ukraine, and Thailand

Ukraine RiotsIt’s the 21st Century version of war, much neater than hurling bombs and sending in the troops.  Valuable assets are untouched, and the workers are not killed.  Some are not going to agree with me here; to which all I can say is get the bigger picture of history, the players running the show, and who ultimately benefits from it all. 

The events in the Ukraine, while there was no immediate astrological correlation to them, there was an abundance of activity in the form of increase solar agitation and resultant geomagnetic storms.  There is more yet to come: three closely timed planetary stations and then a powerful grand square pattern in April  May and June of 2014.  All of these influences seem to be coming together to affect/signal significant changes on the world scene. 

There is talk of a major correction in the world stock markets, especially in the US.  There are looming threats to the world hegemony of the US dollar (petro-dollar) from Russia and especially from China.  All of these have profound implications to us all, and we may see major developments in the next few weeks or months regarding these. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the markets are manipulated to give a good face to the economy.  It’s done primarily through groups that have access to billions of dollars that can buy up stocks at inflated prices, or to cause the stock to go up artificially.  They are called the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, also called the Plunge Protection Team. 

Then the same group that literally owns the major financial media can effectively propagate a message that “times are good” causing the crowds to stampede to their brokers and buy more stock, further ramping up stock prices artificially. 

Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Grand Square April 2014It’s also done through mechanisms of the arbitrary lowering interest rates, making loans more easy to get, which through the money multiplier called fractional reserve banking creates billions of more dollar into the economy, a great part of which goes into the speculative stock markets, pushing up prices all the more. 

But eventually reality asserts itself and there is what is called a correction, prices fall to more realistic valuations.  This upcoming April-May grand square may be the peak in this bull run. 

Funny thing, it is either by accident or by design that the sophisticated players in the markets get out (sell) just before the correction hits.  They make boatloads of cash, and the investors (suckers) have taken significant losses with little guarantee of getting it back.   Pump and dump they call it, a classic con on the markets, and in these next few months a lot of people may loose their shirts, as it were, but a very few may make tons and tons of money, laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts. 

I wouldn’t say this is financial Armageddon, but it could signal a very cold period for economies worldwide, which may “demand” certain governmental actions (bailouts, tax increases, bail-ins, government takeover of corporations, etc.)  Some forecasters are pointing to some very ominous stock price charts (check the video below) and I am distinctly alerted to this convergence of predictive models. 

Be that as it may, I’m a much more of an expert at reading astrological charts as I am reading stock charts; I am learning though. This astrological chart comes close to the timeline that Gregory Mannarino is referring to.  (Another video by Gregory Mannarino and Greg Hunter)  Personally, I am not as apocalyptic as these videos are. 

Very significant developments are occurring as this article is being written: Russia reportedly is sending troops to the Ukraine region, and is reportedly also docking warships in Cuba. This definitely in response to the US covert actions in the Ukraine, and it looks like the old cold war is moving a little to the hot war side. 

Thursday, Feb 27
No peaking influences

Fri-Sun, Feb 28-Mar 2, Mercury Stationary Direct, Mars Stationary Retrograde, Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Activity, discussion and the course of affairs should be quite animated.  Mars turning stationary retrograde tomorrow (already basically at a dead stop in the sky) may cause a feeling of road blocks, delay, or hesitation to affairs anyway.  Saturn turning retrograde the day after tomorrow, may help incite deeper reactions to impeded situations, pulling  out deeper pathological issues and subsequently problematic behaviors.  As the planets pivot in the sky apparently, there may be many similar pivots in the affairs of man right now, setting the stage for manifested developments soon thereafter.  (Also Sun trine Jupiter) These energies will have a strong overshadowing over the next few days; but the next two days will also hold these specific connotations:

Saturday, Mar 1, Mars Stationary Retrograde
Passions, ardor, and motivations will surge, yet delays and obstacles may attempt to divert proactiveness to frustration.  It’s not always as easy as it would seem, when you set out in the real world.  Overcoming difficulties demands patience, discipline, and applied determination; qualities which are acquired usually in times like these.  (Sun tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, Mar 2, Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Sometimes we feel like the world twists the knife it has already stabbed us with, but that’s what it feels like when wounds are laid bare for restorative work.  Issues have to come out in the open in sometimes humbling moments for us, but humility is the first step to empowerment.  Frustrations may flare, relationships may go through tense times.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, and conflicts.  The enemy is not other people, but the biases, prejudices, and errors of thinking that keep us from working together.  Focus on the goals, not the holes!  (Venus square Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Mars)

Monday, Mar 3
Identity may find close associations with darker, less socially-friendly archetypes with their corresponding actions.  (Sun sextile Pluto)

More dates to be posted later. 

Mercury, God of Thieves

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