Time to Get a Little Crazy

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Predictions

Predictions for Week of December 26, 2011

The configuration of the week will be on happening over Wednesday and Thursday this week with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto connecting up.  Events like these take place under the radar screen of most astrologers, because it requires taking note of the so-called minor aspects.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto, which is easy enough to see, but then we see also that Mars makes a tridecile (108 degrees) to both the Sun and Pluto.  This is a very potent connecting up of astrological energies: explosive, traumatic, and otherwise very intense.  Things could go haywire, and people may not be in the best of moods in the first place.

However on the proactive side, this could be a day of dramatic progress, regaining self-assertion abilities, and overcoming situations that previously have left one feeling disempowered.  There is something to be said about when things go crazy, sometimes you have to get a little “crazy” yourself.  The middle of this week may be a good example of it.

December 2011 Sun, Pluto, Mars

New Year’s Eve celebrations may be a little hectic and pathological behaviors are more likely to occur with the aspects happening over December 31 and January 1.  More below.

Monday, Dec 26
At some point today an overly pessimistic or dour tone may color thinking and actions, but if you can keep from getting morbid, you may actually get some strategic or organizational tasks done.  There could be problems and delays in making connections, and maybe a “short fuse” element to our dispositions today.  Pathological tendencies are brought out somewhat.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Dec 27
Important intellectual and business connections can form right now, and this is also a good time to put into legible form your goals, plans, and aspirations.  As Mercury is conjunct Rahu (North Node) there may be some mental agitation, anxieties, or difficulties to deal with as well; and, as some say, unusual twists and turns to information that could be deceptive.

Wed and Thurs, Dec 28-29
Over Wednesday and Thursday this week there will be aspects forming between the Sun, Mars, and Pluto.  Action, overcoming obstacles, and self-assertion will be high.  Egos may clash intensely, with more than just a little bit of consequences.  Boundaries may be crossed.  Beware of danger or risk zones, whether they be physical or in the emotional boundaries we have.  Accidents and injuries, or worse, are more probable, so a little caution and circumspection may go a long way to preserving life and limb.  Ardor and passion will be high.  Don’t be too surprised at spontaneous competitive, inciting, and/or physical activity.  As Mercury will also be aspecting Jupiter and Neptune, be careful of exaggerations, promises that can’t be kept, and then deliberate deception, even if for some imagined sense of expediency.  (Sun conjunct Pluto, Mars tridecile Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, quintile Neptune)

Friday, Dec 30
No peaking influences

Saturday, Dec 31
Moments of alarm, hysteria, or urgency may mark New Year’s Eve, as well as passion.  Keeping an even state of mind can help you to navigate through tense situations, but which upon recollection may prove to be tense in the mind only.  (Mercury square Mars, Venus biquintile Mars)

Sunday, Jan 1, New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day may be characterized by tension, unease, and a spirit of pessimism that seeks to sour a good day, so be careful of a predisposition to those states of mind that enables you or others to defer, postpone, or deny necessary action; or enables any shaming and blaming behaviors.  Sometimes more desperate states of mind are brought out with astrology like this.  Break out of the shell of cynicism, you can do whatever you set your mind to!  (Sun quintile Saturn)

Monday, Jan 2
Relationships may hit snags and emotions may seem to dwell on negative things affecting events.  This is the time to work through issues instead of retreating into a shell of pessimism.  (Venus tridecile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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