The Wrecking Crew

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Predictions

The potential for significant changes is high this week, especially into the coming weekend.  Intense astrological patterns usually coincide with similarly intense emotional and mental stresses on an individual and collective level, and which many time coincide with situational events that match or bring out such stresses.  

On Friday, June 22, Jupiter makes an aspect to Pluto; this is an intermediate range positive configuration; but with downsides having to do with bringing out overly bold or error-prone enterprises or activities that have large scale ideological, spiritual, and/or religious overtones.  It should be quite an exciting day nevertheless.  

The Wrecking Crews - Marvel ComicsThen over Sunday and Monday, June 24-25, Uranus will square Pluto, Saturn will turn stationary direct, and Jupiter will square Neptune.  This is a lot of big things happening over a short time period.  Things may seem to be happening so intensely and quickly that it may be hard to get perspective on things.  In the case, the best policy is to simply ‘go with the flow’, and don’t exactly try to understand it according to your predisposed model of how things should or do go.  

Sometimes our active models need to be deconstructed and then reconstructed over time, and sometimes the Universe sends in the cosmic wrecking ball (or wrecking crew, if you will.)  After the site’s been razed, then the new construction crew sets in with a new set of plans and materials.  

So maybe for some Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune this weekend will be the wrecking crew, and for others they will be the new construction team, doing the hard work of laying out the foundation, and hammering all the nails holding the frame into place, plumbing, walls, etc.  Later on Mercury and Venus arrive to put in place the wiring, paint the walls, pick the furniture, etc.  The Sun and Mars connect the  power and heat the furnace; then Jupiter arrives and establishes all the legal matters on the house, sets a price and puts it on the market.  

Monday, June 25 may be a day of difficulties and delays, but there may be layers and layers of meaning and context to the issues of the day with the aspects from Jupiter and Neptune, and Uranus and Pluto the day previously. It may be a day of truly profound changes for some.   

Monday, June 18
Mars moves into sidereal Virgo today, producing a noticeable shift in everyone.  Inordinately strong affections and desires to get together with others may be present; overriding “common sense.” (Juno semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, June 19
Three contacts to asteroid Juno today indicate sudden and significant relationship developments.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun biquintile Juno, Mars sextile Juno)

Wednesday, June 20    
Deep emotional reactions may be coupled with the urge to suppress, inhibit or censure personal expression.  A pessimistic attitude may burden activities. Information flow may be hindered or obstructed.  Later on, however, a lighter tone may characterize affairs with some exciting relationship developments.  (Venus quincunx Pluto, Mercury square Saturn, Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Thursday, June 21
Early on, an urgency may help bring about excited messages and communications.  (Mercury sextile Mars)

Friday, June 22
Audacity and the potential for the misuse of power is heightened.  Ideology, spirituality, and religion may become powerful issues; amazing strokes of fortune are possible.  You may be able to manifest a miracle or two yourself.  (Jupiter biquintile Pluto)

Saturday, June 23
Relationships may hit some stumbling blocks, requiring some give and take to resolve.  Ideation, perception, and analysis may be burdened by biases and predispositions.  Nevertheless, action and the sense of selfhood behind it may take on otherworldly or luminous affectations.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury biquintile Neptune, Sun trine Neptune)

Sunday, June 24
The potential for our world to be turned upside down is present, at one level or another.  The urge to institute reform and change may reach critical levels.  These next couple of days may seem unusual or harsh indeed.  Passion may come on strong today.  (Uranus square Pluto, Venus tridecile Mars)

Monday, June 25
This could be a very unusual and pivotal day, and not easy to take either.  Pessimism and the tendency to pathological behaviors are touched off, including addiction and co-dependence.  Wonderful opportunities may seem to present themselves, but could very well be illusory.  Crisis, accidents, injuries are heightened, and physical vitality (resistance to disease) may be vulnerable. (Saturn stationary direct, Jupiter square Neptune, Sun tridecile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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