Astrology for the Week of November 28, 2011

The peak points this week will fall over the coming weekend as the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn form aspects to each other.  Feelings of anger and frustration may coincide with difficulties and obstacles to our normal course of affairs.  In extreme cases some may encounter accidents and injuries.  In any event the key will be to remain calm as can be and not let circumstances succeed in you aborting you and your resolved actions. Specifically, this astrology peaks over Friday, December 2 through Monday, December 5.

Sun, Mars, Saturn and MercurySometimes of course things out of our control force or stay our hand.  Storms and bad weather have a tendency to crop up during these times, as well as other calamitous events.

Some will say that accidents happen all the time, and that I’m merely stating a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I would reply that it is true that accidents and misfortunes happen all the time.  It is a matter of taking into account a person’s personal cycles at the time, as well as the global ones which are chronicled in StarWorldNews. I would further say that, astrological “events” highlight to particularly poignant examples of misfortune; those which have a “lesson” to them.  Some of these astrologically-predicted events to not transpire upon us bodily or personally, but many times we experience them vicariously through the media, or a traffic accident that we see as we drive by.

No doubt that the person’s involved in a horrific accident on the roads is having a particularly bad day, but they somehow seem to become a “magnet” for the malefic energies to converge upon.  Because on a higher level, we experience those same misfortunes because we are all in effect “at one.”  Sure somebody somewhere has an accident, gets into a big argument, is severely injured or killed even; but the whole world resounds psychically from it, and we all feel it in an unconscious way.

Monday, Nov 28
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Nov 29
Buoyancy and confidence may characterize the day, helping things to go smoothly and successfully.  Creative and intellectual efforts are favored.  Be careful of going overboard, promising too much, or mistaking words and intension for actions.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 30
Much the same as yesterday, with the addition of potential accentuated deceits in thought, word, and actions.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, quintile Neptune)

Thursday, Dec 1
Romance and emotions in general may eclipse other considerations.  There may be strong feelings which have the affectations of love, but there are strong subconscious undertones which are anything but love.  (Venus conjunct Pluto)

Friday, Dec 2
Action is today’s byword, but for Heaven’s sake be careful about accidents, injuries, and other misfortunes through haste or suppressed anger suddenly coming out.  Egos may be much more sensitive, even though by nature they are.  The feeling of connectedness and love may be constrained, making relationships stressed as well.  Important intellectual and communicative associations may form.  (Sun square Mars, Venus quintile Saturn, Mercury conjunct North Node)

Saturday, Dec 3
Anxieties touched upon today may bring about various forms and levels of behavioral pathology.  Obstacles and delays may seek to steal your composure and confidence, stay calm and collected, find a rational way out of a sticky situation.  (Sun semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Dec 4
A spirit of pessimism may continue to try incite problematical thinking and behaviors. At some point things may swing into hysteria or alarm.  Nevertheless a sense of sober urgency may characterize the day.  Just keep yourself on a even keel, no need to go “crazy” even though we may be tempted to.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn, square Mars, Sun tridecile Uranus, conjunct Mercury)

Monday, Dec 5
This could be one of “those” Mondays we universally dread, with two malefics lining up today.  Come prepared to contend with possible delays and their attendant frustrations.  Be careful of risk zones (war zones) putting yourself in potential peril.  Be careful of accidents, especially to the muscles, tendons, and bones.  In other areas, relationships today may bring a little fun.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus trine Mars)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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