May 7-14, 2007
I came to see in another way how the rhythmic pounding of the drumhead attracts higher spiritual forces; it approaches the heart-beat of the universe literally.  A kind of swelling of emotional/spiritual energies occurs in everybody, as the lower human draws up to the cosmic universal drawing down. 


May 7-14, 2007
While this week doesn’t have the seeming societal earthshaking configurations of April 2007, a few last gasps of the tail of the dragon, as it were, will be coming due this week astrologically. 


Talking about the stars to people is an interesting process, they want only nice happy things to happen to them.  There seems to be some sort of inherited traditional fear of the unknown that is embodied in “divinatory” arts such as astrology.  Above all, you don’t want to have “bad” astrology; you don’t want to have the curse of fate over your head. 

We’ll for someone who has a “curse” or two over him (maybe you have a couple to), I’ve found after a while it doesn’t matter anymore.  You have to keep a sunny disposition internally, even though the clouds seem to overcast the sky about you.

After a while, the “curse” actually becomes a blessing.  It produces effects in you that otherwise would not have occurred and you find yourself initiated into a secret understanding of something that most people don’t know about.  In fact you can make a writing career about it! 

Next time something bad happens to you try this: imaging that what is really happening is that some angel is in the very act of blessing you and that a tremendously powerful and brilliant light is descending into your world.  Imagine that a tremendous purging of your body, mind, and spirit is going on; and that the only way your brain (trained by society, parents, schooling, etc) can interpret what is going on is pain, blackness, and sorrow.  But you couldn’t be more wrong because I happen to believe that the so-called “bad” things signified by Mars, Saturn, etc, are really tremendously powerful alchemical events in your consciousness. 

Last week a dear friend invited me to a drumming session.  It was kind of out of my paradigm but I thought I should attend anyway.  The stars of course happened to be very strong; as was elucidated in this column last week; but it was powerful planets that were mostly malefic linked up by so-called hard aspects.  But it was all so apropos, the force of the aspects above correlated with the energy of my hands striking the drum head, my initial uncomfortability and adjustment period, and just the nature of people physically pounding out their internal issues and energies. 

The cathartic effects were clear enough.  I have heard of studies claiming that the act of striking things helps relieve suppressed anger; but I also need to say that Jupiter the planet of spirituality was involved last week.  I came to see in another way how the rhythmic pounding of the drumhead attracts higher spiritual forces; it approaches the heart-beat of the universe literally.  A kind of swelling of emotional/spiritual energies occurs in everybody, as the lower human draws up to the cosmic universal drawing down. 

The minds eye does not necessarily see all of these things, but they happen nevertheless.  There could be a chaotic cloud of human thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations occupying the space; but that is what the mind sees because it is the only language it knows.  On a very high but also deep level there is a great light coming in and flushing these things out; purging everyone there.  The “malefic” planets active brought these things out so that they may be ultimately dealt with. 

My hands are still sore, I kind of went in and out of drumming with wild abandon at times.  The pain of the tiny bruises all over my fingers and hands has the effect of drawing out of me hidden, suppressed, and heretofore un-accessed emotional substance.  Like the soles of your feet, all the points on your hand are connected to all the different parts of your body.  I know my son, who has problems relaxing at times, will go into immediate relaxation after I do some very intense and hard acupressure on the soles of his feet. 

So next time you come to me or any other astrologer and he or she tells you about some “turbulence” coming up; be happy, there is some intensely powerful and bright light in your future!  This week there are a number of malefic lineups.  I see developmental occurrences this week.  Whatever erupts over the Middle East, the airwaves, or just in your own tiny little world; remember that there are cosmic forces at work drawing out the “bad” for the good to come. 

Sometimes when something bad happens to us, a little part of us dies.  What does die though is something that is mortal: intrinsically tied to desire, ego bound illusion, negation, and limitation.  The liberating effects of planets such as Ketu (South Node), Saturn, and Pluto are the final evolutionary agents on the path of life; they are the highest or not so easily understood and therefore feared. 

Okay I am really pushing the envelope in SWN these days.  Last week it was the Black Sabbath album cover.  This week it is praising Ketu, Saturn, and Pluto.  What will be next?  🙂

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Mon thru Wed, May 7-9
Initially Monday there may be problems with bias of perception or thinking affecting events; but over this period it is difficult to cut it up into distinct days since the planets perfect aspects rather close together in time.  Frustrations, difficulties, and struggles will no doubt arise as the Sun and Mars aspect Saturn.  It seems some people at this time pay dear prices; others just wrestle with their circumstances and internalized anxieties.  The effect of these planets though is to draw out the rough edges to our psyche reflected in the turn of events as much as anything.  Remember though, this is a key evolutionary time for you; there is more than you may be willing to believe going on and it is for the good.  Don’t give up.  What may arise can only be goal affirming, albeit somewhat intimidating.  You are greater than your difficulties.  (Mars biquintile Saturn, Sun square Saturn, Sun quincunx Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune)

Thur, May 10
The urge to shack things up with excitement should be strong, unusual but favorable turns of events are possible.  Opportunities may arise; the perception of benefits may outweigh the actual rewards possible at the moment.  Relationships and connections are highlighted.  (Jupiter square Uranus, Sun biquintile Juno, Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno)

Fri, May 11
Problems and emotional inhibitions (reflecting self-inhibitions) may afflict relationships.  The need for joint overcoming is essential, and must not descend into shaming and blaming the other.  As people come together not for little reasons, one of them is accomplishing significant things together.  (Venus semisquare Saturn)

Sat, May 12
What is real, true, and of importance may be at issue today.  The energy to exercise necessary dominance over circumstances may be absent, pointing possibly to non-willingness to assert oneself, the self-deceit of the worst kind.  Afflictions such as allergies, sensitivities, and dependencies may be exacerbated; as would all less than honest behavior.  At the core of problems today could be resistance to letting go of issues and circumstances and not surrendering control over to a higher, mysterious power.  (Sun square Neptune, Moon enters sidereal Pisces)

Sun, May 13
In a dramatic departure from yesterday the urge to aggressively act is intensified.  The will to dominate and control may cross over into pathological areas.  Naked power may be exercised in the most destructive of ways, since that seems to be the overarching paradigm ruling things in this world.  What and who destroys however becomes self-destroyed as the law of karma decrees.  Relationship situations will also be temporarily, if not animatedly, activated.  (Mars square Pluto, Sun biquintile Pluto, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Mon, May 14
Love as a real thing that creates beauty, or love as a means of semi-blissful escapism could be at issue today.  What seems to real in love may only be the most deceptive of feelings.  Usually what comes on strongly in emotions many times seems to be fueled by unreal expectations.  At the same time problems or inhibitions in communications could propagate unclear or incomplete concepts to others.  Mercury and Saturn aspecting could also encourage some realism of perspective to prevail, if not some healthy skepticism.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury quintile Saturn)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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