New Year’s Eve 2009 seems to end on a dark or muted note, but New Year’s Day 2010 seems to contain a lot of potential for exuberant, ecstatic celebration with aspects between the Sun and Jupiter; then the week ends on Sunday, January 3, 2010 with a pretty intense aspect between Mars and Pluto which should make a pretty interesting close to 2009.  Very shortly I will be taking a look at what 2010 has the potential to bring.

Predictions for this week have been delayed due to setting up a new computer system.

Monday, December 28
Emotions will be strong, going to extremes at times; relationships are highlighted.  Lots of potential for meetings and relationships to start.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Juno square Pluto, Mercury quintile Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury conjunct Node)

Tues, Dec 29
|Early on relationships may hit stumbling stones, hidden anxieties and fears about relationships may emerge.  Tendencies to see the other as the threat or enemy are touched off, and irreconcilabilities may come out that are just too large to dismiss.  Sometimes though in relationships we need to have the worst of times, because hanging on through them becomes a deeply bonding process.  (Venus square Saturn)

Wed, Dec 30
Vitality, will, and honor may mysteriously disappear; chronic conditions (including addictions) may flare, and the potential to be deceived are higher than usual.  For some however there can  be breakages from ego-centeredness, and an otherworldly repose can be experienced after that initial “thud”.  In other areas relationships are accentuated, competitiveness, passion, or even frustrations experienced in them.  (Sun semisquare Neptune, Mars sesquiquadrate Juno)

Thurs, Dec 31
The evening hours of New Year’s Eve, may be a little tense and difficult.  Patience will be called upon but delivering great rewards in human affairs.  Maybe this will be a good way to start off a new year and decade, putting a little forbearance into relationships.  (Mercury quincunx Mars, Juno opposite Saturn)

Friday, Jan 1, New Year’s Day
The new year rings in exuberantly with today’s astrology, be careful of promising too much even though it seems possible in your mind excited by the possibilities.  Creativity, discussion, and religious/philosophical matters are favored.  Some may be tempted to risk or gamble too much, and most likely lose out big time; however fortune may favor a few souls today.  Expect the unexpected, a few shocks to the status quo may help in opening you up to new life directions.  (Sun semisquare Jupiter, quintile Uranus)

Sat, Jan 2
Ardor and passion may be strong, albeit misplaced.  Beware of luminous possibilities in people or situations too good to be true being used by your subconscious mind to sabotage your progress in life.  Choose wisely, resist intimidation or impetuosity. Be careful of sharp metal objects, fires, injuries, accidents, etc.  (Venus semisquare Neptune, Sun biquintile Mars)

Sun, Jan 3
Intensity, zeal, passion and even the tendency to be threatening are pushed into overdrive.  Be careful about physical breakdowns (bodily, mechanical, or emotional) due to mal-use or abuse.  Be careful about being in danger (war) zones.  Friendships or relationships in general will be stimulated, put into new contexts.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus quintile Uranus)

Mon, Jan 4
Relationships and the experience of life overall today will be favored: prosperity, enlightenment, and happiness.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter, biquintile Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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