January 28, 2006
Saturn’s Meaning in Astrology
by Curtis Burns,

Saturn in Astrology

saturn in astrologySaturn, is a rather muted, greyish star in the night sky, and its astrological tone is appropriately somber, serious, and at times grim.  Saturn makes us see the negatives, sometimes exaggerating them, as a spur to ardent self-improvement, pushing us realize who and what we truly are, and producing accomplishments and works of real worth to society.

Rulership and Dignities of Saturn

Rulership Capricorn and Aquarius
Debility Cancer and Leo
Exaltation Libra
Fall Aries

Saturn appreciates the strategic emphasis of Capricorn and the disciplined study of Aquarius as well as its desire for an ordered society; therefore it is considered in rulership in those signs.

Saturn is not comfortable in the emotional and sentimental nature of Cancer and is averse to the egotistical  self-inflating propensity to Leo, therefore it is considered debilitated in those signs.

Saturn appreciates the refined balance and perfectionment of Libra, therefore it is considered in exaltation in that sign.  In Aries, Saturn is not well situated in the sign’s impetuosity and impulsiveness, being more reserved and calculated; therefore it is considered in fall in that  sign.

Saturn is the karmic taskmaster, saying we cannot pass a certain point until we’ve paid the price, whether it’s unfinished business from the past, or important goals that we need to manifest.  Above all Saturn is the teacher, making us understand things not by words, but sometimes by a little smack on the butt.

saturnPsychology of Saturn

Like Mars, Saturn is a tamasic malefic planet, which while it may help us with discipline and determination, it can also create paralysis through fear of criticism of others, not feeling welcome, adequate or happy in the presence of others; as well as losses, setbacks, and misfortune in life that can have a definite discouraging effect.

Saturn can create a controlling or domineering personality.  Going along with its tamasic quality, the presence of Saturn can coincide with some of the worst of human conditions.

A well-dignified Saturn in a horoscope can indicate a very disciplined and honored individual, such as a saint, monk, yogi, scientist, or philanthropist.

Where Saturn is in our charts, it will point out our darkest fears and where we are most vulnerable, and what we above all must correct with focused deliberation.  Usually with Saturn there is a suppression of, or over-compensation of some personal quality.

SaturnUltimately, if one does not shrink from the difficult situations Saturn brings, there is brought about a great feeling of control and personal integrity; not to mention respect and honor.  Saturn has a “hardening” and “toughening” effect.

Saturn in Forecasting

Transit or progressions to or from Saturn usually brings delays and problems that have to be worked out.  Saturn transits or dasas also seems to bring out a certain pessimism of thought and feeling which usually can be turned around by committing oneself to important self-reforms and by adopting a problem-solving attitude toward life.

Saturn times can mean major emphasis on planning and reorganization, which can be an arduous and painful process in itself.  One should be prepared to do a lot of hard work under Saturn’s influence and not expect any immediate rewards, only those that come “down the road”.


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