Predictions Week of December 12, 2011

by | Dec 12, 2011 | Predictions

Monday,  Dec 12
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Dec 13, Mercury stationary direct
Issues of competitiveness, aggression, and purposeful activity may reach levels of critical stress, and people may rub against each other in the wrong ways, but this is a good opportunity to strive to see how our egos can be the worst elements in the picture.  Mercury turns direct today, the tempo of events today should be brisk.  (Mars square Nodes, Mercury stationary direct)

Wednesday, Dec 14
The Sun and Venus today move into different sidereal signs (Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively), a definite shift should be observable in everyone’s lives.

Thursday, Dec 15
No peaking influences

Friday, Dec 16
Excitement and the sentiment that actions speak louder than words may be the theme of the day, so be careful about setting off without taking every contingency into account.  You may be able to see instances where the ego of a person seeks validation through some sort of social, philosophical or religious identification.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, Dec 17
No peaking influences

Sunday, Dec 18
Relationships may hit rough parts of the road today, be sure the bumps don’t cause the vehicle to go off the road.  Be sure to keep the sense of perspective, which otherwise can be eclipsed by overwhelming waves of fear and anxiety, especially in relationships.  (Venus square Saturn)

Monday, Dec 19
Contrasting influences of calm determination and animated enthusiasm may characterize the day.  Be careful of exaggerations, lies for the sake of expediency, or neglect of important details that abort the resolve so ardently set forth.  (Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Next week: on Christmas Day 2011, Jupiter turns direct and that should make a very good holiday celebration!

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