Monday, Sept 23
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Sept 24
Relationships are clearly highlighted, love as a transforming, blossoming force and commitments and honoring of those commitments.  (Juno stationary direct, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Wednesday, Sept 25
Excitement may open up new developments in love and relationships; but usually situations like this are fickle and can’t be coaxed (or pushed) along anymore than they are willing to.  Motivations, personal energy, and clarity on issues may be problematical; deceitful and/or addictive behaviors may be lit up.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Sept 26
Energy and excitement may be high, triggering impulsive tendencies, including anger early on.  Be careful of accidents or injuries; mishaps in general.  Later on social and cultural stimulations may swell, discussions and intellectual activity should take on penetrating effectiveness, especially if they are ethically engaged.  (Sun semisquare Mars, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Friday, Sept 27
No peaking influences

Saturday, Sept 28
No peaking influences

Sunday, Sept 29
Love may try to compete with passion.  Brotherhood, the future, and spiritual issues may seem bright indeed; however, be careful that what is envisioned is not merely hoped for instead of actively realized.  (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus square Mars)

Monday, Sept 29
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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