Predictions May 23-30, 2011

by | May 23, 2011 | Predictions

Mon, May 23
Relationship matters may be highlighted, as well as passion.  However, a darker cast or a possibility for pathological trends of thought and behavior may be activated also in the context of relationships.  There could be difficulties in establishing connections/communications, and news itself may be of a pessimistic variety.  (Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Tues, May 24
Relationships and feelings in general may hit dry, cold, and/or nasty spaces; the trouble of course is not in the relationships or the people involved, it is the slant of the perceptions of each other that each one has.  Sometimes that pessimistic slant of perception is magnified by astrology, as it is today.  The real dynamics involved in relationship difficulties is the mutual resolution and commitment-strengthening that is a by-product of the experience.  At the same time today, perceptions and distinctions may be blurred, and things may become apparent that are true only in the mind of the perceiver.  (Venus quincunx Saturn, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Wed. May 25
Frustrations may arise from situations which remind us of our so-called powerlessness.  We are powerless, as it were, from a number of reasons.  We could have misused power in the past and hurt others, we could aim too high and dare to seize too much.  The universe on days like this brings outs a little humility in us.  There is the possibility of accidents and injuries today also, especially having to do with joints, muscles, and bones.  (Mars quincunx Saturn)

Thurs, May 26
Mixed and contradictory feelings and thoughts may characterize the day.  Relationships may go through unusual developments.  There could be an overly strong tendency for negativism or pessimism, which can cause inhibition, suppression, and/or censure of others.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Fri, May 27
For a brief time today a sense of dissatisfaction or the need to make radical breaks from past patterns may be strong.  Innovation and enhanced creativity is possible, especially for prepared minds.  (Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Sat, May 28
Unusual and difficult day is possible.  Energy and motivation may be absent or subject to strange influences.  People may take inappropriate or ill-thought-out advantage of situations, with the consequences thereof sometime down the road.  Be careful about being in danger zones, physical or mechanical breakdowns, and/or pathological behaviors coming out.  Relationships should be accented.  (Sun quincnx Pluto, Mars quintile Neptune, Venus trine Juno)

Sun, May 29
Relationships may go through rough spots today, but the commitment is being tested and strengthened.  Obsessive or compulsive behaviors may be brought out, but the potential to make personal breakthroughs is heightened.  (Venus biquintile Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Mon, May 30

No peaking influences.

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