Thursday, March 17
Facts and figures may need to be checked, perceptions may be confused with projections.  Toxic conditions may contribute to sluggishness of thinking and actions.  Diligence in study and reflection though may yield wonderful results with creativity and spirituality.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Friday, March 18
A tendency towards negativity, pessimism or depression may have an inhibiting effect on activities, there could be obstacles and problems in the flow of communications, as well as troublesome opaque predispositions, prejudices, and biases.  Significant connections and events are certain to occur, as well as deeply karmic blockages to the fulfillment of one’s destiny.  (Mercury opposite Saturn, Sun square Nodes)

Saturday, March 19, Supermoon
Actions and motivations may be pushed to the extreme; obsessive and compulsive tendencies may come out with great energy.  Be careful of being in danger zones of any kind, but if ever there was a day to give 110 percent, this would be it.  Today the Sun, Earth, and Moon are at perigee-syzygy, basically a full moon very close to the Earth, also called a supermoon, which can be thought of as a more intense full moon than usual.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

Sunday, March 20
Emotional connections and relevancies may be experienced powerfully; but be careful to mistake intensity and depth with actual legitimacy.  Powerful romantic encounters could ensue.  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Monday, March 21
Intolerances of abuse or of restrictions upon freedom and individuality may become acute, inciting new bold and unexpected developments.  (Sun conjunct Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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