Tuesday, June 24
Getting along may be incited with intrigue, agendas, and desire; a little friction to get things moving.  Exciting, but short-lived; not amenable to possessiveness in relationships.  (Venus, Mars, and Uranus making hard aspects to each other)

Wednesday, June 25
Over-reactivity, restlessness, and underlying discontent may help spark sudden turns, developments, or twists of life.  Be careful about over-sensitivity of egos, human volatity and the potential for accidents, injuries, or worse.  Thoughts and perceptions today may depend more than ever on predispositions, biases, and ideological alignment of the individual, producing various forms of confirmation bias, creativity, and rapture.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Thurs-Fri, June 26-27
No peaking influences

Saturday, June 28
Love and emotions overall may take on compelling effect, producing beautiful moments, but one best be mindful of the hidden elements of relationships that will be in force with Pluto, having to do with manipulation, coercion, and self-annihilation.  (Venus biquintile Pluto, Juno biquintile Pluto)

Sunday, June 29
Love and beauty take on rapturous levels in the human psyche, but important distinctions may be blurred, confused, or pretended to be not important, which may lead to disappointment later on.  Creativity and spirituality will be stimulated.  (Venus square Neptune, Venus conjunct Juno, Sun trine Neptune)

Monday, June 30
Connections may seem otherworldly and inspiring, but may be fundamentally flawed, producing no real or lasting worth or longevity.  (Juno square Neptune)

Tuesday, July 1, Mercury Stationary Direct
Business, communications, perceptions and awareness in general will get a surge of energy.  It is officially (according to astrology) “okay” now to sign important documents, make agreements and begin new business ventures, since the planet that rules those areas of life has now reverted to forward motion (as it can be seen with the naked eye in the sky).  Those who have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any significant number of planets in Gemini or Virgo should benefit right now.  Go to this page for more info on retrograde dates

Wednesday, July 2
No peaking influences

Thursday, July 3
Be careful with spending habits, possibly enjoying life a little too much, squandering precious resources which could be put to use at more truly opportune time.  Nevertheless, social, artistic, and cultural affairs should be accented.  Seemingly incredible relationship and/or emotional spaces could be created.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter, quincunx Pluto)

Friday, July 4, Independence Day (USA)
Energy and situations may provide tempting moments to exercise behaviors, which offer questionable results.  The sense of personal power (which can be used or abused) may be compellingly strong.  Mechanical or otherwise breakdowns are potential; as well as the upside breakthroughs through the pulling out the reserves and going the extra mile.  (Sun opposite Pluto)

Saturday, July 5
No peaking influences

Sunday, July 6
Creativity, spirituality and being able to think higher-dimensionally is enhanced.  We see how things connect, rather than differentiate.  The potential to see what we want to see, to live in a self-created world of idyllic repose is also enhanced.  Therefore striving for objectivity and clarity is important today.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Monday, July 7
Relationships may have to navigate through difficult issues.  Reacting with emotional coldness is not a constructive action.  Best address issues squarely, not let resentments fester.  Unusual or uncommon relationships may form.  (Venus quincunx Saturn, sextile Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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