Monday, June 1
No peaking influences

Tuesday, June 2
Motivations and intentions may be pushed into overdrive with little tact, diplomacy or considerateness; but possibly a lot of aggression or malevolence involved. Otherwise this is a good day to make breakthroughs and perform strongly. (Mars quincunx Pluto)

Wed-Thurs, June 3-4
No peaking influences

Friday, June 5
Daring enthusiasm may accompany excesses or liberties in behaviors, some causing concern or regrets. (Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, June 6
Early on, relationships and connections may be more purposefully oriented. Later on bright discourse and creative work may open the way for new life opportunities. (Venus trine Saturn, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Sun, June 7
No peaking influences

Mon, June 8
Nothing will seem impossible or implausible, just be careful that the talk is equal to the walk.  (Sun sextile Jupiter)

Tues, June 9
Love, beauty and spirituality transcendently connect together to exalt all life.  An exciting and daring atmosphere may help open doors to new liberating experiences.  (Venus biquintile Neptune, Mars sextile Uranus)

Wed, June 10
New, exciting developments and opportunities may captivate attention.  (Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Uranus, Mercury sextile Venus)

Thurs, June 11, Mercury Stationary Direct
Mercury, the trickster god, sets out forward again, looking for new adventures with a fresh, clear mind.  Traditionally, it is now the green light to proceed with plans and business ventures; notwithstanding tomorrow’s Neptune station, which may make clarity and and non-bias difficult.

Fri, June 12, Neptune Stationary Retrograde
What you see is not necessarily what is externally actual.  Filters and tendencies to delude oneself or deny what is really there get in the way a lot of times.  Neptune has the effect of coloring and subtly biasing our perceptions and thinking.  So with Neptune turning retrograde today, the tendencies to sabotage our best hopes may be highlighted.  Don’t settle, don’t deny yourself life’s greatest glories through petty rationalizations that attempt to drown out the still, small voice of the soul internally directing your life.

Sat, June 13
Exciting, but potentially distracting relationship developments.  Intimacy may compete with the desire for independence.  (Venus semisquare Mars, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Sun, June 14
Energies and situations may escalate beyond the normal boundaries of control.  This may be a critical juncture in life-developments today, dependent acutely on your ability to stay cool, focused, and directed towards your goals.  Be careful when entering physical or otherwise danger zones.  (Sun conjunct Mars, Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Mon, June 15
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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