Monday, April 25
No peaking influences

Tues,  April 26
No peaking influences

Wed, April 27

Feelings, relationships, and energy are powerfully connected today.  Energy coming hard and fast though has a tendency to eclipse normal considerations of common sense or realism.  Some however are able to use situations like this as a means to self-transformation, ending the old ways and making new starts with a vicarious sense of finality.  Beware of temptations to misuse opportunities, and make inappropriate advances.  (Venus square Pluto, Sun trine Pluto)

Thurs, April 28
No peaking influences

Friday, April 29
Important connections and personal developments are likely.  (Sun minor aspect to Nodes)

Sat, April 30
Unusual combination of emotionally cold, but exaggeratedly motivated energies are present.  Relationships may hit rough patches, while other endeavors may experience exciting developments.  Rash and impetuous behaviors are likely to be set off.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mars conjunct Jupiter)

Sun, May 1
Today both Mars and Jupiter enter the sidereal sign of Aries, providing a tremendous amount of energy and bold new ideas to spur people on with.  This energy is not made for the long run, so any enterprises started out today are going to need some persevering determination down the road that is not guaranteed to appear.  Be sure to double check facts and figures for the tendency to see only what one wants to be seen is activated, as well as further co-dependent and/or deceitful behaviors.  (Mars and Jupiter enter sidereal Aries, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Mon, May 2

Anxieties and tendencies to react with emotional extremes are highlighted, be careful in your demonizing other people or situations that you are not merely projecting blame onto others about issues which only you are guilty of.  This is a day to roll up your sleeves and handle any emergencies that are more likely to occur, and above all, stay positive.  (Sun quincunx Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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