Pluto Direct on Friday, September 11, 2009

Pluto turns direct on Friday, September 11, 2009; true to form Pluto sometimes acts like a ninja in the night: you don’t hear or see him, but his effects are devastating when you wake up the next day.

Pluto Station September 11, 2009I apologize for getting this out so late; you see I’ve had more than my share of computer problems in the last few weeks and I had to reinstall basically all my software, including all my astrology programs and their settings that I’ve relied on for years. I backed up as much as I could, but some things will fall through the cracks.

For my SWN transit list that I generate each week, I neglected to turn on the “stationary/retrograde” feature and save it.  Hopefully all such glitches are fixed now.

Pluto: just taken by itself, it has got to be the single most noticeable astrological indicator: subtle and unsubtle, and nearly irrevocable in its effects.  As I have experienced and observed its effects it brings tremendous intensity and touches off obsessive and compulsive behaviors; nearly all of which are destructive or of the deepest human pathology.

It has been connected to events that are destructive or are connected to breakdown and decay; it is the ultimate “trigger”, the other shoe finally dropping, or the straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will.

A planet turning retrograde or direct means that it has to stand still for a short period of time to change direction, which is called a station in astronomical/astrological terminology. The slower a planet moves, the deeper and more profound are its effects.  Ergo, the planet that is standing still has almost infinite ability to wreck change in our lives.

Therefore Pluto going direct this Friday (9-11-2009) means that its effects will multiply ten or more times.  9-11 events may be much more poignant and possibly bringing about change.  I very much recall the eve of the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 coinciding with a Pluto station.

Friday (as well as a few days before and after) may be very significant, emotional, and full of profound effects; possibly for some it will be actually catastrophic.  Sometimes we need a catastrophe though in order to end things in our lives which are no longer profitable.  Sometimes the only way we are set off in a new direction is when the current mode of our operation breaks down.  Because we are so resistant to changing our ways we need a little “push”; however with Pluto it may feel more like a “kick” to us.

So in a week with quite a few “pushes” already, I have to add one more nudge from the stars to the mix; as things usually go we almost always take these things in stride, sometimes however they manifest more historically significant.  Stay tuned for more info….

Curtis Burns

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