Oct 16-23: Something is Afoot

by | Oct 17, 2006 | Predictions

The stars in their effects are about as fickle as humanity is, you can’t quite accurately predict what they will bring.  Anyone else who tells you otherwise, I think they want you to be really impressed with them.  You can however be generally accurate, especially in describing emotional “energies” that are set off by the planets. 

But in matters of timing, the knowledge of astrology will allow you to amaze your friends. Humanity is fickle, but all energy moves and acts according to cosmically un-alterable law.  If you read my latest book “Pulling Up the Roots of Your Misfortunes” (actually it’s my first); I go to great lengths to explain the workings of cosmic law, which you can benefit greatly from the knowledge of.

This week there are two astrological events of import: Friday, Oct 20 Jupiter moves into the sidereal sign of Scorpio, and Monday, Oct 23, there is a very tight triple conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Mars.  Monday’s configuration would seem to be the most dramatic in its portents. 

As I said above you can’t predict exactly what certain configurations will bring about; but considering the fact that this definitely martial coming together of planets coincidentally with the start of military exercises in the Persian Gulf by US Naval forces, a new moon (which is supposedly good for a preemptive attack) and an ever increasing intimidating stance of the US against the nation of Iran; you would say that something noisy is afoot.

I am afraid to say that potential unpleasantries (to use a military colloquialism) are further corroborated astrologically by the movement of Jupiter into sidereal Scorpio. Jupiter is a planet that is philosophical and fervently ideological.  The fact that it is moving into a very aggressive, Mars-ruled sign would indicate bold actions and even the rationalization of war is now ten times more possible by already warlike principals such as the opportunistic “neo-cons”, Democrat and Republican, in Washington, DC.

The very tight three-planet conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Mars in sidereal Libra is not very “good”.  Both the Sun and Mars are debilitated in Libra and therefore their more mundane manifestations may come out: aggression, impatience, and arrogance.  The presence of Venus (in its own sign) is definitely a mitigating factor; however, it is quite overpowered by the Sun and Mars.  The fact that this conjunction makes a tridecile (10th harmonic aspect) to Neptune increases the weight of human error and delusion in the potential situation. 

For those who need some positive words at this point after my description of woes above, Jupiter in Scorpio for about the next twelve months will bring us greater understanding of our own hidden and therefore misunderstood parts of ourselves. Getting a glimpse at the belly of the beast at least through outer, worldly examples, can afford the world at least a greater understanding of the abuse of power.  Jupiter is, after all, a planet of illumination and understanding; Scorpio is all about power and it famous uses and abuses. 

For the next year interesting issues of sexuality may be coming out in contemporary debate, and wild and ambitious financial gambles may be on the increase.  Jupiter in Scorpio can be very financially speculative with as great of lows as there are highs.  So there may be wide gyrations in the prices in the prices of equities and commodities, which will probably wipe out many and profit the few. 

The Fed may flood the markets with even more capital in an ambitious effort to stimulate investments and expansion, skewing the indexes and creating a false sense of prosperity. Businesses and consumers may be temporarily euphoric at what spending more money (which may not have been earned yet) can bring, but on the backend one can’t forget about the vicious riptides of debt servicing it entails.  Such kind of transitory happiness only exists to distract attention from the growing heap of grief within. 

Sorry but with Scorpio you can’t really have all happiness and joy, it embodies the deeper aspects of being which require somewhat more somber reflection.  One of the things that Scorpio gives us is a strength and courage to face up to things, which allows more universal forces of change to act through us. 

Tues, Oct 17
This could certainly be an interesting and eventful day.  The urge to take action may be compellingly strong.  In fact conscious will for action may be less a part as will reactivity to situations.  Accidents and injuries are somewhat more probable.  Unusual and powerfully felt impulses may be emanating out of the subconscious mind, so be careful of what you say and do. The temptation to identify with lower, but seemingly more exciting and interesting themes will be present today.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto)

Wed, Oct 18
The flow of love between all individuals today should have a distinct moderation but steadiness. There may be initial inhibitions or problems, but the stars today are generally in a more cooperative flow.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Thurs, Oct 19
The desire to be yourself, to do your thing, and to break free of obstacles to your perogatives will be strong. Problems against authority may flare. Sudden and/or unusual behavior may manifest. In other areas the feeling of love may take on overpowering proportions.  Normal senses of appropriateness or common sense in relationships may go out the window. Extreme neediness may be mistaken for deep love.  One needs to remember that Love is omnipresent; there is never really a vacuum when it comes to love.  Love, affections, or attention from others will never replace self-love. Love begets love, emptiness only begets more emptiness.  (Sun sesquiquadate Uranus, Venus sextile Pluto)

Fri, Oct 20
Jupiter enters sidereal Scorpio today. I usually find planets enter new signs with somewhat of a bang.  This means it enters a new house in everybody’s chart.  Jupiter’s signature is usually a strong, pulsating confidence and excitement. For everybody today portends some new development that may promise much, and for a few of those it will deliver. It is always best to sow seeds with an expectant and hopeful attitude. Results may not appear, but no lost crop is really a loss.  The farmer learns what works and what doesn’t, and he paves the way for future fruitage. However constancy of tending and watering is required. 

The Moon representing the mind disappears and seems to be burned up in the Sun’s fire symbolizing the inevitable destruction of the mind by the fires of spirituality.  The fire burns up everything before you can ascend.  We have to give up everything ultimately, even our “mind”.  Things always have to make “sense” to people and that’s precisely what drives them insane.  The sense of no-sense seems like a path to happiness. 

Sun and Mon, Oct 22 and 23
If they haven’t started already, things surely are brewing by now for the world. Planetary influences now indicate zeal and fervor possibly boiling over, but some strangeness may cause things not to come out as expected.  Possibly also the influence of Neptune today will undermine efforts.  Some may feel inspired, others depressed. Some positive new developments may occur, and there could be some moments of intense excitement.  (Sun, Venus, Mars conjunct tridecile Neptune; Mercury square Saturn conjunct Jupiter; Jupiter tridecile Uranus)

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