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by | Aug 3, 2010 | Predictions

Astrology the Week of August 2, 2010

The main issues this week indicated in the heavens above us is that of power, its spiritual roots, and how it will affect the psyche.  The planet Mars makes a square to Pluto, and simultaneously makes an opposition to Jupiter; and only a few days after having made major aspects to Saturn and Uranus this past weekend.  There will also be some amazing relationship/love developments over the upcoming weekend.

Object in MotionThere is some heavy stuff going on in the skies right now, so it is not very surprising that a lot of heavy stuff has been going on in the affairs of us little humans on earth below.  Most people experience it as a certain level of intensity of the pace of affairs, but select others have been experiencing it as brushes with mortality.

Intensity is business as usual in places like Washington, DC, London, or Baghdad, and global power politics moves on apace; but the level of authoritarian chutzpah seems to be reaching new levels of audacity with the seizure of retirement funds, attacks on states rights, and moving ahead on potential war fronts in Iran and North Korea.

Logic says that affairs continue on with their momentum; i.e. an object in motion will tend to stay in motion.  The stars however point to a certain peaking of energy, at least as it is experienced on a visceral level, right as this is written in early August 2010.

So as I have been saying now for the past several months, the option is yours as to how you will choose to appropriate and secure for good the energies of this time period.  For every crisis in life there is an equally positive potential to gain from it; call it the law of relative duality, for every “bad” thing there is an equal “good” thing to be derived from any situation.

So as Mars connects to Pluto and Jupiter this week, action and intention (Mars) becomes dynamically connected to inspiration and a feeling of “crusading” (Jupiter), but the energy is compounded by deep psychological complexities (Pluto) that have a distorting but also powerfully transformative effect on the whole matter.

Interestingly, I just went over to CNN online and the headline reads “Obama: Sacrifice in Iraq Not Over”.  Sacrifice is a distinctly Piscean them, so basically Americans give their lives for the cause of Iraq; but how it’s given is by the body and mind shattering process of warfare.  Somehow it becomes palatable if our spiritual proclivities are touched on; and to the ruling elites, our paltry lives are nothing compared to their grand designs of world change.

(The truth is the US troops may be drawn down, but the number of independent civilian contractors will proportionally rise.)

The world is indeed changing, social orders, national boundaries, and economic lines of power are being re-written all over the place.  The Persian state of Iran looks about to get a military-style urban makeover; Iraq supposedly will be reformed into three separate states (Kurdish, Shiite, and Sunni), and the world’s reserve currency is about to be switched over from US dollars to an international banking currency (SDR’s).

All of these things are like objects in motion, not about to stop their course.  Change is inevitable; it is a mysterious, awesome, and ultimately hard to predict process.

The next date to keep in mind: September 14, 2010, Pluto turns direct.  Pluto made a station on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, since most commentators are predicting something definitive (including an attack) by the US in the Iran situation, it could coincide with something catastrophic occurring.  Maybe British Petroleum will try to seal the oil leak with a nuke, which has the potential to break the breach wide open releasing 1000x times more oil into the Gulf.  An attack on Iran has the distinct possibility of escalating into a nuclear situation.  We live in happy times.  More on this configuration later.

Over the weekend of Aug 7 and 8, 2010, the planet Venus will come around to make multiple aspects to the larger configuration in force (which I’ve been talking about for so many months already), making distinct relationship developments to this week and weekend; and I think they should be significant.

Mon, August 2
No peaking influences

Tues, August 3
Motivation and intention may get pushed beyond normal boundaries, appropriateness and tact in interactions may go out the window.  A highly pathological sense of recklessness and arrogance may be set off, and things could blow up in someone’s face.  (Mars opposite Jupiter, square Pluto)

Wed, August 4
Relationships, passion, and love could be beautifully touched; however the potential for illusion and delusion to be behind it all is high.  What seems so ethereal and real today, may prove to be false tomorrow.  Energy and motivation may suffer mysterious ebbs and flows; crusading for causes may prove futile, hopeless, or embarrassing in the end. (Venus quincunx Neptune, Mars biquintile Neptune)

Thurs, August 5
No peaking influences

Friday, August 6
No peaking influences

Sat and Sun, August 7 & 8
Over this weekend unusual, difficult or complicated relationship situations may develop.  Deep incompatibilities may be laid bare, and the love impulse may reach a cold place.  Alternatively, the layers of resistance or bitterness that inhibit the flow of love can be tenderly put aside and a slow, but sure burn of passion can be fanned.  Relationship developments this weekend may have very deep roots in the past, bringing up long-harbored resentments and betrayals.  (Venus opposite Uranus, conjunct Saturn; Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Mon, August 9
After a difficult start with some harsh emotions arising, things may mellow and sweeten between people.  Situations may brighten.  But there could be more compulsive or obsessive emotional dynamics coming out in people and situations, which feels intensely delightful. An hour of passion however may be at the expense of focusing on more valuable matters in life.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Venus opposite Jupiter, square Pluto)

Curtis Burns

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