November 1, 2017
November 2017 Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Wednesday, Nov 1
Difficulties compounded by wrong thinking.  Disappointment over philosophies and methodologies proven wrong, yet maybe inspiring new creativity.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 2, Venus conj Spica at 1:58 pm GMT
Venus conjunct the beautiful fixed star Spica in constellational Virgo today may deliver penetratingly brilliant love, creativity and emotions, opening up new dimensions of experience for us.  New thoughts and ideas may challenge old ways of doing things.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Nov 3
Powerful opportunities may tempt you to new adventures in thought, business, or spirituality.  Remember that power, wealth and leadership bring their own prices.  Relationships may achieve a refined sense of balanced love and purpose, peace with commitment.  Anything may seem possible, be careful not to get lost in unlimited heights of rapture and scope.  (Jupiter quintile Pluto, Venus sextile Saturn, Sun trine Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 4, Full Moon at 5:23 am GMT
Love may take unexpected and exceedingly beautiful directions, creating relationships possibly meant for our dawning new age of enlightenment.  (Venus opposite Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 5
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 6, Moon at Perigee 12:09 am GMT, Moon conj Aldebaran 2:19 am GMT
The Moon makes its closest approach to the Earth today as it conjuncts the Eye of the Bull in constellational Taurus, delivering fortunate stellar influences earthward.  The mind may be strongly stimulated in ways to help mankind.  (Mercury biquintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 7
Ever not want to give up or let go on an idea, you are just “dug in” on it?  Today might be such a day, rationality takes second place to seeking intellectual dominance, or an extraordinary desire to uncover some mystery or obstinately hiding truth.  Thoughts, words, and deeds can be appropriately intense, and not the most polite.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 8
No peaking influences

Thurs, Nov 9
Motivation and energy may be inconveniently had to access, chronic conditions may flare, and some intentions and deeds may be fueled by questionable or self-serving ethics.  Conscientious individuals, however, may be able to produce some amazing results.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Sun sextile Pluto)

Friday, Nov 10, Veterans Day, Last Quarter Moon, Moon at North Node 10:40 pm GMT, Moon conj Hyades 1:528 am GMT
Besides the fact that the Moon will conjunct the bright, glittering Hyades cluster in constellational Cancer, possibly bringing earthward some penetrating insights, and it will be at the North Node bringing spiritual and/or karmic manifestations, there are not transiting planet influences today.

Saturday, Nov 11, Moon conj Regulus 4:07 pm GMT
The cultural/social “shift” is easier now, bridging the old to the new.  Relationships move through deep territory, closer, yet now one.  (Saturn trine Uranus, Venus quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Nov 12, Taurid Meteor Shower, Mercury conj Antares 5:50 pm GMT
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 13
Conditional success within starkly defined parameters, double-check your perception of things that it isn’t all an illusion.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mars quintile Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 14
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Nov 15, Moon conj Mars 12:40 am GMT
Honor of action or thought may be at issue.  Don’t take the lower road, regardless of your reasons, it likely won’t end well.  Vitality may be elusive, yet subtlety may be quite enhanced.  Powerful creativity may be accessed.  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 16
Relationship moving through challenging and/or strange spaces.  Be honest, not underhanded, insincere or cruel, thinking you can get away with it this time, or that somehow you can be better at another time.  Time is running out. (Venus semisquare Saturn, Venus trine Neptune)

Friday, Nov 17, Leonid Meteor Shower
As the Earth moves through the trail of an ancient comet, causing sparks to shoot high in the sky in the middle of the night (a meteor shower), you may feel and act particularly offbeat.  Yet you’re really tuning into your own beat, adding your distinctive vibe to the universe. Thoughts expressed as action may be decidedly effective.  No time to waste.  (Sun quincunx Uranus, Mercury sextile Mars)

Saturday, Nov 18, New Moon 11:42 am GMT
Besides the dark moon, no peaking influences

Sunday, Nov 19
Kindness and tact may take a backseat to ruthless intent to effect a certain result in people or situations. Strange occurrences. Physical, emotional, and emotional breakdowns are possible; have a care for yourself and others.  (Mars quintile Neptune, Mars square Pluto)

Monday, Nov 20
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Nov 21, Moon conj Saturn 12:34 am GMT, Moon apogee 6:52 pm GMT
Situations and the emotions revolving around them may manifest surprisingly powerful.  New depths of imtimacy can occur, etching “forever” upon you, letting relationships indeed become transformative. Note the Moon/Saturn conjunction above for your time zone, denoting somber but perhaps important moments.  (Venus sextile Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 22, Neptune Stationary Direct
Perception: bias, and the degree of aspiration attached to it, are now at issue.  What you choose to believe is what shall be. Light, the affectation of light, or the downright illusion of light (actually quite different) are accentuated.  Vitality may be affected, pathologies of character and of the body are brought up.  Be strong and aware, not lead astray.  Out of the fog of human relativity you may arise to universal reality.

Thursday, Nov 23, Thanksgiving Day
Be yourself, surprise others with your genius. In so doing, emerge out of heretofore limiting social, political, or family patterns.  (Sun biquintile Uranus)

Friday, Nov 24, Mercury at Greatest Elongation
As Mercury reaches maximum separation from the Sun in the sky, it can be an interesting and exciting day with much to think, discuss, and discover.  Be careful taking on too much, pushing the envelope, amplifying error.  (Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 25, Moon at South Node 8:22 am GMT
As Venus enters the sidereal sign of its detriment, Scorpio, it also makes tridecile to Neptune, producing possibly a deep, but beautifully touching emotional resonance.  As Mercury trines Uranus today also, thoughts and proclivity to experience things may help liberate the real you.

Sunday, Nov 26, First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 27
Relationships may be shook up a bit, possibly testing their long-term viability, most certainly asking for flexibility in all relationships, where there may not have been much before.  Mars moves into sidereal Libra, the sign of its detriment, but which may add urgency to interactions for the next 45 days or so.  (Venus quincunx Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 28
Seriousness of attitude may help promote planning and organizational activities.  It may be hard to shake a certain dourness or negativity of thought.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 29, Mars conj. Spica 2:30 pm GMT
No peaking influences

Thursday, Nov 30
No peaking influences


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