Nov 13-23: From Individuation to Transcendence to Ultimate Liberation

by | Nov 13, 2006 | Predictions


It is relatively quiet on the astrological front for the first part of this week, and then Thursday, Friday, and Monday upcoming could be decidedly intense with their configurations forming in the sky. 

On Thursday, Nov 16 there could be some turbulence and frustration, followed by the planet Mercury kicking into direct motion on Friday, the 17th, which will have the effect of en-livening things somewhat.  Mercury direct on Friday also is the traditional “green light” for business and communications endeavors.  Signing important papers, new jobs, and starting new initiatives are now “okay” to do; at least they will be less afflicted by murky, unresolved psychological issues with a backwards-moving (retrograde) Mercury. 

On Monday, Nov 20 (after a weekend with no peaking astrological influences) the planet Uranus kicks back into forward motion as well.  Uranus' influence is centered on the paradoxical elements of the individual and society that both exclude and support the other.  The threads that connect us to each other are not our cookie-cutter sameness, but that our differences uniquely complement and uplift each other in one grand design.  Each one is part of a motif, but each part is separate and unique in itself. 

Uranus also has a quality of a force that has the effect of shattering old and outworn molds; it keeps things new and fresh.  Uranus produces innovation and technological/scientific advancement, everything that makes life less a drudgery and affords more time, energy, and scope to matters of the collective.  Aquarius is one of the latter signs of the zodiac, and Uranus is it’s modern astrological ruler; it is therefore a more “advanced” and sublime sign than, say, Aries and Taurus in some ways. 

Ideally we start out as an independent and very self-centered identity (Aries); then as we move on in our progressive evolution we get into the polarization of relationships (symbolized by Libra), and the upliftment of society in general through great achievements in Capricorn.  Then we finally move onto the parts of us that transcend individuality, but are seen only in the context of a larger whole such as a tribe, community, or nation, and these things are symbolized by the sign Aquarius.  Finally we move to the last sign Pisces, where the sense of selfhood is extinguished or “blown out” as it were and a sense of universality and oneness is the key. The progression of the signs of the zodiac can be seen as a continuous cycle from individuation to transcendence and ultimate liberation, and then starting all over again. 

With Uranus turning direct on Monday, Nov 20; then we may be able to see the societal transcendence and focus on the greater good for all in action; and it might just be a little bit unsettling or downright threatening to the status quo who like things the way they are now.  Overly rigidified structures; whether they be material or conceptual may crack and crumble under the stresses of the introduction of new forces coming along. 

The status quo, of course typically reacts to change by micromanagement and restrictive countermeasures, which usually only has the results of increased resentment and frustration.  It is almost like the beginning of the end though, because a new order for a new milieu is starting to manifest itself. 

Mon, Nov 13
New and innovative ideas may roll off the tongue, pen, or keyboard today; especially as they pertain to freedom, the upliftment of society, and the brotherhood of man.  Technological or scientific advancements could come about.  (Mercury trine Uranus)

Tue, Nov 14
[No Peaking Influences]

Wed, Nov 15
Social, cultural, and spiritual values should be uppermost in people’s minds.  Be careful of finding yourself overindulging in whatever gives you pleasure at the moment, and paying another price later.  Relationships should be a pleasant experience nevertheless.  Early in the morning, more towards European time zones, the urge to prove and distinguish yourself may be strong.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter, Sun tridecile Uranus)

Thur and Fri, Nov 16 & 17
Over the next two days problems in relationships could be cropping up, as well as overall frustration with delays.  The tendency to react with extreme negative prejudice may be emphasized; things may seem worse than they really are.  Nevertheless, shortcomings and areas that need improvement will be coming up and this is the opportunity to fix things that could become much worse down the road.  There could also be acute deficits of energy and enthusiasm, or maybe surpluses of depression and dourness.  Physical problems, sensitivities, and such things as allergies could be adversely affected.  The tendency to act deceitfully and abnormally is highlighted.  Mercury also turns direct on Friday amplifying liveliness.  (Sun semisquare Juno, square Saturn; Mars square Neptune, Mercury stationary direct)

Sat and Sun, Nov 18 & 19
[No Peaking Influences]

The day could take an unusual turn and probably not just for you.  The urge to come together and shake the status quo could swell and manifest as action.  New ideas may emerge that are the precursors of the new order of things.  Freedom may become a tangible issue right now.  Sudden developments may impact the scene.  Unusual and/or non-possessive relationships may come out.  Being able to recognize the other person as a real person and not an extension of one’s own psyche will be important.  The Moon moves to the same longitude as the Sun and disappears, this means the normal references of the mind are undergoing an interval of adjustment; things may not seem right or go according to the normal way of things.  (Uranus stationary direct quincunx Juno, New Moon)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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